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  1. No it's not April fools, no watch today, but I am watching the swelling. I have oedema built up over night from a wasp sting on Tuesday, I have limited movement, where the left curser arrow is, is where the sting was, its red and slightly angry. Watch this space
  2. it has a pepsi bezel and a gold dial , I thought the Italians were famous for their style, @Davey P I think they missed something, not you.
  3. posted this before seeing the contents, is it because it's moist outside?
  4. ooo I like the green indices, do the hands match the colour?
  5. Brown is the new tarnished copper/brass
  6. Flieger Friday with the impressive Laco Aachen Taupe LE 42mm Modified Miyota auto/hand winding hackable movement.
  7. "yes it is", it should have read "any time at all"
  8. Laco Aachen Taupe LE Modified Miyota 821 A with hacking seconds Automatic with hand winding 42mm
  9. Not quite perfect but it'll do
  10. Wearing this, but going to be modding a bracelet to fit, watch that space
  11. My first G Shock from back in the day, still gets worn today.
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