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  1. Since arriving here I have been bombarded with infantile abuse, and so have decided to leave this forum. It's such ashame. I was prepared to offer the benefits of my vast experience. Anyway, it's your loss. I'll go somewhere I'll be appreciated and where people value my experience and guidance.
  2. Ah Yes. This is a question people often ask me. The answer is quite simple. A mechanical watch is just that. It's a piece of machinery, and like any piece of machinery, the best thing for it is to be used regularly. Remember that there is oil in the movement, and just like the oil in a car engine, it needs to be doing it's job, or it'll settle and go off, and when the watch is started again after a long period of sitting idle, it'll take longer for the oil to get to those vital bearing surfaces, meaning more rapid wear.
  3. That was my way of testing your knowledge, and I'm pleased to say that on the whole, you passed with flying colours. I do like to make sure I'm in the company of people with a modicum of knowledge. I see though that I'm going to have my work cut out educating one or two of you, but one can only do one's best.
  4. Grosvenor, Just because a watch resembles a sub doesn't make it a fake or a rip off. Producing an exact copy down to the letter makes it a fake/rip off/copy/snide, call it waht you will. In fact if you want to take it t the extreme why not say all watches, clocks, chairs, cars, hats, or even pieces of paper with that glue that doesn't stick together but aren't made by the original manufacture are fake. That's a bad analogy. All car makers who make hatchbacks, design them using the same basic criteria and principles, but yet they manage to make their take on the theme different to everyone elses. These Sub rip offs are fake in all but name, and are shamelessly copied from the Rolex. Have a look at the high end brands. Rolex, Omega, Patek etc. Do they copy each others design ? No. Only the cheap brands do that. Personally I don't see why, if you love the design so much, you don't just buy the real thing and have done with it. Yes it's expensive, but costs no more than the first years depreciation on a new car, and you'll have something to show for it, rather then throwing money away. Not only that, it will be something you can hand over to future generations and will be a treasured pocession for generations to come. But you go ahead, and buy your cheap immitation if that's what floats your boat.
  5. This thread makes me very angry. Angry because of the word "homage" when in fact they are nothing more than a cheap rip off of a classic design. At least let's be honest and admit what they are. Homage ? Give me a break. They are cheap immitations. Fakes.
  6. Well that wasn't a very nice welcome. Anyway my offer still stands. As a watch expert, I am happy to offer my advice to anyone who needs it.
  7. Ah Yes Nearly forgot. As Thunderbolt illustrates so perfectly, the Japanese are the master of copying.
  8. That I failed to observe forum etiquette and did not introduce myself. I have been collecting and repairing fine watches for some 40 years now, and have extensive knowledge. Please feel free to ask for my advice and help - it won't cost you anything. :smartass: My speciality is Rolex but I'm happy to help with any high end brand. I shall of course ignore any queries regarding lesser watches.
  9. I see it as a mission in life to educate the less well informed. Japanese watches, like everything else they make, are efficient but ultimately bland and soul less.
  10. I'm trying to stop this guy throwing away £600. I make no apologies for that.
  11. Typical Citizen auto using the Miyota mechanical movement. Even more basic than the 7s26 Seiko's, but durable enough. At least they don't cost silly money.
  12. I have recommended a watch. A nice used Omega or even a new Oris. Why spend £600 on a Japanese branded Chinese made piece of tat. :censored:
  13. You've got £600 to blow on a watch and you're going to spend it on a Seiko :wallbash: For that sort of money you could buy a lovely used Omega or even a new Oris. Please don't waist your money on Tat.
  14. It makes me laugh the way you guys go on about this jap crap like it was some sort of luxury brand. Seiko's are the bic disposable razors of watches. Wear, bin em. If you wann a proper time piece you by Rolex. END OF
  15. The problem here is you have a cheap naff Japanese watch. You'll never get a Seiko running to a minute a day accuracy. Only Swiss watches keep good time. Right sorry guys but I have to go now, Mummy is calling me for my lie down time :dummyspit:
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