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  1. Power Reserve indicators on watches with automatic movements. Anything more than 200M water resistance. Display backs on watches with bog-standard movements.
  2. Library of Congress Huge range of recordings here. Use the various filters on the left side of the page to narrow your choice.
  3. Do you think this thread should be merged with The Whisky Club given that no one, including me, has posted there recently? Anyway, today's new arrival is Benromach Cask Strength 2009 Batch 4. Quite smoky for a Speyside but nicely balanced with tasty raisins and currants.
  4. Having thought about it, I reckon a nice red to match Mickey's shorts would be perfect.
  5. Not convinced by the blue. I think the yellow ones are nicer. How about a chocolate brown? For my own Mickey Mouse watch I went for Pluto skin Well, tan Ostrich really.
  6. Also "Once in a New Moon" (1935) will be shown July 24 Amusing sci-fi with a political twist. Worth watching for the gorgeous Rene Ray.
  7. You can't win them all. I recall when the Marquee Club (then on Wardour Street) were hosting mystery guests and being dismayed when I missed seeing a young "Metallica" perform. Consumed by a yet to be defined FOMO I made sure to attend the next mystery gig only to be confronted by... "Haircut 100"
  8. "White Man in Hammersmith Palais" is probably my all time favourite Clash track. From the "London Calling" album the track I come back to most often is "Rudie Can't Fail". However, I'm not listening to any of those today as The Mastersons are centre stage
  9. It's most likely that you recently installed some software (or an update to existing software) that came bundled with Yahoo! Search and you didn't notice so failed to untick the relevant box to prevent its installation. Anyway, here's an article which explains how to change (and remove) Search Engines from various browsers including Firefox and Chrome. https://www.searchenginejournal.com/change-browser-default-search-engine/299891/
  10. I like that. A classy "under-the-radar" alternative to the usual suspects.
  11. Music by Nox Arcana from the album "Transylvania" (2005) Video is a clip from the Russian movie "Vedma" aka "The Power of Fear" (2006)
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