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  1. Hi rhaythorne,

    just had a look at your old page listing rlt watches. The entry for rlt 4 mentions a legend about rlt 50/50, just wanted to know if you'd like to put the record straight or leave it as is, since watch rlt 4 50/50 is numbered just like the others in the series. My suspicion is there might be a 51/50, owned by Roy himself, and maybe being at the root of said legend/myth.

    picture availsble upon request! ;)

    best regards, in or out :P

    1. rhaythorne


      Hi namaste (isn't that a bit like saying namaste namaste? :-S),

      That's interesting.  I don't really maintain the page anymore but I'd love to see a picture of said watch.

      All the best,

      Rich H

      Oh, I was an "in", but I guess we're all "out" now ;-) 

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