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  1. Hi Goridar, I have a few Girard Perregaux high frequency watches. You've got the common ones which are the 32A but what about the “307-HF-0” Canadian Railtimer, this was a hand wound watch made for the Canadian Railways. I also have a few Cyma's made by Synchron in the 70's they are extremely high quality, everything from the NSA bracelets to the solid stainless cases. And best of all they are very obtainable Good luck with your search. Steve
  2. If you have the Omega reference number you can check on the Omega vintage site to see if the dial is correct. I think I have an Omega Seamaster Deville Automatic without Seamaster on the dial and it has a Seamaster case back. The. watches both look good from 1 image. Ask for more images and one of the movement. I know its a bit more problematic if you have to go in through the front and not just whip the back off like so many Omegas of this vintage. Good luck with your search and you'll know when its the right watch because you wont care about the rest of the stuff.
  3. i don't think has " surface tention".  viscosity is probably  what you meant.?

  4. You can get your Paymaster pension at 55. Great watch though, fantastic find.
  5. The quality of the lubricant is paramount to the success of the under taking. The single greatest property a watch oil like mobius 8000 has is it's ability to create a strong surface tension. Ordinary oils like 3 in 1 don't have this property so when used after a short period their surface tension fails and the lubricant runs out of the jewel. The amount of oil used is miniscule but you must use an oiler and a polished steal plate to prepare it.
  6. I think I'd win the prize for the most beaten up one but on the plus side I have a new old Stock crystal and bezel to smarten it up. My only problem is i like it looking rough. Are there any rules regarding condition.
  7. I think it was Goldsmiths the High street jeweller advertising the Rolex. "Since opening our first showroom in Newcastle in 1778, we've spent 230 years growing Goldsmiths into the largest quality jeweller in the UK"
  8. Hi, First outing for this Jaquet Droz. Made in Switzerland at some point in the 1970's Steve
  9. Hi Avo, I've quite a few (20+) GP's and i have found the 39J Gyromatics very reliable. You don't mention if it's a high frequency version? They're ever such good value. The lower price comes down to the amount sold to the American market. You always see lots being sold in the US. Here's one i have in 18K, Personally I think they are great watches but I would say that. Regards Steve.
  10. The words, "Arse" & "Elbow" come to mind. :) But on a serious note you are quite right. I've found old quartzs and hummers are most affected and the sellers always tell you they worked before the battery failed!
  11. It's a very remarkable movement to have one of those non-concentric balance wheels :) :)
  12. One interesting point about Ersnt Schneider is he could only afford the Brand names and trade marks. The company stock of movements, cases, dials and parts were sold to Ollech & Wajs. I don't know what happened to the tooling perhaps it became razor blades. O&W still advertise Pre-80 Navitimer parts on their web-site. steve
  13. Scott, Your not wrong, history has told us. The 14 jewels in the rotor of your GP 22 are fully employed roller bearings that create a cluch assembly to convert the bi-directional output of the oscillating rotor to a clockwise winding moment. I can't remember ever having to repair them making them exceptionally reliable. These jewels are fitted into hubs called Gyrotrons for a full explanation there's a manufacturers leaflet from 1957 that can be searched and easily found. The other 25 jewels are divided between the normal tasks. In my experiance the 39 jewel GP 21's and later HF 31
  14. Hi Transporter, From my experience it takes an awfully long time and i've found and purchased replacements (4-5 weeks) still with time to spare. But it does work. One method of checking Alum is it should be sweet to taste. As previously stated don't go and dab your finger in to test just in case it's not. Best of luck, Steve
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