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  1. It's the CWC for me. Though similar I prefer its shape as opposed to the Hamilton. Not to mention the £720.
  2. Sorry. Rubbish photo but sense the intrigue...
  3. I remember you telling me that you bought another. Do you still have it?
  4. I bought mine from JoT years ago. Great watch that I would never part with.
  5. I keep mine on a shelf right behind this lot.
  6. They send me the same emails which I happily ignore. This is the first time this has occurred though. I still haven't forgiven them for deleting all the photos of my Tag saying I was breaching copyright. They never responded to my email stating that it is my bloody watch and I am within my rights to take photos of it. I have threatened to move in the past and perhaps now is a good a time to do so.
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