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  1. Affordable watches ! Order now at:


  2. See this thread which explains all! Cheers, Guy :)
  3. Blue on white's gotta be right! Cheers, Guy :)
  4. Cheap and cheerful... Cheers, Guy :)
  5. Probably the IV over the 4.5 (but only just - if I could get a nicer 4.5 then that's the one I'd go for.) As for the Tudor - I do like them and it would depend whether I wanted a dressier watch than the Omega. I would probably expect to pay more for the Tudor than I would the Omegas in the same (mint) condition. Cheers, Guy :)
  6. It's been a while since I've looked at these, but IIRC the first decision to make is whether you prefer the Luminor or Radiomir style case: Luminor - 44mm; WR 300m; crown protection device Radiomir - 45mm; WR 100m; screw-down crown Once that's decided, you have to choose the model. If you're looking at basic models then it's the Unitas 6497-based handwind movement with or without sub-seconds depending on the model, and with no date. These can be found in the "Historic Collection" on the Panerai website. Luminor Base (no sub-seconds) 000 - aka "Base Logo" - Painted dial (i.e. the lume is painted onto the dial); solid caseback; polished case; OP logo on dial; no swans-neck regulator 112 - Sandwich dial (i.e. the dial has cut-outs for the indices and a layer of lume underneath); display caseback; polished case; swans-neck regulator 114 - As 112 but with white, painted dial 176 - As 112 but with brushed titanium case 219 - As 112 but with crown on left-hand side of case ("Destro" in Panerai parlance) Luminor Marina (sub-seconds at 9) 005 - As 000 but with sub-seconds 111 - As 112 but with sub-seconds 113 - As 114 but with sub-seconds 177 - as 176 but with sub-seconds Radiomir 210 - Sandwich dial; display caseback; polished case; swans-neck regulator; no sub-seconds 183 - aka "Black Seal" - as 210 but with sub-seconds The other Radiomirs in the Historic Collection are either gold / ceramic cased and / or have more complex 8 day movements = much more expensive! As for homages, nothing really compares to the original but there's plenty on Ebay or the Timefactors PRS-20 is a very nice Radiomir-style watch. MMs are still available (try Manbushijie - never used them but they have them on their site) or how about a Wanted ad here? I hope this helps. You might also want to try the dedicated Panerai forum Paneristi.com but don't mention homages!. Cheers, Guy :)
  7. Hamilton? Are you looking at new or pre-owned? Any other criteria? Date? Water resistance? Size (diameter)? Dress or tool watch? And so on...! Cheers, Guy :)
  8. Quote from the Paneristi website reference section: Hope this helps. Cheers, Guy :)
  9. Hi Tim, Nice watch - I've had a couple of Hammy GMTs, and my Jazzmaster is 21mm lugs too. You have a couple of choices, I reckon: 1. Buy a 21mm strap - try Watchbandcenter DOT com and put "21mm" into the search box - you may find something you like. 2. Buy a 22mm strap - you can get the strap you're showing in 22mm and I've always used 22mm straps in my 21mm watches and either squeezed it in of lightly shaved off a mil at the spring-bar end with a sharp craft knife. IMO, a squeezed 22mm looks better than a 20mm with a gap. Enjoy! Cheers, Guy :)
  10. New arrival and I have to say I'm impressed... 44mm, decorated Unitas 6498 with display back, blued hands, excellent "all-night" lume and very nicely finished. Highly recommended! Dressed it up with a black croc strap as I've a black tie dinner tonight. Cheers, Guy :)
  11. Oh yeah I forgot to mention :D I used a stanley knife :o Yes it left some residue behind the kind that is sometimes left on a cd case afer removing a sticker. I used my wife's nail varnish remover to remove it ^_^ A likely story... :lol: Cheers, Guy :)
  12. That's great, Ric - looks a million times better to me! What did you use to chip off the cyclops? Did it leave any residual marks on the crystal? Enjoy your new watch! Cheers, Guy :)
  13. Ta, I'll make sure I'm very sober before I attempt a tiny corner...! Cheers, Guy :)
  14. Very smart! Jon, have you tried Manbushijie (.com) - no idea if they're any good but they do have several for sale (plus MMs). I'm tempted to grab a MO / FA Jones clone, if there's such a thing? Cheers, Guy :)
  15. I've a similar problem: I'd love to clean it up, but now I'm scared...! Cheers, Guy :)
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