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  1. I like it as well, it's very simple and smart. Hope you enjoy wearing it! is this your first tag?
  2. the first person on this forum to own one will certainly be the subject of a lot of envy!
  3. Not yet, i know i should act quickly because of the free £100 strap upgrade they are offering but i've got a few watched floating about on my wishlist at the moment! :rolleyes:
  4. Very classy! that would look great on any strap! :notworthy:
  5. sorry i should have included my next one... it will be a seiko but not sure what yet but more likely i will save up the money and make an impulse buy on something else! :lookaround:
  6. what is the next watch everyone is planning for?
  7. Living in th UK your summer watches must get about a months worth of wrist time!!
  8. Simple topic really, just wondered what people thought of Chris Ward watches and indeed if anybody here owns one?
  9. great collection! you seem to collect them like i used to collect football stickers!!
  10. I have been inspired by some of the examples on here and have decided to go and have a search for my first of a possible collection at the weekend so for inspiration i would love to see some more pics of your Seiko's :clapping:
  11. i dont blame you on the top one mate, very nice, i agree that's a gorgeous Seiko. this is a good topic choice, there have been some great pics!
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