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  1. I'm not sure exactly where to put this, it's been a while since I posted here and I'm not sure it really fits into any of the other forums. If there is any problem I obvioulsy have no problem with any mods moving it (not that it would really matter if I did :msn-tongue: ) For ages I've wanted a watch with a green dial, no specific reason but I like green and green dials seem to be unusual and more rare than the regular colour dials and even Orange. I've also been on the lookout for a watch in a bronze case though I wasn't looking for them to be in the same watch. I think we all have things (or at least I do) that we don't have examples of yet and we keep an eye out for. I came across this make, I think thanks to a WUS tweet showing a link to someone discussing some watches and another model from this maker was there. I'd never heard of the maker, and went to his web site and saw the watch I am about show. I placed my order in the middle (ish) of December after a few emails back and forth with the owner. He was expecting it to be posted in early January, I then got added to a mailing list (with my permission) where he kept us up to date. There were a few delays though I must say for the most part the owner was very quick to get back to us and let us know. You don't feel quite so bad about delays if you're not kept in the dark. Anyway, it finally shipped on the 18th and coming all the way from Canada I think it did quite well to turn up just before noon here in Ireland today and here it is. It's a Cobra De Calibre bronze green dial As a nice little bonus there was also a pair of cufflinks in the package I made the pics a little smaller so it didn't take up too much room on your screen :D Impressions, the dial looks lovely, that's really just what I was thinking of when I thought I wanted a green dial. I'm not too sure about the internal bezel, it's operated using the extra crown and I think if it was up to me I probably wouldn't have bothered though the two crowns does give it a look that is very different from anything else I own. It's not too big a deal, but I'm not to sure about the strap. The picture on the website has a much darker strap than what arrived, I'm not sure if there was a problem there or what but while it feels excellent quality I'm probably going to put a different, darker coloured strap on it though I might have to do a bit of digging to find one with a bronze clasp. All in all very happy with it.
  2. It's the face where this really comes alive (apologies for the dust) Couple of quick hairy wristshots
  3. It finally arrived, I was wrong about it beating at 28,800 though it's 21,600 Got a couple of brochures from Seiya, an Orient Mechanical one and a Casio one The display back does have some decoration (may not show up on the photo) but to be honest it's nothing special It's a Somes leather strap, for those who don't know (probably everyone) they make horses saddles. This is very stiff at the moment, I had trouble bending the strap under the keeper, though you can tell this is a really high quality strap and I have no doubt it'll fit me like a glove in a few weeks
  4. Bought this from Seiya yesterday, will put up some real pics when it arrives. To my mind it appears to be a good watch for the money, it hacks, handwinds which is a little unusual for a Japanese watch at this price, from watching a video it also appears that the movement beats at 28,800bph which is also unusual in Japanese watches at this price. I really love the dial and strap and also the brushed indices. The thing is, I can find out very little information about it. I can't even find anything out about the movement which I think is caliber 40N50. Most of what I read is people asking about the movement and there not really being many answers. It's the Orient star line so I feel safe that the quality will be excellent but I'm just wondering if anyone on here can shed any light?
  5. How did you get a cream dial (pic 1) looking so black (pic 2)?! :lol: Also managed to get it from a brown strap to a black strap with orange stitching
  6. Orient make one, last time I was there orientwatchusa were selling them, we're not allowed to link but a quick google should help you.
  7. Lovely watch, I came in sceptical but it really is lovely. Pity about the phone though :P
  8. I too have a glycine, no pics at the moment though and I am very happy with the quality. Here's another one of their recent releases that I'd love to get
  9. I realise this thread is old, but Roy selling a PRS 5 :eek: He used to, I bought my PRS-6 off him :D DO NOT ask why he stopped selling them!! I won't ask, but if anyone would like to PM me I'd be grateful :D never been able to find out the story
  10. I realise this thread is old, but Roy selling a PRS 5 :eek:
  11. I'd love to see a white version, to look at in my opinion the 17 is Roys best looking watch
  12. Don't worry Roy, I'm sure he'll put you into the finest cheapest care home he can find.
  13. As I mentioned in another thread, I got this as a direct result of reading a thread on here about them. Seiko Spork arrived yesterday. Kinda kicking myself, I could have bought this online for far below retail if I'd known they were going to stop making them, they're getting rare now (new) but my local Earnest Jones sent one over from England for me It's a pretty big case The lume is as amazing as you'd expect from Seiko and wrist shot
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