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  1. Sounds like trying to get an appointment with my local GP Surgery!
  2. Yep, the RLT38 uses a fairly generic 70's case/dial design that was quite widely available, so @JayDeep you should be able to find something very similar if you keep an eye out. It's a design that exudes 70's cool
  3. Is it worth contacting Energizer so they can determine (a) if the battery is genuine and (b) if it is genuine, what went wrong? They may need to recall a batch if there's a manufacturing defect. As an aside, I've found Energizer to be the worst performing batteries (not just watch batteries) of all the mainstream brands so I try to avoid them these days unless I have no other choice.
  4. RLT38 No.0 of 10 (after the original No.1 was "lost" in the post, presumed pinched)
  5. I have one... Relatively Large Trove
  6. Given the potentially thousands of possibilities I have no hesitation in saying that it's an Oris.
  7. With a couple of other vintage RLT's featuring on the forum this week I decided to have an "RLT Day". RLT18
  8. It depends on where you live. If you live in the countryside a GPS signal is easy to receive. If you live in a built-up area GPS is often troublesome (unless it's an Assisted-GPS system) as the satellite signals are easily blocked by tall buildings. By contrast, the groundwave radio signals from Cumbria in the UK and/or Mainflingen in Germany are received relatively easily. So, for a city boy like me, a GPS watch is practically useless. And when I'm not in the city I find that a good old fashioned map is more than sufficient for me to find my way around
  9. Welcome back @scottishcammy Your return, and an RLT1 and RLT39 on the forum in such short succession! I need to go and lie down!
  10. No apologies necessary. By comparison to the posts mentioned by @Karrusel, yours are towering examples of philosophical grandeur
  11. As above but, rather than reduce by a percentage, select "pixels" and adjust the numbers so that Horizontal is no more than 1024 and Vertical is no more than 768. Make sure that "Maintain aspect ratio" is selected when you do this.
  12. A different way of looking at this is how frequently you change your underwear compared to your watch, otherwise known as the pants:watches ratio. A ratio of 7:1 is normal but this could fall to 1:1 (if you're a watchaholic) or even 1:2 if, for example, you change your watch once a day to suit different work/leisure requirements. Any more than this though and I'd respectfully suggest that you're either deeply troubled and in need of urgent professional help and/or you smell. And no, Mach, you can't get around it by wearing multiple pairs of pants at the same time as multiple watches!
  13. Do you associate yourself with (m)any of the people in that (f)article? Please don't ever invite me to dinner
  14. I like the concept but, as usual with such watches, they're too big (42mm) and an open-heart design with display back whilst using a plain Japanese movement spoils the whole aesthetic for me.
  15. But aren't Swatch, Richemont, LVMH etc. really just very big resellers? Probably Watchbox has similar ambitions. Good luck to them, I say.
  16. Given that so many well known watch brands are already owned by some entity other than that displayed on their products' dials, I doubt that this is of much consequence.
  17. The fifth picture reminded me of the "Dad's Army" episode "Asleep in the Deep". The caption should be something like: "As the water rose all around him, Pike clung desperately to the valve control. Only now did he realise his folly in buying that heavy, oversized fashion watch from Walker!"
  18. Hmm, not entirely sure I can see the fox at the moment but I've got some beers lined up for later today so will need to check again then. Who knows what patterns may emerge?
  19. Haha! Yes! So there are at least two dogs in that picture; maybe there's an entire pack! Could you see the one I saw? It's the head of a Border Collie looking down and to its left, made of cloud rather than the gaps in the cloud.
  20. I lost the plot at the fourth line when I encountered the troublesome phrase "overall design language"
  21. This one? If not, then it's just you seeing things :))
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