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  1. I haven't posted here in ages, but I'll join in today. Apologies for quick and dirty iPhone image. Currently wearing this; Le Jour - Valjoux 7750 Paul
  2. I have this one: Valjoux 7734 movement Paul
  3. I use a ball of bluetac, which I would guess is even more "grippy" than the ball openers.
  4. Yes, sorry. I meant Uglich. I'm on the look out for a watch with that movement, but adverts for Sekonda watches tend not to state which movement they use. Paul
  5. I have recently picked up an old Sekonda with an Urlich 1956 movement. The fitted battery had leaked and eroded the battery clamp/contact. Does anybody know where I could source spare parts, or even a new movement for this watch? Many thanks. Paul
  6. This one for most of the day. Paul
  7. Great photo :thumbsup: Thanks.
  8. I have this Rado Captain Cook from around 1967: Judging by the condition of the dial, I would guess that it has spent a large part of its life in a warmer climate, and it was not in the greatest shape when I got it. However, a service and a few new parts have produced a reliable watch that is proud of its age. A definate keeper. Paul
  9. Beautiful!! What's the strap? Thank you, the strap is indeed a Toshi.
  10. A little over budget and a little different is the Oris Regulateur Der Meistertaucher, Alternatively, a little under budget and one of my favourite current (re-issued) models is the Longines Legend Diver.
  11. It seems that Jenny may have rebranded their 1939 cased watches for several other companies, as I have had a Tavernier branded version of the same watch. Paul
  12. Very cool Paul. 70's, or a modern re-issue?? The strap suits it perfectly IMHO :yes: Thank you. It's an original from 1970. I bought the head from SC and found the strap for auction a couple of days later. I think they were made for each other!
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