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  1. If it's anything like the old school mechanical it's likely to be very much a disposable item. Fun for military collectors but not designed for long-term use. Life expectancy 10 years max! I'd go for the Timex.
  2. Actually, I think the first comment is quite telling. Mrs W may literally regard his "cheaper" watches as consumables whereas those of us that choose to spend more on higher quality products regard them as durables. Anyway, with all this talk of people looking down on others based on their choice of fish cuisine, I think I'll leave this discussion. I know my plaice.
  3. No cover versions today as I'm far too busy annoying the neighbours with the new BAND-MAID album that's just landed from Japan
  4. I saw this back in the 70's and remember it as being quite scary; much more so than the various silly Hammer versions featuring monsters with huge boots, square heads and bolts through their necks. DVD is winging its way from Chicago as the USA discs appear to feature the full 185+ minute version rather than the various shorter ones on UK discs or Prime Video/YouTube:
  5. One of the 40mm Stowa Marine versions should be just right then. There are also several 41mm versions.
  6. Is that @USEDMODEL's site? If so, there's still some information archived HERE The pictures are no longer present but there's still some info to glean from the text. It takes a while to load so be patient.
  7. Written for: By: Covered by: And:
  8. Trouble is there are too many earlier posts now and I can't even remember what I posted previously let alone everyone else's. I was going to do "Crash Course in Brain Surgery" by Budgie and Metallica but I think I did that a while ago. How about this one?
  9. ^^^ Cool, I didn't know that. And I must admit I had to Google this first one: First recorded (though not written) by The Leaves Made famous by Played by pretty much everyone else ever since
  10. You asked Belinda for a light then nicked her lighter? I hate people who do that! Written by... First recorded and performed many times by... A hit by... First time I've heard the Bette Middler version!
  11. Currently listening to Marley... never did rate Clapton.
  12. ...although I'm not really listening to these now, I'm actually playing early Black Sabbath
  13. For a posher version try Coole Swan instead of Baileys; it's far superior.
  14. L'original "Comme d'habitude"... ...made famous by Frank Sinatra with different lyrics (by Paul Anka) And the best version, by Sid Vicious
  15. Miki Imai original and the rockier cover version by Aldious.
  16. To be honest, so did I I noticed a few pubs using these glasses recently and, for some types of beers (Belgian/French style lagers, IPA's and the like) they work really well. I think I'll get a couple of the Stella chalice ones.
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