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  1. The Rodina is quite a nice watch. I had one but the automatic winding was broken. I couldn't be bothered sending it back so I took the rotor off and used it as a manual wind for a while before stepping up to the Stowa Antea. I gave away the Rodina to a barmaid in a pub... got me nowhere
  2. a.b.art used to do a variety of these in their "Vintage" collection but it looks like they may have been discontinued or are at least out of stock at the moment. Worth keeping an eye open though in case they're re-introduced. Braun, as suggested above, is a good shout. Skagen are definitely worth a look too. For the ultimate Bauhaus bargain I'd look at the M&S "Modern Everyday" watch. It's pure Bauhaus but not quite the same style as the watches you've illustrated. I wear mine more often than my Stowa Antea! [EDIT] Forgot to mention, if you buy from a.b.art, factor in +20% VAT for importing from Switzerland [/EDIT]
  3. I think that's pretty good for £28. And you got a box! At that price you usually just get a bit of bubble wrap and a padded envelope.
  4. I'd looked at eBay but nothing there really caught my eye. I tried good-stuffs again today but it still didn't work when I tried to check-out via PayPal. It just came back with the same generic error as yesterday. Good-stuffs has been around for quite a while and, to be clear, I don't think there's anything dodgy going on but, for some reason, it just ain't workin' for me at the moment. I think I'll just keep my eye on eBay for now and see if anything interesting crops up and maybe try good-stuffs again in a few weeks time. The thrill of the chase eh?
  5. Is it just me, or does anyone else think it's actually a rather Poorsche Design? It looks cool though
  6. Unfortunately Paul Ricard is a rubbish circuit for F1 racing and yesterday's tedious affair was one of the dullest I can remember. Magny-Cours was so much better. Luckily I had the presence of mind to record the excellent WTA Birmingham Final between Ash Barty and Julia Görges so the afternoon wasn't completely wasted Austrian GP is next weekend. Sadly, that's not one of my favourite tracks either.
  7. Thought I'd have a punt but, unfortunately, my shopping cart exploded on checkout No money has been taken (at least not yet) and, on going back into the site, my item is still listed in my cart (via a cookie no doubt) so presumably it was just a processing error. I'll wait 24 hours to see what happens, if anything, before having another bash. Some interesting items on the site, especially the utterly wacky "tourillon". And no, that's not a misspelling!
  8. Whilst a proper, traditional compass is by far the most sensible option, if you really want a watch with a compass (along with all the other bells and whistles like a thermometer, barometer and altimeter), the best one I've used is the Timex Expedition WS4. Discontinued, but you can pick them up on eBay. At the other end of the scale, the Tissot T-Touch is great fun, but rubbish for outdoor use. If it's raining, snowing, or you're wearing gloves, you can't operate the touch screen which renders the watch useless except for whichever mode it happens to be in at the time. Suuntos and Casios are OK, albeit unremarkable.
  9. Don't forget the Albatros and Generalskie.
  10. Gosh, what an expensive day it's been! Another watch case for 24 watches A tube of superglue The DVD box set of Catweazle The DVD box set of Here Come The Double Deckers But, most excitingly of all, a new valve for the hot tap on the kitchen sink. Yeah!
  11. This, plus an altimeter and a decent map
  12. IT LIVES! OK, I know it's only been 4 days since I started putting the Forsining Bridge Movement watch through its paces, but I was honestly expecting this to be little more than a plasticky kid's toy and that it would have broken by now. However, not only am I impressed at the build quality (for the pocket money price) it's also keeping excellent time at about +4 seconds per day. It's definitely earned a place in my box for novelty watches.
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