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  1. I'm not put off the brand, I know they make good watches! next time I am in the area I will drop into the jewellers and get something sorted.
  2. Tag f1


    no HDR used on this, single exposure. can't stand HDR!
  3. actually, looking at it, it is only occasionally within these tolerances, most of the time it is around half way between markers. - another phone call needed!
  4. I got on to Tag Heuer and am not at all happy with he result: I was told that if it is 'in sync' from 11 o'clock to 1 o'clock it is within tolerances, and if this is the case they can't help me. mine is *just* within this tolerance, but still really annoys me. just slightly tempted to get a full refund and buy something that is actually a 'precision timepiece' - as I was sold.
  5. Tag f1

    Watch + Water

    pretty impressive for handheld, looks as though a gorillapod would be ideal for watch photography!
  6. the plain black one? I paid 600, now 700 http://www.tagheuer.com/the-collection/tag-heuer-formula-1/men/quartz-watch/index.lbl?w=WAH1110.BA0850 ^ that one
  7. Tag f1


    ^ Good knowledge, what a coincidence you used to live there! lovely area, not what it used to be though.
  8. Good advice, thanks! the problem is though, Tag seem to have raised their prices! - the difference being £100 on my model! I really was quite disgusted by ernest jones, so I think i'll get on to Tag (best to sort it out properly first time)
  9. Tag f1


    cheers, that's west Scotland - Argyll. there's a load more if you follow the link http://www.flickr.com/photos/oliwoods/sets/72157622046646102/
  10. Tag f1


    A few pictures I took last time I went to scotland if you're interested. http://www.flickr.com/photos/oliwoods/sets/72157622046646102/ go easy on me, I'm new to photography and I've only got the base-model nikon.
  11. Thanks for the welcome and all the quick responses!! the 'issue' was that when first bought the watch I noticed a scratch on the face, so I returned it. I was told that the store had experienced a burglary and that this watch 'may' have been knocked over but was not stolen. They offered to refund me 10% of the value if I kept the watch. I was, to say the least, angry that I had not been told this in the first place and different members of staff subsequently gave me conflicting lies. I managed to negotiate getting a completely new watch and 10% off, but now don't want anything to do w
  12. Hello all, I know it's not nearly in the same league as your Omegas or IWC's but i recently got myself a Tag Heuer Formula one as my first 'proper' watch. anyway, I bought it new from a local jewellers and it seems to have a problem - I would go back to the shop but I had a bit of an issue with them. It really annoys me (perfectionist) that the second hand doesn't 'tick' to the marks around the dial, but half way between - and is not consistent in this. I had a look at my dad's f1 (an older model) and it acts exactly as I would expect, the second hand perfectly synchronised with
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