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  1. Definitely manipulated with a General Purpose Tool... :hammer: Could understand one person being caught out, but there's got to be at least 12 different bidders listed? I've seen less interest on real ones!
  2. Occurs to me that perhaps there is someone who needs an F300 Seamaster case, and a 1022 movement for spares/repair of other "less unique" watches, which could make this a wonderful coincidence - if so they should also do the lottery today.
  3. And someone just shelled out £244 + postage from Singapore for it. Not me, hasten to add. That has to be a whole new class of Franken-watch. :eek: I think that may even go beyond the vagueness of the Omega vintage database putting "this watch may have existed with different dials" on anything - if it is as genuine as the seller responded in the eBay question, Omega may have to add this to all their listings: "this watch may have existed with a completely different movement technology" Andrew
  4. Fresh Saturday delivery from the Hawk, and strap from t'Bay.
  5. Absolutely agree - the "007" gun logo on the Bond limited issues still looks a bit tacky to me (especially with the dial grounds they used for those - the rifling or lots of 007's in place of the normal Seamaster wave pattern), and most the Beijing's where grim (rearranging the sub dials of a chronograph into the Olympic rings... just stop it now) but with this dial (plain arctic white, with ice blue lume) and red bezel combination, the rings logo really hits the spot. Spotted it while flicking through my copy of the Omega Lifetime magazine that I get sent as a loyal sucker customer, and fell in lurve. :man_in_love: (Edition and serial numbers digitally obscured for obvious reasons...) Enjoy....
  6. Limited edition of 2010 items for the Vancouver winter games. Mine came from Omega in London, and from what the manager said they only typically got four (and had no idea how many or when they would get them!) at the larger boutiques outside Canada and North America, where most of them went. That said, they still had the mid size version in the display yesterday...
  7. I almost stood to attention and saluted. Own that podium! :thumbup: I spent a month in Canada last year (Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver), so this Seamaster was sort of a souvenir. That and it is one of the best looking variations of the SMP, and easily the best looking Olympic limited edition of recent years - subtlety missing from the Beijing issues.
  8. Glad the Canadian contingent approve! Seems very appropriate... :thumbsup:
  9. After 10 weeks on the south coast, I'm hoping that this is a close as it will need to get to a set of watchmaker's tools until some time after the next Winter Olympics... Diagnosed as an incorrectly lubricated escapement. And then most of the delay was waiting on a shortage of parts that are routinely replaced on service.
  10. Finally. Call from AD yesterday that my watch is now ready for collection... Naturally, they call on a Friday, don't open weekends, and I happen to be working on a client site the other side of London next week, so will have to see if I can slope off for some reason to pick it up. Will have to work out what I can try and get out of them for the hassle and separation anxiety. A PloProf maybe?
  11. Wearing this Tissonic F300 until some tree felling later today...
  12. Sadly not, my AD said that warranty work actually goes to the top of the queue. :shocking: I recently got my Seamaster Pro back at week 11 after it going in for the 2nd time in 2 years for fixing.... am so fed up with it I've now bought a Rolex Sub to replace it. My (and family's) experience with Rolex's Bexley service centre have always been good - even for my Datejust that went to them pretty much worn out after a 12 year gap in services and continual wear. Detailed estimate came back within two weeks (case parts to replace, not covered under the service), and then returned 2 weeks shorter than the 6 estimated. And I talked myself into buying a Sub LV while I was picking up the restored DJ...
  13. :offtopic2: Those would be maggots. Or "Larval Therapy" as it is called to make it more palatable. Rebranding an ancient technique... Leeches are still cool though. Very useful for people with poor distal circulation causing diabetic ulcers that won't heal. Leeches are used draw and thin the blood through the wound site, encouraging healing. They also secrete enzymes that act as anti coagulants and mild local anaesthetics. Leeches and maggots, we salute you both. :notworthy:
  14. Doing better than mine - week 10 now for my SM coax which liked to sleep a little too much. Last call to chase and the AD grumbled something about parts (I was expecting the ash cloud to take some blame for that) and promised a call back after checking with the workshop. Yeah. Just like the other times. Still waiting... Might just go picket the store soon until I get a real response. Really not looking forward to sending in anything for non-warranty service. But maybe they are better when they are being paid for the work - warranty jobs are down the bottom of the queue perhaps?
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