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  1. I can't do 100, but I had a think about my top 10 favourite Scottish people and here's what I came up with without looking at any previous posts. Not all engineers and scientists you understand but then, Scotland is a wild and lonely place! John Laurie (OK, so I just saw him on Dad's Army, but he's still one of my favourites!) Jackie Stewart Jim Clark Robert Louis Stevenson Kenny Dalglish Lulu Clare Grogan Robert the Bruce William Wallace Billy Connolly
  2. Come on everyone, you've had eleven years to think about it
  3. I can't even remember where I bought half my watches, let alone be worried too much about forensic levels of proof of where they were made
  4. Breitling Datora on a nice, new Navy Blue strap of the correct 19mm width at long last Pondering whether to break out the Sharpie markers and colour the stitches orange... hmm, no, I think it's better just as it is.
  5. I wondered if anyone would spot the "Omega" hands. Are they really Omega hands or Alpha hands if you look at them sideways on? Obviously they couldn't use the actual Alpha symbol as that's not symmetrical and would look really odd. I looked around for an Omega model with hands like that but couldn't find one. My eyesight is so rubbish I can barely discern the tiny "feet" of the symbols so, to me, they just look like sort of skeletonised cathedral hands.
  6. No one would dare mug you when you're surrounded by a personal guard of real ale drinkers
  7. It was a quiet evening on the bridge of the USS TWF when, suddenly! Worf: "Captain! Sensors detect a cheap Chinese "homage" off the starboard bow. These beings are without honour!" Picard: "Red alert! Raise Shields! Charge all phaser banks! Arm Photon Torpedoes!" Geordie: "We could reconfigure the forward sensor array to emit a phased, Tacheon pulse to reveal any presence of a cloaked Parnis." Picard: "Make it so." Data: "Current Sensor readings detect no hostile intentions." Picard: "Hmm, very well. Open a communications channel. On screen" OK, panic over. This is, of course, a nod to the original Rolex Oyster from 1926. Case size is increased to 40mm (36-38mm would have been better in my opinion) and it has a Seagull 2706 21-jewel automatic movement. It looks and feels well put together, even the strap is nice quality, and it comes in a faux-suede/velvet travel pouch which is actually useful compared to the ridiculous oversized boxes some watches come in. I like it. It's not a blatant rip-off of a famous brand's current model and is more a thoughtful update of a classic design. £88 from Alpha's Lithuanian distributor. Let appreciation or derision commence
  8. Uh oh! I'm not sure those two things go together do they?
  9. Got this one back from the menders yesterday Bulova Accutron Astronaut
  10. Ugh! Dreadful hangover this morning so need a watch that's easy to see Christopher Ward C9 5-Day Small Seconds Chronometer
  11. I live in London, have no garage and no great need for a car, but I'd have the E-Type. On the other hand, if I lived in Moscow, had no garage and no great need for a car, I'd take a Vostok over a Moskvitch any day!
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