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  1. when you say reasonably priced what figure did you have in mind ? judging by your comments youn want to spend less than 100 ? russian watches may be a good place to start plenty of knowledge on here. Or possibly an alpha newman they get good reviews and are in that price range.
  2. Yeap, big thread about that also on TZ! If it was me that paid 5K for a watch is an $80 movement inside, I wound't rest until I'd managed to shove the watch where the sun doesn't shine on Mr. Angelo Bonati. :comando: BTW, :welcome: to Gene! yes that thread keeps on going...... panerai over priced fashion watches
  3. Forgot to say. BT is best for me, so send me your bank detais please.

    Name, sort code and acc number.

  4. If watch is still available I will take it please.



  5. Poljot have never used Breitling movements. I think the closest they have come is using their 3133 chronograph movement which is a knock-off of the Valjoux 7734 movement which in turn was used by Breitling (amongst many, many other manufacturers) in the 70's. I dont think that it was quite a 'knock off' , I think that Poljot bought the tooling from Valjoux. there is a very detailed thread over a t-z which proves the 2 movements couldn't have been made by the same tooling but that the 3133 is a copy of the valjoux. Maybe they did buy the tooling I don't know. I like the 3133 movem
  6. I enjoyed watching the video. the date change is realy great and the amount of work that has gone into this is amazing.
  7. by no means a killer but todays session. 6 sets seated shoulder press with dumbells. 3 sets chin ups 3 sets bicep curls 4.5 mile run calfs a bit tight after the run but i'm getting there slowly
  8. i'd choose the ball. I couldn't spend that kind of money on a quartz. having just got a ball myself (not this one) i'm very impressed with the quality and finish.
  9. You are not the only one. It seems all over the place. But thats part of the charm.
  10. possibly you need to change the balance in your paypal account to either your primary currency or the currency you are going to send so that it uses that ?
  11. the colour catalogue just landed through my father in laws letterbox and there were some nice looking watches in it. not been tempted enough to buy one though I alweays see others things I would rather have. I don't think much of the new limited edition jumping hour watch.
  12. once you've got yourself to the start line at the right time what do you do ? :dontgetit: I assume it counts down from 60 to 0 or does the second hand go the worng way round ?
  13. I think we need to increase the post count to 250 :lol:
  14. a couple of times i've added positive (conmstructive) comments to other peoples sales threads but then when I return to the forum they have gone ? So I assume they have been removed ?
  15. its far easier to keep up with the chit chat on this forum. t-z has a huge amount of traffic and at times does feel like its more big brand and big money wacthes. I have been on here much longer than t-z but do enjoy both. They each haved a very different feel. I've learnt a lot about watches on both forums.
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