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  1. In a Jeremy Clarkson voice: "And you're all completely wrong!" The Nomos is nearly cool with its retro Bauhaus chic appeal, except that it looks exactly like the Stowa Antea which was introduced first. The Nomos is mentioned constantly; the Stowa rarely. That makes the Stowa cool whilst the Nomos isn't. The Zenith... OK, that is cool. Not so much complicated as sophisticated and classy whilst remaining understated. I'd suspect that Keira Knightly would approve The Michel Herbelin meanwhile is seriously uncool with it's shouty "look at me" aesthetic. "...the first auto chrono into space!" Imagine having to explain that to Keira! It's just nerdy. And that's not cool. I like the Hamilton but it's not cool. Luke warm perhaps. The Monster is very uncool, I agree. From my own collection I submit: Cool Simple Casio LCD Uncool 121Time Race Chronograph I shall now be placing all the pictures as high up on the Cool Wall as possible so no one else can reach and re-arrange them
  2. Another vintage gem which sees far too little wrist time. Buren 7-jewel, circa 1940's
  3. Went for a design classic today. Braun AW10 2017 Re-Issue
  4. Not wearing, but photographed today. For no particular reason beyond a bit of fun and that I just reset the time on one of them, I just took a little snap of of an impromptu gathering of Casio LCD's: Is there a collective name for a group of Casios? A "Clashio" maybe?
  5. Enjoying another old budget (<£20) favourite today. Haven't tried this for several years and it's a new recipe apparently (which often doesn't bode well) but still very quaff-able.
  6. 5 watches at £350 each is £1750. But I wouldn't split the budget evenly between all 5. I'd do something like: A Vostok Amphibia for £50-£100 (you're not a true collector until you've owned at least one of these amazing watches) A Casio G-Shock GW-M5610-1ER for £100 (To serve as your reliable time source, beater, do everything, grab'n'go watch) A pre-owned vintage Swiss dress watch. Something small, slim, classy, understated, perhaps rectangular, for around £150-£250. Doesn't need to be a well-known brand. A 38mm Hamilton Khaki Field watch at £395. Suitable for all and any occasions but more subtle than the G-Shock. That leaves you at least £900 to spend on something a bit more special and I'd probably aim for something like: Longines Conquest V.H.P. GMT at £970 RRP
  7. The one that (nearly) got away! Twice failed to sell on eBay and I'm really glad about that now 1940's/50's Wittnauer
  8. Just trying some Naked Grouse now. Very nice indeed, especially at £19. Might have to drink down to the label
  9. Definitely looks like a Seagull to me. Very similar to the ST2706 in my Alpha "1926" but with some blued screws. I'd guess the factory changed the spec. for supply reasons but the web site wasn't updated. The new Alpha Europe site launched yesterday and that still mentions Miyota 8215 movements. To be honest though, the Seagull is probably just as good as the Miyota. Both movements cost around 30 bucks retail.
  10. "Lidl by Lidl we gave you everything you ever dreamed of Lidl by Lidl the wheels of your life have slowly fallen off"
  11. It's just the current fashion and, right now, "less is more" seems to appeal to the customers so the designers must follow suit and that's ultimately reflected in the Accounts Dept's figures. It wont last forever though and the more Avant-Garde designs will no doubt resurface when the mood changes.
  12. A little change of pace. New Mardelas CD "Ground Zero" out today, in Japan anyway. Go Marina!
  13. The worst Whisk(e)y I've tried was a Four Roses Kentucky Bourbon. The first few sips were lovely but its floral nature is so overpowering that, before you get to the end of a glass, it tastes like perfume. It's like drinking a bottle of Chanel. It might smell nice but it tastes bloody awful.
  14. Old school Oris Pointer Calendar today.
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