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  1. It's not only Rolex prices that have escalated recently. As the watch collecting hobby has become increasingly popular there are many more people seeking vintage watches that are inevitably becoming increasingly scarce. More demand plus less supply equals higher prices. A few examples: Simple Vostoks and Raketas that were widely available for less than £20 a decade or so ago are now fetching £60-£150. Issued CWC G10's were easily obtainable for around £50 but now are £200+. The very common WWW's were £250 or less but now even these are over £1000.
  2. You could sign up to Stowa's Newsletter. They sometimes have ex-display/trade show items for sale at very good prices.
  3. Croydon Service Centre 2nd Floor 50 George Street Croydon SURREY CR0 1PD Tel. 020 8680 1572 www.watchrepairs.co.uk info@watchrepairs.co.uk
  4. Possibly the worst video ever? Catchy tune though
  5. The best pearl of wisdom I can offer is that you should adjust the levels according to those sticky-out things on the side of your head... your ears Forget what any auto-levelling/SPL/phone app might be telling you. Using the same speakers all around is a benefit as you'll likely find the whole sound stage more seamless and cohesive. That's maybe an expensive option though. If you choose to use different speakers, at least try to use ones with the same general sound characteristics so that none of them sound incongruous.
  6. Maybe not quite one hit wonders, but disappeared into relative obscurity after initial success. Both still active now I believe.
  7. It depends what you intend to do with it. Most of the third-party VPN services you see advertised are just snake oil in my opinion. If you want a VPN client to connect remotely back to your home network then one provided by your router manufacturer would likely be the best bet.
  8. I've always used Olay Beauty Fluid... no idea if it works on leather straps though Ahem! But no, seriously, it does! Whether it's more dangerous to broach the idea of your missus peeing on your watch strap or stealing stuff from her make-up drawer is up to you to decide.
  9. I don't know much about American Whiskey but am thoroughly enjoying this one. Much more complex flavours than good ol' JD.
  10. But that leaves three empty spaces in your watch box! That's just not the done thing old chap I insist that you purchase three more watches forthwith
  11. Children on Trial - UK (1946) Girl Gang - USA (1954)
  12. I bought mine from WatchUnique who are based in Netherlands if I remember correctly.
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