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  1. Thanks, watched many of them and the heat method is the one I tried, with no success. I will plow through some more just in case. DOH, you know, I didnt even consider that.
  2. Good morning folks, Looking for some advice and or guidance. I have a Phoibos PX002C which I like a great deal, and I chose the cyclops eye version when buying it, but after a year of wearing it i have now grown to hate that blinking eye staring back at me. I had a look online and have seen that it is possible to remove it using heat, but that hasnt worked for me - and other than burning my fingers I am back in the same position (only hating it a little more as a result). And I wondered if you might know an alternate approach? It wont kill me to keep it on, but I would much rather ha
  3. id be afraid that with my eyes i couldnt see yhe hands ;) i prefer it on a leather to be fair. good luck with it, hope you enjoy it.
  4. its built like a tank too, though doesnt feel it - if that makes sense. one of my more elegant pieces
  5. I have the 29er, lovely watch, really keen on the simplicity of it. looks good ont he bracelet, but i think it looks better on a nice leather strap
  6. one of the swatch crew here, i think this one (or something very similar to it)
  7. Ive had a look and the leather looks lovely, but Im with you bracelet all the way. Also helps that they do it in a 39mm (my sweet spot). And its a weird thing, my missus has a couple and loves them, but Ive always favoured Omega, never quite got the Tag bug, but I hadnt known the Carerra exisited to be honest.
  8. I was never really a Tag fan, my wife loves them, but this is a lovely piece. Beautiful, and very understated which i like, with a birthday coming up, there could be some hints dropped for this one.
  9. vokeyuk

    Song Titles Game

    You Don't Know How It Feels - Tom Petty
  10. Nothing worse, glad i was able to point you in the right direction. its a cracking film, as my grandad would say they dont make them like that any more.
  11. you could be doing what I do, mixing james stewart with henry fonda. sounds like mortal storm, https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0032811/?ref_=tt_urv
  12. vokeyuk

    Song Titles Game

    run around - blues traveller
  13. vokeyuk

    Song Titles Game

    David Bowie - Im afraid of Americans
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