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  1. Sorry to hear about the health issues. I hope you're on the mend. I couldn't resist a Compressor either. (Well actually, couldn't resist, bought one, then they listed the second design, so bought that too!) The new Raketa looks really special. Enjoy (...and take it easy!)
  2. @Roy This now works! So I assume you fixed it - many thanks. :-)
  3. Cheers Roy. Not urgent and not a Sunday night task! I’m on a Mac and I’ve tried using both Safari and Chrome browsers. I’ll try on my phone now and report back. Nope. Just tried in on phone too. I get the screen saying “Are you sure? This will make the advert completed and finished.” I click OK and the message disappears. I go back to the ad and it’s still Pending. The two ads in question are both showing Pending but I’ve manually edited the title to Sold.
  4. Not quite. I click on the Complete button, but the status of the ad doesn't change. (ie. It doesn't get marked as sold.) I don't get to a stage where I'm asked for the name of the buyer or anything.
  5. Hi @Roy - I've not been around for a bit, and haven't been selling for ages - so long that I've never used the Classified section before yesterday! It's great - and very intuitive. Thanks. One problem I have is that I have received offers, accepted them, and then gone to mark the sale as Complete when funds have arrived with me - except that nothing happens when I do. My screen goes blank, and the ad disappears, but when I go back to the listings, my ads still show and are not marked as SOLD. What am I doing wrong?!
  6. I like the petite one too! I guess the radio control will be Japan only though which puts me off. If I could find one I'd be interested - my one is perfect ...except it's a bit too big. PM me if you're interested in it!
  7. What about one of these? (Bought some time back on your advice!) BTW, do you have a model reference for the ones above?
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