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  1. His caravan caught fire when he was a young man,already a budding musical master,his hand was badly damaged in the fire,so he had to play mostly with two fingers,and learn to play the Guitar all over again while lying in a hospital bed recovering from his injuries. One more for luck..Django on film. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HsHyO7KyhME&feature=related :cheers:
  2. I'm trying to learn this at the moment,by Django Reinhardt The Gypsy Legend,i've recently got into his music, and his style of Gypsy Jazz swing,i'm also reading a book about his life by Michael Dregni...and what a life! Les yeux noirs Django Reinhardt.(the song i'm slowly learning by ear,phew!) Total improvisation here in one take,song is called Improvisation of course. :P
  3. I think this one's been running for a year or so without being worn, so i've put it on today before the battery runs out. :P :) :cheers:
  4. I think Neil left his Speedy on the lander,and only Buzz wore his on the moon walk,i read it was something to do with using it as a second back up chrono to the one on the lander?,i think Buzz's watch went missing or stolen soon after...i wonder what that would be worth now. :)
  5. Decided to put on this early Kienzle nail set pocket watch on,using a double albert chain. :) :cheers:
  6. That looks really nice, Sam. Thanks Rog. BTW,i just won a double Albert,i'll post some picks in your thread when it arrives. :)
  7. Had this oldie on all day. :) :cheers:
  8. This one at the moment. :) :cheers:
  9. :rofl: Stunningly awesomely gibbous indeed. :yes: :lol:
  10. sam.


    Hi and welcome to :rltb: Roy. It can be a bit daunting when you join a forum for the first time,but its a friendly place,with friendly people, and i'm sure you'll fit right in! :yes:............ :lol: :lol: :rofl: Best Wishes, Sam. :cheers:
  11. I agree with you Rog,and thankyou. :) I am well pleased,it was very kind and thoughtful of him,and i appreciate it very much indeed. :notworthy: Thanks for bringing that to my attention Shangas, i hadn't noticed i'd not put the hands back on correctly when i cleaned the dial :blush: I don't know what i was thinking about when i did that,obviously not paying enough attention to the task at hand. :rolleyes: Sorted now.. :cheers:
  12. I received a package off the postie,inside i found a little note from Chris,(a6cjn)and this lovely gunmetal sovereign holder, he had seen my post about looking for one,and very kindly offered to see if he had anything for me,he wouldn't except any money from me and it was a lovely surprise to open as i sat down to eat my breakfast this morning i can tell you. :yahoo: Chris,Thankyou so much for your very generous gift,i absolutely love it,and you made my day! :clap: Paired with a gunmetal pocket watch. :) :cheers:
  13. I think most buy it now prices are over inflated in my experience,although i've had a couple of bin bargains before. :) Great catch woody,lovely Oris mate! :yu:
  14. Oh i like that,lovely mesh Rog! :man_in_love: nice bonus with the free nato,and great service to! :)
  15. Hi Miles lovely movement! :) Btw, when i want to take a really close up pick of a watch, i hold a jewelers loupe over the lens,usually works with macro and non macro cameras,you can pick them up for a few pounds online. Sam. :cheers:
  16. Beautiful family heirloom,your Dads,yours,and now your Sons, Its very fitting that he'll be wearing that lovely watch attached to his great great Grandfathers chain on his special day. :) Best wishes, Sam. :cheers:
  17. I know what you mean,only two of the four waistcoats i own fit me perfectly,the other two are slightly tight when i sit down,even with the bottom button undone,but i have gone from 16 stone two pounds,to 14 stone 9 pounds in about six months,so it shouldn't be to long before i'm wearing them comfortably. :) :lol: :lol: :lol: Nice one, Alan...I think mine fit 'The Borrowers' now! That was a good one! :lol: Thats going to be my excuse to now! Its actually a well known fact. :lol:
  18. Another superb haul Andy, That Swiss Emperor alarms a bit special isn't it, three great finds,you lucky man you! :D
  19. I've been at a family members birthday bash all day wearing this watch.. Silver Limit hallmarked 1917.(53mm) On this chain. :)
  20. I think i'll be going to the gym then Rog.(loose a few pounds) :lol: :lol: :lol: Very true Shangas,perhaps i will wear them more often! :D In reality the last time i wore a suit was only a couple of weeks ago,with a new waistcoat and watch,to see how smart i looked in the mirror! :yu:
  21. :lol: :lol: I don't know if i could give up my jeans! :P I've got some nice suits somewhere in the back of the cupboard though....for special occasions. :D No hat's yet but i picked up a nice tie pin,with chain and t bar for the button hole,and a locking jade and g/p pin for the tie, and i found some silvered coloured cuff links,and i'm picking up two of my Grandfathers cravats later on. Looks like i'm going in the right direction! :lol:
  22. Hopefully there just homages? :umnik2:
  23. I've got one for K :) Kerred.(French maker) I'll have to think about the rest. :P
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