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  1. Thanks for the feedback guys, unfortunately I've already bought the watch. They definitely need to update their website to indicate stock levels. It's meant to be coming next week so fingers crossed!
  2. Hello all, I'm just wondering if anyone has had dealings with Page and Cooper. I've ordered a Sinn 556 and cannot wait to get a hold of it! Their website doesn't indicate that anything was in stock and when I inquired I was told it should be here this week, on Friday it's looking like next week now. Their customer service does seem to be great, a little slow at communication but very pleasant. Has anyone bought from them before? I'm beginning to think these Sinn 556 are in mighty demand!
  3. I love the idea that the watch is beating up. I always think of the stories it must have been through!
  4. Really nice! Loving the box as well :D
  5. What kind of strap is on the Omega? It goes really well.
  6. Thanks for posting the images. That Omega PO is a cracker. If only I had the patience to save!
  7. Looks great. I am saving up for one of these at the moment!
  8. :thumbsup:Looks great. I have promised myself my next watch will be a vintage Omega. Great find
  9. I am becoming more and more interesting in Sinn watches! Cracking piece there.
  10. I must say you have done a stand up job! There is something very likable about it.
  11. Hope everyone has a safe Christmas!
  12. Brilliant! Get a review posted up! :thumbup:
  13. Jay662


    Welcome! Post some pictures up of your collection, they are always interesting.
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