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  1. Kaliber was an abomination! A couple of years ago after a bit of a medical drama I had to cut down on alcohol as it didn't combine well with my medication. But I was delighted to discover that the world of low/zero alcohol beer had vastly improved since the dark days of Kaliber. Below, in no particular order, are my favourite discoveries. Some have the same name as their alcoholic equivalents so, if you plan on buying some, make sure to pick the right one! Big Drop Pale Ale Adnams Ghost Ship Big Drop Stout Brewdog Nanny State Mikkeller Drink'in The Snow Mikkeller Drink'in The Sun Mikkeller Energibajer Nirvana Karma Pale Ale Nirvana Kosmic Stout Rothaus Tannezäpfle Alkoholfrei St. Peter's Without Veltins Alkoholfrei Nirvana Sutra IPA Bernard Amber BERNARD s čistou hlavou Višeň Heineken 0.0 Krombacher Pils Non-Alcolholic Leeds Brewery Original 0PA Nirvana Tantra Pale Ale Palm N.A Paulaner Munchner Hell Alkoholfrei Rothaus Hefe Weizen Alkoholfrei Warsteiner Alkoholfrei
  2. Obviously not your day as your trainers also appear to have fallen off : Probably just unlucky re. the watch, although the only bracelet I ever had problems with was also Seiko, albeit of 70's vintage. To replace the rusted and crumbled pin I cut a steel sewing needle to length and glued it in place.
  3. Not listening quite yet, but it's due for release later this month.
  4. I just got the email too. I don't particularly like these. They all seem a bit "desperately seeking Walter" to me My three CW's are all great quality though and only my first purchase fell foul of the infamous QC/Customer Service problems but it was all sorted professionally and amicably with a little perseverance so I've no complaints in that regard.
  5. Yes, if it's a triple-date, moon phase. But other than than keeping such complicated watches wound and therefore set reasonably accurately, winders are a waste of time in my opinion. If you don't wear the watch very often you'd probably need to unscrew the crown to adjust the time and date anyway.
  6. Explicit lyrics, so maybe don't play it out loud if you're at work ;)
  7. The reason why the Alpinist doesn't have a screw-down crown or other locking/ratchet mechanism for the compass bezel is that, if you were using it for its intended purpose, you'd need to be taking frequent readings and making adjustments as necessary. The sun isn't screwed into the sky! Unlike dive-time or even dual time zone bezels, in this case (pardon the pun) a locking mechanism would not only be a hindrance it'd be a major design flaw. Serious field/outdoor watches shouldn't have display backs either. Ugh!
  8. Yep, those blokes with the flowers look well dodgy!
  9. Rembetiko Read the IMDB reviews linked to above and, if you like the sound of it, watch the movie (which contains a few adult(ish) scenes): Wonderful soundtrack too... if you can hear beyond the likes of Katy Perry
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