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  1. you click your bezel and hit your wife? :P ohhh i see...
  2. my grandfather took some shrapnel to the wrist in Egypt (WWII rather than the current revolution :P) and always wore his watch that way, facing inwards! I've never seen or heard of anyone else doing it until now!
  3. yeah, it's true, something to do with the wrists :P seriously though, it's funny how homophobia can change opinions, like the left or right ear piercing malarkey.
  4. I thought you can only wear watches on the left? It's like a man wearing a little lacey number... you just don't do it. :P
  5. 15/15 it's not the hardest tbh! the yema one i wasn't sure of but a bit of deductive reasoning made them all quite obvious.
  6. And here is me expecting boobs, for shame sir! Nice watches though :D
  7. yeah sorry, that is about as genuine as Paris Hilton's T*ts, smile, lips, laugh, voice, stomach... yeah you get the picture.
  8. Zenith over the likes of Tag, perhaps even rolex... you get a hell of a lot of bang for the buck with them. I think GO over most watches too... I would put them up with ALS tbh. JLC should be rated higher than they are, they certainly don't hold much resale but they are just so well made. The thing is though a lot of these watches are just brands, Tag certainly is. the seiko springdrive is one of the best movements in the world but obviously won't get the recognition of Tag because Tag is an almost exclusively luxury brand. They can sell quartz bits of crap such as the F1 series for about a 400% mark up on what it should retail at just because everyone knows about Tag. I'd say that if most people have heard of a brand, chances are you are paying more than you could for a similar watch from a less known maker. that's my opinion anyway. Nick
  9. Completely wrong !!!!!! :D Sorry but Stoly is not the default choice. Around here it's just not that popular, you never see it in bars and only rarely in my local supermarket. Smirnoff on the other hand has always been Bond's drink of choice stolli is by far the better mixing vodka, though straight I'd always go for wyberova... not quite sure who i'm kidding, i normally drink Glenn's, that is if they have sold out of asda smart price... :P
  10. With all due respect I think that's quite an invalid argument, especially with regards to watches. Why spend 4k on a rolex at all when you can have a Casio or Timex which probably keep better time for less than 40? Besides, a watch at that price is a luxury item anyway, why not paint it black... hell why not cover it in diamonds and feathers if it makes you happy! Oh and with the bespoke car thing, I can think of god knows how many cars where the personalisation has made the car a HELL of a lot worse, but if it makes these people happy why not?! Personally i'm not too into the modification of rolexes tbh, but only because I think they are good enough as it is, when it comes to cheaper watches I'm all for making them your own! :D /braces himself for a flame :P Nick
  11. Tell you what i'd do. I'd get some of the essentials but a watch museum wouldn't make cash in this country. i'd move it to Switzerland and make it into a horological museum, attached to a retailer, then prop up the museum with a standard boutique retailer, perhaps specializing in a particularly unusual brand. Hell maybe even do a deal with an online only retailer and sell cheaper watches, a tourist kinda thing, like steinhart or something. Then i'd grow the businesses and aim to make the watch museum into a tourist attractor in itself, then perhaps expand and offer units to other retailers, then start a new watch heaven where you can find anything you want because everyone is situated in the same place next to my museum. Which i'd simply call... Geneve 2! then open up one in Germany called Glasshutte mark II or something :P God i've thought this through... I really hope i win euro millions soon! Plus added bonus, if it all falls to pieces then well... I have a watch museum of watches!?!?! why the hell do I care?!
  12. oh apart from the monster... that's a given right? Everyone loves a monster...
  13. Seiko and Citizen. i'm so sorry, i feel dirty.
  14. haha you hit the nail on the head mate.
  15. Oi how'd you get a picture of my watch collection?! :P
  16. Absolutely in my collection I have my 21st birthday watch from my now wife which is now 29yrs old the watch not the wife unfortunately My fathers 21st birthday watch , my father in laws fathers watch , a watch i bought over 20yrs ago with inheritence from my Grandfather. Non of them worth a great deal but all irreplaceable and of great sentimental value Cheers Andy Wow you have some seriously sentimental pieces! I can relate, I was quite ill a couple of years ago and bought myself a Zenith when i was recovering, was my first really expensive watch (well moderately so, but I don't have much money so a Zenith is very pricey to me, certainly was at the time). also a pulsar that my dad bought me when I was about 6 in Edinburgh because I really wanted a watch to practice me newly acquired time telling prowess! Regards, Nick
  17. yeah this isn't a good idea. None the less i'm sure you can guess if you look at some of the states of collection threads that some people spend more than others. To be honest though, it's not about how much you spend, as drum says, a collection is priceless!
  18. Well, wasn't needed after-all... just got out of jail for drinking and driving.... :wine: Court Monday.... hummm... what will I wear?.... :P silly bast4rd, bet you won't do it again anyway!
  19. Funnily enough I didn't watch it but while flicking through saw this watch as the guy grabbed a railing or something and thought "sub" BUT now i'm not so sure. It looks as if it has a tutor hydronaut style bezel but I'm sure that's wrong... Whatever it is it's a sub homage, is it a Japanese watch perhaps? Seiko make some similar i think.
  20. the see through thing is a zenith, tbh if you are going to get a zenith i wouldn't even look at the defy extremes. Zenith haven't done anything really great in a while tbh, i'd steer clear of the defy (oh and you can get them in your range, i was offered a brand new one from LVMH, so full warranty etc. for under 5000gbp! the one posted there obviously you couldn't, but they do make others in the range.
  21. No one has given the right answer yet. :P The correct answer is... get yourself a new clasp for your submariner. you WILL NOT and CAN NOT find a better watch for swimming everyday in the sea than a rolex sub. Ok you can get a more robust watch, but you don't buy a watch for function, you buy a watch because it's special and what better excuse is there to own a Sub than going sea swimming!? If I were you the other watch I would consider would be an AP Royal Oak, can pick one up second hand within your range (oops just remembered they are only 50WR) . Alternatively how about saving quite a lot of dosh and getting yourself a Sinn, nice German manufacture and would survive a nuclear war! oh P.S. Don't get a Hublot, they are for people with too much money and Bernie Ecclestone, though he gets his for free.
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