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  1. That's a gorgeous looking watch Tux. O&W M1 on Bond Nato for me today.
  2. Ahhh, favourite actresses. Always a popular topic in the pub is this People think I'm crazy because I tend to go for the classic look - 1. Louise Brooks: 2. A young Bette Davis: 3. More recently, Isabelle Adjani: 4. And a young pretender, Jessica Alba:
  3. McLaren seemed like a fun team in the 80's/90's (i.e. when they were winning all the time) but since their downturn in fortunes Ron Dennis seems to have turned into a right grumpy old git! I think he should stop complaining and get on with it. It's great that BAR and Renault are now doing so well. There are now 4 or 5 "big" teams rather than the usual 2 or 3 we've had for the last couple of decades. Haven't seen the GP watches. But I have been speaking to a jeweller in Bahrain about those Van Der Bauwede Ltd. edition, commemorative chronographs. The price has now fallen, although they're still outrageously expensive for what is basically an ETA quartz. Think I'm gonna have to get one though. No doubt those thieving b******s in Customs will want their cut though
  4. Excellent. Much slicker than before and much, much faster too
  5. Cheers ericp. Nice to hear some good words about MS I quite fancy doing the Malaysian GP next year; we'll see. I've been contemplating getting a Schumacher "Red" Speedmaster (the red dialed, red strapped one) for a few years but never quite got around to buying one. I'm always on the lookout though, so if I should see the one you want (the 2000 edition?) I'll let you know.
  6. In your case John I'd suggest taking a look at the Thoroughbred Grand Prix championship. I've seen them a few times now and they're always excellent fun. The cars are all the ones you know and love from yesteryear (including two or three JPS Lotus variants and that crazy looking 6-wheeled Tyrrell) but now powered by moderm Cosworth engines. I saw Race 1 in Bahrain last week which was a pleasant surprise as I didn't know they were there. They're racing at Donnington in the UK this year May 2nd.-3rd. To avoid crowds at a modern F1 race I'd say the best circuits would be Bahrain, Malaysia or maybe Shanghai as they're new and so all the surrounding infrastructure is bang up to date. For Bahrain I obtained a special "F1 Visa" (which is free of charge and better than a normal Visa). We got a free upgrade to our hotel and a fast-track through immigration at the airport. Departure tax was also waived. They've built huge highways that take you from the city centre straight to the circuit. You can be in and out in 20 or 30 minutes!
  7. Cheers Jason. I didn't see any of the Minardi guys but I was staying in the same hotel as a lot of the Ferrari and Renault team. They were all gone by Monday! A few FIA people were there too. May well see you at Silverstone. Look out for me, I'll be the one wearing red
  8. Hello chaps, just got in from Bahrain this morning. What a fantastic race! From our grandstand (The Oasis Complex) you could see an unbroken view of the cars for almost a full 40 seconds per lap. I don't know of any other circuit where you get to see the cars for that long. Lots of overtaking, especially from the hard-charging Alonso, and a great result: A Ferrari one-two of course and great to see Button get his second consecutive podium finish Of course, it was bloody hot out there in the desert, but the unexpected rain and slight sandstorms on race day were a welcome relief. A few selected pics of things you may not have seen on the TV to give you an idea of the view: The circuit has two pit lanes. Our grandstand overlooked the secondary pit lane where the Thoroughbred Grand Prix cars were being prepared: The F1 Drivers Parade (Da Matta, Alonso, Trulli, Panis). I wont bore you with all the others! The car is from one of the Al Khalifa Shaikh's private collection. Pit babes Well, p'raps not, but a rather splendid marching band nonetheless: And, best of all, where I love to see McLaren finish the race... ... on the back of a truck There's a short video (mpeg) HERE of the opening lap showing the section of track directly in front of our seats to give you a feel of how close you are to the action at this circuit. It's 11.3MB though so you may not want to click on this if you're using a modem. From a watch point-of-view, the most interesting one I saw was by Van der Bauwede. Called the Chronorace, it's a limited edition of 300 pieces commemorating the first Bahrain Grand Prix. I saw a couple of them in one of Manama's (Bahrain's capital) more expensive outlets and the price was truly astronomical. Anyway, off to bed for some well-earned shut eye now.
  9. I'm wearing this which I got back from the repair shop today where it's been very lightly cleaned, serviced and had a new crystal fitted. 1940's Ravella on 16mm RLT Flieger: It's a tiny watch, only 30mm across the case, but quite pretty.
  10. Difficult to say as I'm not familiar with that model; why not have a go and find out? I sold all my decent SLR macro lenses a long time ago and now the only camera I have that's even remotely capable of photographing watches is a Sony point-and-shoot DSC-P... something or other. You've seen the results in the thread on Camel watches and various others. They're a bit fuzzy, but reasonably passable. On paper, my Sony appears to be around twice "as good" in the mega-pixel department as the Mustek 1.0 but I'd bet that you could get some comparable shots with it in the right conditions with a little practice. I've had some reasonable results with a digital camera that resolves <1 mega-pixel! I use my own web space to store images for display on the forum. Your ISP may well have given you some free web space where you can upload (probably via ftp) pictures that can then be viewed here. You'll have to ask your ISP about that. If not, there are some services you can use which I'm sure others will recommend. Once you've found somewhere to upload your images you just need to use BB Code and enclose the url of the image between img and /img tags (each in [] brackets) in your message which will cause the message board software to display the image from wherever you have stored it. Use img to start the url and /img at the end (each in [] brackets). The "IMG" button displayed at the top of the screen when you're posting will do this for you. Hope that makes some sense! Have fun playing
  11. I love F1 and personally will never tire of seeing Ferrari formation finishes You may have seen in another thread that I'm off to Bahrain next week for the Grand Prix there. I'm not a superstitious person, but I can't help remembering that the last time I went to a Grand Prix (Silverstone '99) was when Schumacher broke his leg. Can lightning strike in the same place twice? Hope not
  12. rhaythorne

    New Site layout

    I've only tested this quite briefly but you might be interested to know that the new site is perfectly navigable with all the following current web browsers: Internet Explorer Mozilla/Netscape Opera Konqueror Galeon The ordering system seems to work well too except with the watches that require a choice of Calendar option. This works with all browsers except Konqueror where you can't add the watch to your basket after selecting the Calendar option you require. How many potential customers use Konqueror? Probably very few, but you never know, they just might be wanting to order that 18K O&W/Brietling Other than that, a definite improvement over the current site
  13. Originally quoted by iloper: They're collectable if you want to collect them I recall a comment raketakat made along the lines of once wanting to own every version of Raketa, and then realising that this would be a pretty much impossible task because there are so many. I would think Slava (and every other current Russian watch manufacturer for that matter) could easily fall into that category. For me they're collectable in the sense that there is more than one watch I like the look of and, as they are so cheap (sorry, such good value for money), I shall probably buy several. But I can't see them being collectable if you mean in the sense that you might ever own the whole "set" and that any of them might be an investment in monetary terms. Poljot vs. Slava? Poljot are far superior in terms of quality in my opinion, although oddly enough a Poljot is the only Russian watch to have let me down so far (at which point I must say thank you to Roy for fixing the problem with such astonishing speed )
  14. My family on my mother's side come from Southwold where Adnams is brewed so I'm genetically programmed to like it. SSB is a current favourite. Other than that, so many to choose from! Hoegaarden (wheat beer), Pilsner Urquell or Staropramen or Beer Lao (pils/lager) and Stella/Kronenberg for the most regularly drunk.
  15. It'd look superb with a gold-plated case
  16. A mate of mine has one of the early Pro-Trek type Casios. It's only disadvantages are that the altimeter doesn't have much of a range (more than enough for this country though) and that the buttons are fiddly to operate with gloves on. Other than that it's a great watch. I think all the modern ones have overcome those drawbacks. They seem a lot tougher than the Suuntos too. My preference for Suunto is that they're so easy to operate and clear to read. The Casios all appear to have really complicated displays.
  17. Yes Roger, you do. In fact, I find it typically requires resetting to the known altitude several times during every ascent/descent. I guess all traditional altimeters have this failing. The only way I can think of to avoid this problem is to use one of the new GPS type instruments that can pin-point positions in 3 dimensions (and thus show your altitude) but I don't know how accurate these are in the field as I have never tried one.
  18. Here is a pdf document originally from the Suunto site that cross-references the specs. of all the different models. I have the X-Lander. They seem to have something for everyone depending on whether you want to go up, down or sideways.
  19. Does that say "Sheffield" on the dial? Maybe it's the first of a new line that Eddie is putting out as a challenge to certain of his competitors: "Go on, I just dare you to copy that"
  20. Yep, that's the one Paul Like yours, mine had no date either, but you've got me wondering about those 24hr. markers ...red or white? ...hmmmm
  21. Yep, titanium version for me too please
  22. Seriously : Any chance of the titanium case? Not so seriously: a Union Jack on the dial with a Challenger tank underneath?
  23. I like some of the older ones, mainly because that's what I used to have as a child. I still have a couple of them: If it's true that the serial nos. show the year of manufacture then the smaller one is from 1972 and the larger one is from 1975. That certainly sounds about right. The small one was my first ever watch in fact. The one that started it all I had a third mid-size military style one with luminous hands, black dial and 24hr. markers but alas that one has long since gone. If I spot a similar one I might buy it as a replacement. Don't know anything about modern Timex watches. Didn't they move out to India or somewhere?
  24. The biggest I have is a Poljot SS-18 that Roy was kind enough to get for me. At 42mm that's about the biggest I can get away with on my 6 1/2" wrist. Oddly though, a friend has a 44mm Oris which appears smaller. I think the design of the case has a lot to do with how much presence a watch seems to have when you're wearing it. Generally 38mm is the perfect size for me.
  25. I doubt there are that many Camel watch owners here so you've probably had a 100% response already. My "Camel" will be seeing active service again in April. I'm going over to Bahrain for the F1 Grand Prix. The Miyota quartz movement has proved 100% reliable, the alarm will kick me out of bed in the morning and I'll no doubt have a bit of fun with the chronograph feature measuring drivers' lap times. I doubt mine is waterproof any more as I've had the back off to replace batteries on a couple of occasions. Still, it's an ideal watch to use for travel purposes and taking a Camel to Bahrain seems appropriate somehow
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