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  1. The kickstarter a backed in 2016 that I have still never seen.
  2. If you bought an issued CWC G10 five years ago it would have already doubled in value. Whether or not you believe it to be Classic is up to you. But undeniably desirable.
  3. A pilots watch needs a big crown because you are expected to wind it with leather gloves on.
  4. I am surprised that you never got th HM armed forces contract.
  5. I seem to have a half memory that this was a brand sold as a duty free item on holiday charter flights.
  6. I have just had an ad pop up on my Facebook feed an advert for Wimbledon Watch co Watches. Nothing unusual about that, I get loads of watch adverts, and I always click on them because I like looking at pictures of watches, whether they be high end unaffordables of rubbish cheapies. Wimbldon watches definitely fall into the rubbish cheapies category. I won't put in a link, you can work Google just as well as I if you want to look. What set these apart is the description of the movement, which claims to be the latest oriental Quartz that never needs batteries. This could be a major technological breakthrough. It could be that the watch is totally disposable and not worth the price of a new Renata. Or it could be that the person that wrote the copy for the website knows less about watches than the squirrel that raids my bird feeder.
  7. On a Jenny it has to be beads of rice bracelet, it's part of their unique look.
  8. Can't wait to see this. My guess is Digital in plastic case on gold coloured expanding bracelet. That should fit the description of "as far away from my usual tastes as possible".
  9. But not the blue plastic pin pusher you see for sale everywhere. Originally quoted wrong post.
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