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  1. Are there any members doing servicing of mechanical watches on the forum, or is it just a case of finding a reputable repairer "off forum"?
  2. RESULT!!! Well done that man and thank you. Much appreciated.
  3. Ladies pocket watch, Swiss Silver case and that movement. Nice floral design, enamel dial with blued steel hands. Quite a nice thing but needs a bit of TLC. It was may other-half's gran's watch so she is keen to keep it and get it sorted. So would be interested in anyone on here doing such things. Don't think so, not unless that symbol was some obscure version of a JLC or Patek logo...
  4. Still struggling to identify this makers mark, some sort of sailor at a ship's wheel???
  5. This is just a cheap lady's pocket watch but I don't recognise it and it's not immediately searchable on Google (I had a quick look). Its housed in a standard 0.800 Swiss Silver case with an enamel dial and is key set and wound. The maker's mark looks like a sailor at a ship's wheel.
  6. When the did my old Speedy Pro Moonwatch, it came back pretty much like new. Bracelet and case work completely refurbed, new seals to winding stem and pushers, new crystal and one or two new gears which looked fine to me under a loupe, but which obviously were worn as far as they were concerned. All of which were done under the standard price - no additional costs were involved. Add to that tracked and insured postage both ways, a new credit-card type warranty card and a travel case in the usual red Omega Style and I don't consider that to be too bad value for money - especially as I had not had a thing done to it in over 6 years.
  7. A regular wearer in my watch-wearing routine. This thing that makes it a keeper for me, is the date - 1957 is my birth-year. That on my favourite watch, makes this a to-the-grave keeper and eventual keepsake for my Grandson.
  8. Armida Ollech & Wajs Victorinox
  9. Cringeworthy - in most all respects. The best bits: Bringing Evans on, seemingly 'unconscious' on a stretcher. Would have been improved though, by him staying that way for the remainder of the show. Test drive of the McLaren, but only the segment with Jensen Button in. AT LAST - someone who can drive!!! Say what you like about Clarkson, but he and Hammond really knew how to get a fast car around their track and have some fun whilst they were at it. Evans just looks like he is going shopping! Captain Slow would certainly get around faster! Seasick Steve. Not anything he did, just him. Totally cool guy! Seemed to just totally 'get' how dumb the whole thing was. The worst bits: The Africa segments. Competition: Don't spill the cocktail whilst driving up a seemingly flat track? Really??? Was that the best they could do? And why put three minor 'celebrities' in the cars with them? Is this a realisation that their own choice of presenters just can't carry it off on their own? Evans telling the audience that even though he only just told Jensen Button that the Mclaren was no longer available to buy (all sold and at a totally outrageous cost) he had just managed to buy the last one as a punter had just dropped out. That was just pure arrogance and showboating on Evans's part, 'waving his wad' at everyone watching and bragging that he has more money and can buy whatever he wants, whenever he wants it. Star in a car. WTF? Question: Why? Just why? Everything else. Even the Stig looks like he would rather move over to Amazon. Well - TG and Evans has had two hours of my life. I consider that more than a fair crack of the whip. But no more.
  10. This one today and will be my travelling companion for the next 8 days.
  11. ESL

    Next Watch

    you could try screen printing a clear acrylic dial with a circuit board layout. might be convincing, in a not too naff kind of way...
  12. This again today, but on a nice, new thick mesh...
  13. This again today. (And yesterday, maybe tomorrow as well - who knows?)
  14. Nice three there... That Mark II is lovely. From my desk today...
  15. Repetition rates in the evaluation of workstation ergonomics. Yeah... Boring, I know!
  16. This all week - SKX007-J on Jubilee.
  17. +1 (1,000,000 that is...)
  18. Now this is what I call a "find". Bloke in Germany last year with a WW2 Panther Tank, 88mm FLAK AA/Anti-Tank gun and an effing Torpedo all kept in his cellar! Loads on You Tube about it as well! Pensioner has a 'Panther' in the cellar
  19. I don't think there is anything to be offended by - it's not like they are disturbing war graves (I don't think so anyway). It's no different than if they were uncovering old Roman helmets (as long as it is not a scheduled historical site, anyway).
  20. ESL

    Omega RAF?

    Like artistmike says - the dial looks odd. Omega military mostly used straight "Arabic" style numerals for clarity, so that cursive style looks wrong for a military watch . Also, pretty much all of the Omega military dials have "railroad" minute tracks, but I do know of at least one exception, so it may be correct. Most likely it could be a later redial. The blued hands are standard for a military Omega of around 1943, but would indeed come with a centre second sweep hand with small counterweight. Also the soldered lugs and case style looks OK form an Omega military watch. WWW = waterproof wrist watch, Y 4562 is the order code and the last number is the case serial number. that information should lead someone in the know (especially Omega) to identify what those numbers relate to and if your watch matches the order number.
  21. All the best for a speedy recovery PG, get well soon mate.
  22. Not snobbery, but something else maybe? Not wearing the omega where it is considered (by you) inappropriate, leads to maybe not wearing it at all in case you scratch it. Then you buy another and then another, to make sure you have plenty in your 'rotation' to make sure you always have a choice for whatever 'inappropriate' situation may raise it's head. Finally this leads you to question why you have it at all, as the occasions where you actually risk wearing it, are only inside your house where it should not come to any possible harm. Ultimately - it leads to an advert in the Sales Section with a description of (It's been a bit of a "safe queen" since I had it. And as I'm not wearing it, thought it should be sold so that someone else can get the benefit form it.) Wear it. All day and every day. There is maybe never an 'inappropriate' situation. If the going gets rough, maybe stick it in your pocket for a while, then just as quickly put it back on. Think of you dear lady wife - what message is it sending her, when you buy another, cheaper watch, for yourself and then end up wearing that more often than the one she bought you? Just my view - but then, you did ask...
  23. Gonna be out in the countryside most of the night. Need something with tried and tested lume! And water resistance if this flipping rain keeps up...
  24. One for the Seiko fans - quite a few on the forum now, I think?
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