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  1. I like them too but, as @JonnyOldBoy says I think the prices are ridiculous. The "power meter" is a retrograde seconds hand. The video cuts away before you can see it in action but I presume it snaps back to zero after 30 seconds and then counts 30 seconds for a second time to account for a full minute. If timing a full minute, how can you be sure whether you're seeing the first 30 seconds or 31 to 60 seconds? Not sure Prof. Hawking would approve of such a device. Instead of going into a gentle orbit around the Moon the possible miscalculation could have you flying into the Sun!
  2. An unnecessarily complicated and overly-fussy design with tiny numerals that's difficult to read. Not for me.
  3. I'm certain that all you would-be-metallurgists realise that the OP was likely referring to watches with cases made from base metals that may be subsequently plated to make them look shinier and/or more precious, potentially belieing the possible quality of the movement and other aspects of the watch's construction. And the literal answer to the question is no. Although it's quite often yes. I hope that's clear!
  4. I added the note about RLT4 No.31 being stolen for version 4 of the Concise Guide back in January 2007. Years later (after version 6 was released in October 2012) I noticed that Roy had removed this note so I presume that No.31 was subsequently recovered/found. My guess is that the guide has since been restored from a previously unedited version during one of the Forum software updates.
  5. Friday 13th holds no fear for The Man of Bronze! ...He's not too great with a needle and thread though! I've been wearing the Christopher Ward C60 Trident Pro 600 Bronze 38mm all this week but have switched to the Archimede Pilot 39H Bronze today.
  6. I think I know the type of strap to which you're referring (or very similar at least) but I'm not sure the WWW's ever came supplied on these. The WWW's have fixed bars so they wouldn't fit. I have this example. It's 15mm wide but I guess it may have shrunk a bit and was probably originally 16mm.
  7. A modern watch with a retro look for F1's return to Imola this weekend. RLT38
  8. Justification = I want it Spending Limit = I can afford it And that's really all there is to it
  9. Citizen Eco-Drive Stiletto
  10. I like Farer but these are ghastly, at best comical. Surely only a clown would wear them.
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