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  1. No doubt Hamilton will have had to bung Warner Bros. a considerable sum in order to use "The Matrix" name hence the increased price of the watch. The Casio A100 I bought recently is half the price of the similar one that has Pac-Man branding, presumably because Namco (or whoever owns the name these days) demanded a slice of the action. Mickey Mouse watches are relatively expensive because Disney demands their cut. Likewise anyone's product that's associated with Bond, LOTR, Star Wars, Marvel, DC etc. etc. etc.
  2. No doubt the Chinese "homage" factories are gearing up for production and we'll soon be inundated with endless "Yolkmaster" and "Eggsplorer" replicas I've opted for one of these: Undone at 6 so presumably very hard-boiled by 12!
  3. I've bought from both of these: https://www.121time.com/watches/121time/html-configurator Use the online configurator to build your own watch from a variety of options https://deklawatches.com/en/watches/ Choose a basic style and select different component materials, colours, hand types etc. Neither are as inexpensive as Undone though.
  4. A vintage/worn/distressed brown leather rally strap would be the perfect choice in my opinion.
  5. Don't be misled by that hodinkee claptrap. It's not schizophrenic at all and is in no way, shape or form a dive watch.
  6. A final strap change for the Dekla Deckwatch. I think I've got it right this time with a CW "Vintage Oak" strap that, importantly, includes a bronze buckle.
  7. The short answer is yes. Oris charge £1500 because they can. CW charge £750 because if they charged £1500 they'd come up against Oris et al and then nobody would buy one.
  8. Laco, Archimede and Stowa all provide "vintage" / "retro" ranges which are not necessarily re-issues, as such. The 34mm Lacos are particularly appealing and, with Miyota movements, aren't particularly expensive. https://www.laco-watches.com/en/watches/laco-vintage https://www.archimede-watches.com/1950-s/ https://www.stowa.de/en/Antea/ https://www.stowa.de/en/Partitio/
  9. ^^^ Steady on old chap, you'll do yourself an injury!
  10. Arrived today after a near three month wait for it to come back into stock in the UK. A bit of nerdy-retro fun Casio A100WE-1AEF CW Sellors/Jura (where I ordered mine) currently have a Black Friday discount code "BF20" if you fancy one. They're still not showing as in stock on the website though so I'm not sure if they only just fulfilled their back-orders.
  11. New strap has just arrived for the Dekla Deckwatch.
  12. Seemingly not, looking at the pics on the Breitling website. The tongue of the strap exits on the inside of the wrist rather than the outside. I suppose it doesn't matter much when you're doing loop-the-loop over Dimchurch!
  13. Not when you could buy 1000 of these for the same price, although I admit it doesn't tell the time
  14. It depends on the type of travel you're undertaking. If it's a business trip where you're going to spend most of the day in meetings and the evenings at the hotel bar, or the type of holiday where you're going to spend most of your time languishing pool-side, then no, you don't need a dedicated watch for those activities. If however, you're going to undertake some rigorous sport or rough it in the countryside living off the land for a couple of weeks then yes, a beater/travel watch is likely a good idea. If I slip over and bash my watch on a rock, for example, I'd rather it was a £50 Vostok and not a £5K Rolex.
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