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  1. To be honest, so did I I noticed a few pubs using these glasses recently and, for some types of beers (Belgian/French style lagers, IPA's and the like) they work really well. I think I'll get a couple of the Stella chalice ones.
  2. Does anyone here use nucleated beer glasses and can you recommend a good one/make/design? I really like the Stella Artois "chalice" type but wonder if there's something better.
  3. Another batch of silent movies arrived today. Should keep me occupied over Christmas when regular TV programming will be crap, no doubt.
  4. Finally, some relatively sunny weather and no rain so I could see what I was doing and not get wet. I was able to loosely press the bumper trim back into place and a squirt of Tiger Seal has secured it nicely. Cheers all
  5. Pilot watches are traditionally large so that they're easy to read at a glance (whilst flying an aeroplane!). However, shaving a few mm. off the G-Shocks, how about the Precista Aerotimer? Still 42mm wide though.
  6. I'm fairly sure that the buyer of my O&W Early Bird was a commercial airline pilot so I guess some of them at least still have an interest in pilots watches. Assuming your son in law is relatively young and, looking at some of those techie exams he had to pass, perhaps something like one of the Pilot's G-Shocks would be suitable? This one's discontinued but Amazon still has a couple left: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Casio-Digital-Quartz-Watch-GR-B100-1A2ER/dp/B07GJRBNHH
  7. I was tucking into a bottle of Bollinger for breakfast when this arrived: So that's dinner sorted then Seriously though, Arran 14 year old is one of my favourite whiskys but there doesn't seem to be any of that available at the moment. I'm hoping the "18" will be even better.
  8. A bit of silent movie magic to keep me occupied over the Winter. I have another ten on order
  9. No prizes for guessing their influences, but I like them just the same.
  10. Yep, I looked at this, but was put off by the fact that they omit the word "plastic" from all the other things they say it sticks to (at least on the outside packaging). Also it appears to be aimed more at absorbent materials into which the glue can expand and that wont work in this case. But thanks for resisting the temptation to suggest that I sell the car and buy a Porsche That looks promising, I shall investigate. That sounds interesting too. I'd looked at double-sided tapes but they come with the same caveats as the various glues in that they don't stick certain types of plastics. An automative variant might be a good bet though.
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