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  1. A full manufactured automatic Russian Raketa watch that was successfully selling a year ago for USD 1600 is now available for the ones counting in dollars for USD 819. While a Swiss made automatic time keeper sold in Russia, during the same period increased its price from 51 000 Russian rubles to 154 000. It is now time for foreigners that may have hesitated a year ago, to buy a legendary Russian manufactured watch, as they purchasing power increase along with ruble depreciation.
  2. Dear Friends, We are being asked regularly by email if it possible to visit the Petrodvorets Watch factory "Raketa" in Peterhof (Saint Petersburg) YES, we are welcoming guests and travelers, To help you organise your travel from Saint Petersburg, we have prepared a special brochure with all the details ! http://www.raketa.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/07/catalogue_tourist_2015.pdf Also, in case you travel to Moscow, you are also very welcome to visit the Design Studio of the Factory (located in Moscow-not St Petersburg) where you can see how designers work and prepare new watch collections: 10 m
  3. Photos and videos about Raketa's Baselworld 2013! RAKETA'S Baselworld 2013 catalog This year Raketa Watch Factory brought BaselWorld to Moscow. Raketa organised an astonishing party in Moscow to mark Baselworld 2013. All the representatives of the watch and jewelry industry gathered in Moscow’s most expensive penthouse (USD 90 Mln). Partners, journalists, Swiss watch makers and friends gathered together in what probably will be remembered as BaselWorld’s 2013 most remarkable event. With the traditional support of Coutts Bank, Taittinger Champagne, LPI and many others, Russia’
  4. More Videos from Raketa Art Video "50 Years in Space" Link to video "50 Years in Space" New Raketa Yalta (redesigned from a model from 1960's) Link to Yalta watch video We hope ou enjoy))
  5. Thank you for your intrest in our factory. Sorry, but this watch is a Counterfeit. Never hesitate to contact the factory for such a request. info(at)raketa.su 99% of Raketa watches sold on Internet are counterfeits, we would be glad if you give us the source of this counterfeit watch. Best Regards, The Petrodvorets Watch Factory - Raketa PS: FYI Baselworld catalog: In English Video about the History of the Petrodvorets Watch Factory: Link to Video
  6. Vidoe about the great celebration (click here) On the 3rd of November, Petrodvorets Watch Factory celebrated its 289th birthday. On this bishop of Vuborgsk Nazariy blessed the whole factory building with church choir. Mass media representatives, the mayor of Peterhof -- Mikhail Baryshnokov, Prince Rostislav Romanov, count Sergey Pahlen, and many others honorary guests visited the factory that day. The greeting speeches were spoken by members of the Raketa board of directors Prince Rostislav Romanov and Count Sergey Pahlen, Raketa Creative Director Count Jacques von Polier, Raketa Cha
  7. Link to the Interview Miss Raketa with a touch of humor is trying to convince the world's most famous collector of Russian / Soviet watches that Russian made is more sexy than Swiss made ! Mark Gordon answers her question with passion and professionalism, as if he was used to be on TV every day !! http://www.ussrtime.com/
  8. The History of a Russian Watch Factory Link to the Video
  9. I tried to insert some youtube videos, but no success, can someone help me... hte only thing i can do is stick the link bellow... not as nice as inserting a video in the post http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=raketawatches&aq=f
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