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  1. Ahhh, thanks for that. I had a hunch it was a 1940's AS but, despite searching for ages, couldn't track it down as I was looking at slightly larger sizes. I can relax now @Gen for more information about your watch you could try contacting GP directly via their online contact form and select "Heritage" as the topic or, for a London shop who may help, try Alsal on Strand.
  2. Anniversary of VE Day today so giving this veteran an airing. Timor WWW
  3. I've just started the process of copying my vinyl to digital files. A far more lengthy and arduous procedure and yet one that I'm finding strangely therapeutic! As you go through your CD's I think you should post in the "What are you listening to" thread as you find tracks that you haven't heard in years that really (pardon the pun) strike a chord. Beginning with the letter "A" I've just posted a couple of album tracks from Joan Armatrading.
  4. I'll buck the trend by saying that I'm not particularly impressed. It seems that they're being marketed as genuinely tough, go anywhere, do anything/everything watches but, in my view, they're too compromised by fashionable/aesthetic elements to truly fulfil that function. I had to laugh at the first video which shows an almost concourse-condition Land Rover without so much as a speck of dust on it going a tiny bit off-road and then the video cuts away before it drives into the ever-so-slightly muddy puddle so the lovely white wheels don't get all mucky Yes, I know I said I like
  5. A welcome addition. I set pretty much all my applications/themes etc. to "Dark" where available so TWF can blend in nicely now.
  6. Trying out a new strap from Chris Balm on my 1915 Silver Trench watch. Looks much better than the weedy 10mm strap I was using before.
  7. ^^^ I think I like that; it's awfully grim, but I think I like it Not sure if I've posted this before but, at the other end of the scale and to lighten the mood, is this saucy artwork from a 1928 French restaurant menu I've been meaning to have mounted and framed for some time. So, not hanging on the wall quite yet, but should be soon.
  8. If you're going to manufacture and market a watch with a chronograph function, then it should at least be functional, regardless of who may or may not choose to use it. What Tudor has produced is a watch with a chronograph dysfunction.
  9. The hour hand obscures too much of the chronograph sub-dials rendering them almost useless.
  10. @Jet Jetski Are you still hibernating? It's April, not February! No one else commemorating the anniversary of Juri Gagarin's inaugural space flight today? Poljot Sturmanskie Juri Gagarin 40th Anniversary Edition
  11. Sometimes it's down to the photographer failing to engage the model's interest so the default "thousand yard stare" is all you get because they're bored and are probably already thinking about their next job.
  12. Outgoing/discontinued Rolex models often increase in price. The new 36mm bi-metal "Rolesor" Explorer looks lovely. I wonder if it'll possible to actually buy one?
  13. Erm, no, mine didn't cost anything like £12K and it isn't worth £36K. But it has tripled in value since I bought it.
  14. Mine has Tripled actually. I don't keep it in a safe though, I wear it. There are lots of different "Datora" Breitlings. I've never determined for sure what "Datora" means other than that I think they should all have some sort of calculating/computational function, like a tachymeter / UPH scale/bezel. The term has nothing to do with the date function so far as I know. Anyway, I prefer my sensibly-sized late 60's / early 70's "Surfboard" Datora to the fat Triple Calendar re-issue.
  15. You might like to check out the funky Afrobeat sounds on the "Africa Airways" series of compilation albums from Africa Seven Records.
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