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  1. I could collect Jaquet Droz. Not the current Swatch incarnation but the previous co-operative examples. They have watches from over a hundred different diverse manufacturers but all with the same Squid logo and branding. That’s why you only ever see a handful of identical examples but there are so many different designs.
  2. Hi Roxyben, I have a Panerai ( PAM062 ) which is very similar looking to yours except mine has a 40 hour power reserve and the biggest difference is it’s made of titanium. I know it’s Irrelevant now to you but to other people thinking shall I, will I won’t I. My thought, is it’s the easiest watch in the world to get along with. I can read it without my glasses. I fits well with whatever you’re doing. I bought mine blind, I’ve other watches equally as big and liked the style. I’ve owned it a few years now and with the watch I haven’t been disappointed at all. I don’t know what the Stainless steel watches are like to wear. Congratulations on finding your watch. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed at all. Regards Steve
  3. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with collecting watches as long as you can afford parting with the money they cost. As soon as you go into uncontrolled debt that’s a sign you’ve got too many. I’ve got watches I can’t remember buying but 35 years of collecting you’re bound to forget some of it. I haven’t posted anything recently because I’ve been going through a divorce. We’ve had financial settlement and she did much better than me but I maintained my collections (fountain pens & watches). It took five years of arguing, without collecting to keep me thinking, I’d probably would have gone mad. Steve Edit typos and grammar.
  4. That’s great news, I’ve had correspondence with a few manufacturers regarding what I thought was poor service. I have to say most of the time they are mortified especially when you speak further up the chain, they normally can’t believe what has happened either. I think the manufacturer in this instance has done rather well. We all like free stuff even if we would have liked it to have been correct in the first place. There are some though who say there processes would not have created an error such as this. I don’t agree with that statement, just because they have a man or woman with a sharp pencil and check list doesn’t make them infallible. My advise is to copy all correspondence and write down the relevant bits of telephone calls so you can present your side. I’ll never forget the hassle I had to get three spare bracelet links. It’s a few years ago now but they cost £40 each then. In the end I got them and I’m very happy I’ve never had to use them. Regarding the Nodus, I very much like the dial. Very crisp and easy to read, well done.
  5. Hi Goridar, I have a few Girard Perregaux high frequency watches. You've got the common ones which are the 32A but what about the “307-HF-0” Canadian Railtimer, this was a hand wound watch made for the Canadian Railways. I also have a few Cyma's made by Synchron in the 70's they are extremely high quality, everything from the NSA bracelets to the solid stainless cases. And best of all they are very obtainable Good luck with your search. Steve
  6. If you have the Omega reference number you can check on the Omega vintage site to see if the dial is correct. I think I have an Omega Seamaster Deville Automatic without Seamaster on the dial and it has a Seamaster case back. The. watches both look good from 1 image. Ask for more images and one of the movement. I know its a bit more problematic if you have to go in through the front and not just whip the back off like so many Omegas of this vintage. Good luck with your search and you'll know when its the right watch because you wont care about the rest of the stuff.
  7. i don't think has " surface tention".  viscosity is probably  what you meant.?

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