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  1. So do I. I actually spent some considerable time this afternoon unsuccessfully trying to track one down
  2. A rare weekend outing for this 1974 Seiko Bullhead Chronograph.
  3. Haven't you got that the wrong way around? Normally it's a case of "I know I don't need it but I want it". Of course you don't "need it" and as you say you "don't want it" then I recommend you don't buy it. But, alternatively, you could just hedge your bets and buy it anyway along with a new set of thermal undies so you can have the watch and save some pennies on heating over the winter as well
  4. Christopher Ward C60 Trident Pro 600 Bronze 38mm
  5. "The website will be open for ordering on Sunday 1st August from 1400hrs [UK]" So, fingers poised over the login and buy-it-now buttons (or whatever they have) for those inclined!
  6. Somewhat off-topic but the above reminds me of this scene from the 1986 Walter Hill movie "Crossroads": Willie Brown to Eugene Martone: "Look at this ol' guitar you been squeakin' on I bet you saw this thing in a music store and bought it just because you thought it was beat up Well you got it all wrong... Muddy Waters invented 'lectricity!" It could apply to watches too.
  7. I'd guess that this was left unspecified because the precise fit of a watch strap is personal to every individual so specifying exactly where the holes should be serves no real purpose. Manufacturers could therefore punch the holes within a reasonable range based on the picture and wearers, if they found the strap to be too loose or too tight, could punch a suitable hole through the fabric to suit their own requirements.
  8. I think that's a little unfair. They've been riding the crest of a revival wave for a while now and have been planting the ball in the back of the net quite consistently with their various retro offerings. They even lowered the price of their Marlin re-issue since its initial release. And let's face it, pretty much all watches are overpriced! This one, for example, I thought was pretty much on the money. But now, it seems, just as they're about to lift the trophy, they've reached that "England Penalty Shoot-out" stage of the game and have inevitably missed by a mile... several miles actually The "madeworn" model fails on pretty much every level.
  9. You see this sort of faux pas quite often. After a series of wins with various new products thus gaining lots of new fans and customers a company (or most likely the marketing department) gets a bit too carried away and launches an absolute stinker. Farer's increasingly strident colour schemes or Brewdog's ever more crazy concoctions are a couple of examples off the top of my head. So here we have Timex's stinker, and a very expensive stinker to boot, in every sense of the word.
  10. Indeed, the Italians are famous for their style. But in this case the pepsi bezel and gold dial is a classic Seiko (Japanese) colour scheme used historically on a number of their watches and that was chosen (successfully) to win this particular competition. So is it not you and @Davey P that have both "missed something"?
  11. Yes, the post two above yours for instance
  12. About the death of Thelma Todd. I'm expecting it to be a lot of conspiracy theory hokum but it nevertheless may be an entertaining read.
  13. No. Semantics: The next generation Explorer might be the Explorer III The next generation of the Explorer II is, of course, still an Explorer II
  14. Ignoring the text and looking just at the picture: The hands and hour markers are far bolder Different font on the date wheel The lugs are more tapered
  15. Cork might be my new favourite watch strap material. Flexible, super-comfortable, water resistant, uniquely patterned...
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