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  1. Podwireless - It's a Good Thing! Country Blues Classics 1926-1941
  2. I applaud the subject, but, as a woman's screams fill the cold night air, that awful text to speech robot voice needs to be shot dead by a mysterious gunman in a dark and sinister alley... and in black and white of course ;-)
  3. Delicious combination of Southwold's Adnams Ghost Ship Pale Ale and London's Camden Hells Lager.
  4. Gordon's Gin promotional item from years ago. Made from folded card with a quartz movement stuck on the back and held in place with Blu Tack But it remains in use to this day.
  5. I'll send you toilet paper if you send me Scotch My latest brilliant money-making scheme is to incrementally label each sheet of toilet roll £1, £2, £3 etc. in the belief that it could become an adopted currency. Who knows? It could be bigger than Bitcoin! Or maybe it's just a crap idea
  6. rhaythorne


    The answer I had in mind at the start of the video is actually shown, albeit briefly, towards the end. Refuse to refund the buyer and, if eBay/Paypal processes the refund in the buyer's favour, take eBay/Paypal to the Small Claims Court. eBay/Paypal I'd suspect are unlikely to contest the case and will have to give the money back to you.
  7. I was expecting you to make the joke that you thought this year's Australian F1 Grand Prix was the most exciting one yet!
  8. Haven't played for a long time but, apart from "Chess" and "Go", I used to enjoy playing "L'Attaque" and its aerial counterpart "Aviation". Currently considering getting into "Hnefatafl".
  9. Hmm, not sure about this; looks/sounds pretty cringeworthy, but I hope the other tracks on the new album will be better. Oh, and the 1944 film "Gaslight" with Charles Boyer and Ingrid Bergman to which they refer in the interview is a remake. The 1940 version they tried to bury starring Anton Walbrook and Diana Wynyard is superior ;)
  10. Sorry, 5th. item down.
  11. Same one as originally posted by @brummie1875 back in January, 6th. item down.
  12. I tired the Glen Keith too recently as Ocado had it on offer. I usually prefer smokier/peatier Islay malts but the silky smooth, Speyside Glen Keith was a refreshing change. I'd definitely buy it again
  13. Not actually what I'm listening to but so bizarre I was compelled to post it anyway.
  14. Goddam kids! Momma sent him to the grocery store to panic buy all the toilet rolls and look what happens!
  15. 99% of watch movements don't deserve to be on display at all and, if you can't see them, the question of size doesn't arise. True of so many things
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