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  1. In order to avoid a possibly forthcoming "wealth tax" I was thinking of moving into a bedsit and spending my life savings on tons of grey market Rolexes and Pateks, then selling them at a profit when the heat has died down. What do you think? No? Well 'ow about some Petrol Coupons then?
  2. Original poster is now in his early 50's crisis
  3. After 2029 the whole thing collapses into a black hole whereupon space and time have no meaning anyway :))
  4. It spirals inwards, clockwise. 18-23 on the outer arm of the spiral then 24-29 on the inner arm.
  5. I had five or six of them back when the common ones cost £150-£250 each. I was already having my doubts about the prices when the equally common Omega cost about £400 even though it's no better than the others. As the prices escalated far beyond what I think the watches are worth (to me) I sold all but my favourite (Timor) and moved on to something else.
  6. Farer watches are good quality and are (or were) made by Roventa-Henex. I loved their earlier designs and have been happy with my original "Beagle" model despite its relatively poor regulation and bog-standard ETA 2824-2 movement. Most of the newer designs though are far too outlandish in my opinion, these new Field watches included.
  7. Here are the notes from my whisky Advent and 12 Days of Christmas calendars. The notes may not mean very much to anyone but me, but they might give you some ideas of new whiskies to try. You'll need to click on the image to see the larger, readable version as my images always get scaled down.
  8. If you like peaty whiskys you'll love this. I only had one glass and look what happened to me!
  9. Ahh, Chernobyl, Buncefield, Deepwater Horizon, Port of Beirut; It all makes sense now Operator: "Uh oh! The yellow alert's sounding, what do we do?" Supervisor (frantically flicking through the pages of Bond's instruction manual): "Er, OK, according to the procedure you need to immediately press the left red button to the right of the other one on the left, right?" "No, not THAT red button, the one on the left that's in the middle." "Nooo, the other left!" "...Phew that was close!" Operator: "Oh God! Now the red alert is sounding, what do we do next?" Supervisor: "Uhhh, I don't know, ther
  10. I don't think it's made anymore so you'd have to look at the pre-owned market to buy one. It's big, designed to be worn over a jacket and operable with gloves. The silver part of the case, excluding the black plastic integral lugs that wrap around the wrist is about 50mm wide and 40mm deep.
  11. Superb bit of kit, tough, easy to read, easy to operate and the most accurate watch of its type I've owned. The only gremlin I've discovered is that occasionally when replacing the battery not all the modules initialise correctly resulting in those parts of the display being blank or showing an error message. Pulling and replacing the battery a few times resolves this.
  12. "Into Thin Air", Jon Krakauer's controversial account of what happened during the disastrous storm that killed eight climbers on Mount Everest in May 1996, then Anatoli Boukreev's partial rebuff, "The Climb". As a man for the mountains these should at least make for some gripping Tier 4 reading!
  13. An LR936 is, I believe, an Alkaline version of the Silver Oxide SR936/SR394. Different manufacturers use either 936 or 394 in their product descriptions. It should be compatible with your watch given the provisos mentioned above re. spacers and phasing. It could be that the battery is going flat, hence the lower voltage.
  14. I thought about the Tissot T-Touch but excluded it from my list as it's too flawed. I love mine but it annoys me that you can't operate it if you're wearing gloves or if the crystal is wet. Also, it seems that every time I look at it the hands are obscuring the digital display which means I have to press the centre right button to move them out of the way. Also, the digital display has no backlight. More of a cult classic perhaps?
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