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    Hi all, I've posted some pics on the Japanese watches forum of a 1967 Seiko Sportsmatic, they're great shots (I didn't take them but I think you'll enjoy them)
  2. That 1960 model is great. I like the logo and lettering too, very much a product of its time, but still classy today
  3. Thanks for the feedback Unfortunately as I only recently acquired the watch I don't know too much about its history, I think the crystal is new as it's unblemished, but there is very minor wear on the case which leads me to believe it has simply led a very gentle life.
  4. Thanks Mark! Your 1966 vintage is a beaut, great pic too!
  5. Hi I'm new to the forum but thought I's share some pictures with you of a watch that I really like. Bought it recently on eBay. I really like it as it manages to look retro, but is also very classic and can be worn today without looking out of place. I think it's stood the test of time (no pun intended)!! My son is wearing it at the moment, as he's caught the watch bug too, he's only 10! Ajay
  6. ajay


    Thanks for the warm welcome, will try and get some pics sorted so I can share with you all, though my photography skills aren't upto the level of folks on this forum! Ajay
  7. ajay


    Hi all, just joined the forum. Was drawn to the site by the Sales forum, but just realised I can't do anything until I have enough posts (i.e. 50 posts) under my belt. Oh well 1 down 49 to go :-) My current collection is Raymond Weil Geneve (Wedding present) HMT miltary style (1960's I think) Seiko 5 Sportsmatic (1967) Citizen Eco Drive (Miltary Chrono Style) Montblanc Summit (Purchased in 2006) MKII Kingston (Incoming :-) ) Looking forward to talking watches with you all Ajay
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