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  1. Maybe that's why @mach 0.0013137 wears a watch on each wrist and changes them three times a day. They get an even tan! I don't have too many vintage watches with a graceful patina, but some with serious radium burn
  2. So now you're wearing it on the right in an attempt to even it up?
  3. Maybe they took inspiration from Buster Keaton?
  4. Storm Ciara has blown my wheelie bin 6 inches from where I left it. Thinking of selling my story to a red-top "newspaper".
  5. I was lucky enough to pick up the 5 hour version of Suriyothai this week for a bargain price Clip is from Francis Ford Coppola's cut-down 142 minute version.
  6. Original of a very famous cover version at 04:42.
  7. @martinzx Everyone should be wearing an Electric/Electronic watch today: Bulova Accutron Astronaut
  8. Not particularly a fan, but I do like this and its dark and creepy video
  9. "For the man who can please himself" True, most BMW drivers are W******
  10. If it's anything like the old school mechanical it's likely to be very much a disposable item. Fun for military collectors but not designed for long-term use. Life expectancy 10 years max! I'd go for the Timex.
  11. Actually, I think the first comment is quite telling. Mrs W may literally regard his "cheaper" watches as consumables whereas those of us that choose to spend more on higher quality products regard them as durables. Anyway, with all this talk of people looking down on others based on their choice of fish cuisine, I think I'll leave this discussion. I know my plaice.
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