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  1. Hi, just stumbled across your post - can't help you but just wanted to say thanks for the link to the info!
  2. Hi Seemore, you were right, one of the screws in the bridge was not the same length! The canon pinion will now sit down far enough for the seconds hand to be attached, however I still have the issue with the crown being too tight to turn. I'm hoping this is because I haven't placed any lubrication on the canon pinion (this was initially a 'take it apart and see if you can get it back together exercise), so I've ordered some Moebius 9501 which will hopefully solve the problem. Thanks for taking the time to reply. Chris
  3. Strike that last comment about installing the cannon pinion upside down - of course it can't, it has a cog at the bottom (if I recall correctly), sorry, it was late last night when I finished...! At least that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it! :P
  4. I’m strictly a tinkerer who is looking for some help. I started a little project a while ago, to strip down and re-assemble a Seiko 66a manual wind. I thought it was as good a place to start as any. After a little break (other things in life take over don’t they?) I’ve recently come back to it. Prior to my little break, I had put the watch back together but I hadn’t lined up the escapement wheel and the anchor so the pallets were not hitting the escape wheel and turning. I took things apart and re-aligned them, this was fine. I then had a problem with the winding as I had over tightened the screw that holds the setting lever and yoke so when I pushed the crown back in place the sliding pinion didn’t engage with the winding pinion – again, after a bit of trial and error this very simple error was fixed. I can wind the watch and everything ticks and moves as it should! :) The problem I have left (that I know of) is that when I pull out the crown to set the time (I haven’t replaced the dial or hands yet) I can’t turn the crown as everything is tight (too tight to turn). I’m not sure if I’ve got the cannon pinion far enough down on the centre wheel pinion as it doesn’t protrude up far enough through the cannon pinion to be able to attach the seconds hands. I don’t want to be too forceful with the cannon pinion in case I damage the centre wheel jewel. Does anyone have any tips as to what I should do at this point? I’m at work at the moment so all the info about the cannon pinion is from memory. While typing this, a thought has just struck me, is it possible to install the cannon pinion upside down? Any help/advice would be much appreciated. Once I have everything working I’ll strip it down again and then lubricate when I re-assemble :) Cheers guys. Chris
  5. Hi there I struggled with my hand removing tool the other day as the hands were too close to the dial. I considered getting some hand removing levers but they are a bit on the expensive side for a tinkerer like me. Does anyone have any suggestions of an alternative tool (other than screwdrivers), or something that isn't designed for the purpose but is actually quite useful for the task? Cheers
  6. Just an update – I used my new toy last night on several 'bead of rice' watch bracelets and - WOW! :¬) At first you don't think it's doing anything but when you see how murky the water goes you realise how much crap there must have been in the bracelets! I also used it to clean a case and bezel that I have taken apart. I don't know if it's psychological but the case seems a lot shinier now! I even cleaned my glasses - got the gunk out from around the nose-pieces a treat! I think I might use it to clean my razor tonight! :¬) Got some de-ionised water from Halfords so when I get time to strip down the watch I’m all set to go!
  7. Once again some fantastic advice from clockworks re dehumidifier water (ours is in the attic at the moment so if I need a larger supply of distilled water then I'll get it down and switch it on). Having a fancy American fridge freezer we don't have the build up of frost :¬) The Canon Man, I got a 'James Ultrasonic Cleaner, Ultra 5000' which cost £24.99 inc P&P. It was the cheapest (non toy looking) one I could see. Had an email stating it was sent yesterday recorded delivery so fingers crossed I'll have it today and will be able to fire it up tonight! :¬)
  8. Just bagged myself a cheap ultrasonic cleaner off ebay, been hankering after one for a while anyway as my glasses could do with a clean :¬) Thanks for the advice about placing the parts in jars/tubs to save on cleaning fluid - excellent tip! Just double checked the Greiner cleaning fluid and it states it needs to be mixed with demineralised water. Had a quick google and it appears to be quite a specialist item - I take it britta filtered water won't do the job? :¬/
  9. Thanks for that, I hadn't spotted the Greiner stuff - I take it this can be used without a cleaning machine?
  10. My problem is for the small amount I'm going to use 'tinkering', I really can't justify a 3.8 litre bottle of cleaner :)
  11. So no-one bit! ;¬) Has anyone purchased this stuff? http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/PRO-WATCH-MANUAL-MOVEMENT-CLEANER-/290445937435?cmd=ViewItem&pt=UK_Jewellery_Watches_WatchAccessories_SpareParts_SM&hash=item439fed4b1b I emailed the seller to ask if he could supply the ingredients to which he replied "why would I do that?", I replied stating to check if it was trichloroethylene based but he hasn't bothered replying.
  12. Thanks very much for the info diddy. Chris
  13. Sorry, should have mentioned, I was talking about Seiko 66a & 66b.
  14. Just curious but does anyone know the difference between the a and b movements? Thanks Chris
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