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  1. Fresh in from Pforzheim. Archimede Klassik 200
  2. Are they? I thought they were still independent but I'm not fully up to date with all the latest acquisitions. Frédérique Constant is certainly part of the Citizen Group.
  3. Well, maybe a bit, but CWC is not a well-known brand even amongst frequent watch buyers let alone your average Daily Mail reader so some company background and details about the watch is not unwarranted. This bit was interesting: "He obtained six new CWC SBS diving watches and the total value that he acquired was £1,642" So, the MOD pays about £274 each then. Not bad
  4. This is worth reading, although not watch (or Eagle) related. How The World Loved The Swastika - Until Hitler Stole It
  5. Too subtle for me. Is it that you're wearing contact lenses in the second photo?
  6. Whichever one suits your preferred style and budget Depending on what you mean by "best", the Nomos Tangente is perhaps a good contender. Based on a Bauhaus design used by both Stowa and Lange in the 1930's. Stowa did a rectangular version too. Currently revived by Stowa in their Antea line which is available in a number of different styles, this is the KS (small seconds) model:
  7. There are lots of examples available at various price points that aren't just completely lazy copies by the usual suspects of the usual icons Alpha 1926 (1920's Rolex Oyster) J&T Windmills Throgmorton (traditional lantern clock design) Seagull 1963 (Chinese 1960's pilot watch) Lots of examples from Timefactors inc. the Speedbird range (IWC) Stowa Flieger (German WW2 pilot watch) Timex Welton (WW1 trench watch) Undone Aero (1930's Weems watch)
  8. Thanks. It's made from Ostrich. I'm not 100% sure where this particular strap came from and it's not branded, but it probably came from watchbandcenter in Germany. SecTime in the UK also offer a wide range of Ostrich straps.
  9. The dial of the new version is overly-fussy in my opinion. By adopting both internal (within the numerals) and external (outer edge of the dial) chapter rings and then linking them with angular hour batons and minute markers it gives the rather disconcerting perspective of falling head first down a lift shaft.
  10. I'll happily stick with this ladies version I bought for my mum circa 2000. £650 at the time if I remember correctly. Just the right size for a gents watch between the 1920's and 1950's!
  11. RLT for me. + two others not pictured above.
  12. Hmmm, really not sure about the brown one. The textured dial no doubt looks better in real life, but from the photo it reminds me of the velour you might find covering the seats of a 1970's Austin Princess! Not the sort of stuff from which mountaineering legends are made.
  13. Should be just in time for Christmas then... Christmas 2022 if you lived around here! My recent (and only) experience with CW Sellors/Jura was quite positive. The watch (Casio A100) was out of stock when I ordered it but I received updates every few weeks to let me know what was going on. It's possible that this varies by what their suppliers are telling them and that they only contact you when they themselves have news.
  14. 36mm Rolex Explorer Rolesor... ...and a crate of these
  15. I've had plenty of 24-hour watches so I personally no longer regard them as being non-standard or particularly unusual. I suppose the watch I have that tells the time in the least standard way might be the Tian Harlan Chromachron, which, if you think about it, is also a pretty standard watch but it has a very unusually shaped hand and colours on the dial instead of numerals. A normal watch hand is basically a disc with around 358 degrees of it removed, leaving a pointer which lines up with numbers as it moves around the dial. Here, the hand is a disc with only 30 degrees removed and the "notch" reveals and covers different colours as it rotates. You can really only discern the time to within a few minutes but you soon get used to it.
  16. Well, I suppose it can be successfully argued that a scorpion does have a large prick! As for "essence of... man" I'm not entirely sure that I'd like to end up being "smoked" like a goldfish in a bowl: But then again, I've got nothing better to do this afternoon so I might give it a go; so long as I don't get labelled as Silk Cut Ultra Low!
  17. For some time I've been deliberating over a new/vintage Rolex OP/Explorer or Milus Snow Star as a sort of dressy but tough, go anywhere and do anything watch, but I now think I'll be going for the 39mm Archimede Klassik 200 with its hardened case and 200M water resistance.
  18. Swapped my recent pilot's watch with lockable rotating bezel for a pilot's watch with lockable rotating bezel 1960's Glycine Airman
  19. A spot of night flying with the UNDONE Aero Scientific.
  20. Just choppered in from Chek Lap Kok. UNDONE Aero Scientific
  21. I thought these were pretty interesting, supposedly made from Titanium recovered from decommissioned Soviet SS-18 "Satan" ICBM's. Sold mine as, at 42mm, it was too big for me. There was an SS-20 version also. Poljot Sturmanskie SS-18
  22. No. "Twenty years is a generation" only in human terms. The watches are pretty much all exactly the same.
  23. @RTM Boy I want to see you in my Drawing Room at once! ...and get orf my carpet!
  24. I really liked the original "Vintage Sunday" idea. It provided an opportunity to see some older and rarer pieces that probably aren't worn or shown on a daily basis. A sort of "Sunday Best" thread, if you will. The Monday to Saturday threads are of little interest to me at all as they often contain just the same stuff repeated ad infinitum. It was suggested years ago that there should perhaps just be a single "What are you wearing today" thread to which people can add their new and potentially interesting acquisitions, or at least take some new photos of the existing pieces in their collections.
  25. Yep. Given that these days I barely know what day of the week it is a few minutes here and there doesn't matter much
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