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  1. It depends what you intend to do with it. Most of the third-party VPN services you see advertised are just snake oil in my opinion. If you want a VPN client to connect remotely back to your home network then one provided by your router manufacturer would likely be the best bet.
  2. I've always used Olay Beauty Fluid... no idea if it works on leather straps though Ahem! But no, seriously, it does! Whether it's more dangerous to broach the idea of your missus peeing on your watch strap or stealing stuff from her make-up drawer is up to you to decide.
  3. I don't know much about American Whiskey but am thoroughly enjoying this one. Much more complex flavours than good ol' JD.
  4. But that leaves three empty spaces in your watch box! That's just not the done thing old chap I insist that you purchase three more watches forthwith
  5. Children on Trial - UK (1946) Girl Gang - USA (1954)
  6. I bought mine from WatchUnique who are based in Netherlands if I remember correctly.
  7. Have done this countless times. The answer is that nothing happens, unless you're extremely unlucky. We see so much bad news in the press and on TV these days that there's a misapprehension that this sort of thing is commonplace. It isn't.
  8. You might try reporting the loss with one or more of the various stolen watch registries. If ever the watch is offered to a reputable dealer, now, or at some point in the future, there's a chance the buyer may look up the serial number and the watch could be recovered. Financial Times: How ‘finders’ reunite stolen watches with their owners The Watch Register: Register a lost or stolen watch If the F.T. link doesn't work by clicking on it, try copying and pasting the link into your browser.
  9. I still have a copy of the Amstrad 1512 Word software on 6 x 5.25" floppy disks The thinning of vinyl was, as I recall, down to an alleged vinyl shortage which led to the record companies melting lots of great records and recycling the vinyl for new pressings. I suspect that was all BS and just down to cost-cutting/profiteering. The problem I have with new vinyl releases of old records is that the masters must have deteriorated a bit over the last few decades so the records can't be as good as the best of the originals. To pay £22 for a new copy of "Queen's Greatest Hits", for example, you'd have to be five cans short of a six pack I think
  10. Vinyl weight matters little in terms of sound quality. It's the vinyl quality and how the record was recorded, mixed and subsequently mastered that really counts. So-called "Supercuts" used to be the best quality records back in the day, often Japanese, but other manufacturers such as Nimbus did some very good ones also. Whilst very expensive (£20+ in the 70's and 80's) they used the best quality vinyl and mastering techniques to provide what they called "silent groove technology" meaning little to no no snap, crackle and pop to detract from the recorded music. Cassettes were great for demos. You just recorded a session onto a 4-track deck then copied it to as many cassettes as you needed and posted them off to record companies, radio DJ's (especially John Peel) and hoped for the best. They were of course also great for Walkmans and car stereos. I've still got a couple of working tape machines around, but I can't see cassettes making a comeback. I loved Amstrad's word processor software for the 1512. It used colour to differentiate between types of formatting (underlined, bold, italic etc.) It was a revelation at the time... before WYSIWYG
  11. Vinyl never really went away. The prices in the pic above (for those particular records) are nuts though. I'd be looking for mint originals.
  12. Hmmm, I think I prefer the vintage originals. The re-launched brand under new ownership now seems to be just another company offering watches with tenuous "homage" to this and "inspired by" that nonsense which has been done to death by countless others. I hope they pay better attention to their watch assembly than they do to their rendered watch photos. That first one is a shocker.
  13. There have been quite a few Hi-Fi threads but, as this one was titled "The Audio Thread" I thought it fitting to revive this one rather than start a new one as I've just revived some old portable kit I've had sitting around for a decade or three. Could this be the best "walkman" setup ever? I'm not sure, but I can tell you that it sounds amazing. Late 1990's Sony MZ-R30 Minidisc Recorder (was under the bedside table) Late 1980's Aiwa HP-V99 "Digital Monitor" Earphones (were in the back of a wardrobe) Many of us here have some serious home hi-fi kit but has anyone got any high end portable stuff? I'm thinking Sony WM-D6C, portable DAT recorders etc. or something more modern perhaps? Is there even a mobile phone based setup that can compete with this vintage gear? I rather doubt it.
  14. Can anyone recommend a good clock repairer in the London (preferably South or Central) area who will also pick up and deliver? An Internet search yields a lot of results so I'm hoping someone can provide a personal recommendation. I have a large, early 20th. Century mantel clock with a pendulum movement that needs some work on the chiming mechanism as well as a general "service", or whatever they call it in the clock world
  15. I was going to mention Walter Brennan too. Ironic that he was often paired with one of the biggest stars and yet least talented actors of all time; yep, I'm referring to none other than John Wayne. Oh I love the roles he plays but, let's face it, he's not really acting is he. How about Jon Pertwee? From Dr. Who to Worzel Gummidge and a variety of Carry On characters such as the Soothsayer in "Cleo", Sheriff Earp in "Cowboy" and the mad scientist/Dr. in "Screaming". And, like Basil Rathbone I mentioned earlier, I'm only referring to his film/TV career, not the myriad theatrical roles he performed. I also feel compelled to mention Carolyn Jones. Her career seemed to falter at the brink of stardom but she shone in a number of disparate roles. She was captivating in "House of Wax", superb as the gangster's moll in "King Creole", funny and seductive as the villainous Marsha Queen of Diamonds in the 60's Batman TV series and iconic as Morticia in the original Addams Family. There are so many great character actors who remain in the shadows of the big stars. Many of the latter can barely act at all
  16. Interesting. I'll have to buy a bottle of that and compare the two
  17. Basil Rathbone should get a mention, not so much for his portrayal as Sherlock Holmes, but for all the incidental characters he played in those movies when Holmes was in disguise. The peddler on Dartmoor in "The Hound of the Baskervilles", the music hall song and dance actor in "The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes" and the rude postman in "The Spider Woman", for example. Patricia Morison shows great talent too in "Dressed to Kill", disguised as the cleaning lady.
  18. Excellent collection; thanks for the tour I really need to refine mine so it's more focused with fewer watches that fulfil the same niche/function.
  19. I like it very much but, at £1695, it has two niggles that I can't ignore. First, it's too big (yes I know, others will disagree). But that extra 0.5mm above my 40mm max makes it a no go at the price. I've owned larger watches before but they're all gone. I've kept my Orient Bambino SS which is also 40.5mm but at £180 or so for such an amazing watch I can accept that small compromise. Second, it would have been so much better with a sterile dial and solid case back bearing a nice commemorative engraving. Unless a watch has a particularly spectacular or interesting movement do we really need display backs these days? It's just clockwork after all which has been around for centuries.
  20. That's the (nearly) unique feature of this watch. The second moon is normally hidden behind the dial but here it's visible through a smoked partition which serves no purpose other than looking cool with all the lume effects.
  21. I'd buy the Selectron Permadate from Roy's site. Why? Apart from it being a nice watch and you'll save a couple of hundred quid of your budget, it also has numerological significance! If you take the average of the sums of the week rows and the average of the sum of the dates, then add 1 (which itself has special signinficance in this case as it's a single watch and you usually buy watches in pairs) you get the magic number, 65!
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