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  1. I picked this one up the other day amongst a lot of watches and singled it out as it reminds me of the Ingersoll Valiant or Radiolite. What do we think? Is it 1930s? I can't seem to find another similar bar an alarm clock by Ingersoll...must be a rare one! :D
  2. Investment piece chaps? Are there enough Seikoholics who would just HAVE to have one when they sell out?
  3. There's something about this one that keeps me coming back to it...only problem is I'd have to sell a kid to afford it! https://www.hodinkee.com/articles/grand-seiko-sbga405-godzilla-65th-anniversary-introducing
  4. Slowly returning to watch collecting...starting with a Seiko Sunday!
  5. Hello everyone! Long time no see! I have been away from the forum for ages and thought this wee Rollie I picked up today was a great excuse to join back in. It's a 15 jewel "Standard Quality" Rolex movement in a Stainex case which seems to fit but the crown looks much newer. The NATO is my own. What do you all think? http://imgur.com/Ft5BPEK http://imgur.com/PZkp1rA http://imgur.com/uVb0Z1M
  6. I think so yep, not as bright as my IWC though! I thought it looked high end but then saw the Miyota movement...
  7. Thanks gimli, The companies are not historic, just involved in oil and gas production. I guess in 100 years the watch might be interesting!
  8. So, I've found a heavy 21 jewel Miyota diving watch which has two diving company names on the dial, the name of a ship/expedition and the divers name with serial number (no 137) on the rear. I guess a Miyota 21 jewel is £40-80 but does the "proveance" add alot more? I'm deciding whether to clean it up and service it...
  9. Hi Alan, I'll try tomorrow (tucked up in bed!) but really that is all it says, no hallmarks, just "ALLPLATINUM" stamped into the case back. The watch has 21 tested real diamonds, around 3mm across each
  10. Hello all, I recently picked up a ladies watch which is stamped "ALLPLATINUM" inside the caseback...can I take it that this means the case is solid platinum? It's an early 1900s watch with a tavannes movent.
  11. Hi all, Long time no post for me. I've been in a pretty monogamous relationship with a 2014 model IWC Aquatimer. Problem is, I keep hankering after a vintage Rolex Sub. Having never had expensive watches before, I wanted to ask, if I do decide to go for a sub can I trade my IWC in against it? Is this a good option or should I private sale the IWC instead? Cheers
  12. In the past I've done guess my last three arrivals - perhaps by name, movement, year or all three? So for instance; Tudor, automatic, 1960s for a ladies Tudor, an automatic Seiko and a 1960s Zodiac...
  13. :D Haha, it's a small world. Me and the Mrs go to the antique centre in Cullen quite regularly, brilliant place, we never come away from there empty handed. Thanks for the offer of his number but it's ok, we've bought quite a lot of stuff from them previously at auction and never had a problem, I'm sure they are trustworthy but even the experts are sometimes fooled by fakes and I thought I'd try here where anything slightly fishy about them would be noticed. It's always good to get a second opinion. Were you at their last sale in Turriff? I missed it but my wife was there and came home with a Grandfather clock, some pottery, some Scottish provincial silver and some vintage toys and a few other bits and pieces. I've not been to one of the country auctions in a while but I do visit the antiques centre and recently got a 1989 Royal Navy CWC which I'm currently wearing :)
  14. I know the gentleman running Huntly Auction in Turriff and I'm sure neither are fake. Most of his items come through house clearances or via the antique centre in Cullen so they aren't guaranteed but when I've bought they generally just need a clean/service. If you want the auctioneer's phone number give me a PM :)
  15. The best idea is to introduce yourself as a collector to your local charities and offer to value/buy any watches they get. Some will go for it, some won't but it's worth an hour or so a month of your time rating their in take for those few good finds
  16. I once got a Jaeger Atmos Skeleton clock in a charity shop...it was marked at £5, gave them £200
  17. While I wait for my new 007 I'm wearing the first watch I ever bought...
  18. Just £300 ish less? :D
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