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  1. TPD etc took away the hobby aspect of vaping for me. But still vaping with the Kayfun Mini V3 on the original Pico.
  2. I do it and it's very simple and cheap. Not really doing your own though, you are just mixing preset bottles. But there're no mistakes or regrets that way. ;)
  3. You guys will be fine. Justaddnic is also a good site to order from. You'll need to mix but it's simple, just pour everything into a bottle, shake and vape.
  4. No, it's absolutely fine. You'll be pushing a couple of amps at most. Edit: the Aspire battery is a higher drain one because it can use 0.5 coils.
  5. I forget what you vape... 1.8 Nautilus? I'm asking because the higher the mah, the lower constant and peak amps the battery can handle. So that's very important to consider or it might go booom.
  6. It's theoretically safer to charge batteries on a dedicated charger, plus you have the advantage of having a few charging while using the mod. I say it's fine though, the biggest problem is with mods that take 2 batteries and don't charge them equally. Chargers are cheap though, so maybe worth investing. I have a 4 bay Opus BT-C3100 V2.1 which lets you analyse and refresh batteries etc but a Nitecore i2 or d2 is fine too and they are half the price (i4 or d4 for a 4 bay option). Diference between the i and the d is only the display.
  7. Torchy co uk. As to batteries, I'm now running Samsungs 30Q only (3000mah, 15 A continuous discharge - pink wrap). Used to have a lot of LG HG2 (brown wrap) but I hear the later ones aren't as good. Sony VTC6 (green wrap) is probably the best choice for a low power vape battery right now though.
  8. New Pico 25 is out... well kind, of. Pico 25 that takes 21700 batteries and looks like the original one... except bigger. http://www.eleafworld.com/istick-pico-21700/
  9. I guess there's not much choice anyway, I've looked at the new ones from major brands and what the hell happened?? They are all fugly huge things with enough lights to pass for an UFO. I'm half curios about the Siren 2, and the Ares and the Zenith from Innokin, all 24mm tanks. I should at least get the Zenith, I currently don´t have a pre-made coil tank worth a damn (or get a Plato, I know, I know...)
  10. How do you find that Pico 25? I'm tempted by a couple of new tanks but the damn things all come now in 24/25mm (or 22mm but TPD 2mm...). I'm not over the moon with its looks, I much prefer the black and SS of the original one and people say it feels... plasticy. It's either that or the Joyetech Primo mini but at this point I´m much more used to short and wide than thin and tall. And as you know I use a lot of very long RTAs....
  11. So many it's hard to point one, especially if you go with a used soviet one from ebay. They are getting old now and the latter soviet models might not be all that good to withstand the test of time, as the system was colapsing they were using cheaper metals, etc. I say you get a new Vostok Komandirskie or a Vostok Amphibia. Both affordable, both tried and true excellent watches.
  12. Fasttech and Heavengifts are also two places to look for parts. Got me a Kayfun Prime but I don't know... tighter than a 5 but not really getting the benefit from it over a 5. Skyline and Hussar are still my favourites,followed by the more everyday convnience of my Kayfun 5 with the bigger bulge tank section (bigger liquid capacity, all SS).
  13. It's a bit smaller than the Ipad Pro, has a 9.7" screen but it's ok for me. One can always pinch and zoom a little bit of a particularly intricate illustration. On the plus size, it's smaller an lighter and maybe the better screen makes up for the smaller size. It really is an impressive SAMOLED display with incredible viewing angles. HDR ready but that's wasted on me, I'm not really going to use it for media consumption.
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