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  1. Don't know you as not a regular. But I always love a good happy ending. Congratulations to you and the OH.
  2. I fly budget airlines quite a lot with going to France a lot. I shall put them in order of quality: Easyjet Ryanair Air France Jet2 I also flew to New York with them at Christmas as part of my Christmas present to go to the planetarium. The staff weren't fantastic, but it was a neat a tidy aircraft and ran efficiently. I have flown with jet2 for skiing too and have been most accommodating.
  3. I agree. Hublot's advertising is almost as perplexing as its model names... Aero Bang? Tutti Frutti? Earl Grey? Will the 'Black Eye' be next?? This is in particularly bad taste as the 'element of humour' is all wrong. It's not only unfunny, but it's also showing off - our watches cost more than your house, so it's no wonder that people want to steal them. It wouldn't surprise me to discover that Hublot's head of marketing and PR is a close relation to one of the company's directors. This kind of ineptitude can only be explained by a drop or two of nepotism. OK, it might have been Bernie's idea, but it was a bad one and should never have made it to first base. . . . . . (P.S. I used to write advertisements for a living. If I'd come up with this idea I'd have been the recipient of two black eyes. And probably a swift kick to the danglies.) But I bet it would be successful at getting people talking about the advert.
  4. Well as a little Christmas present for me I was taken to New York City for a few days by my girlfriend. We had a look in a few watch shops, and went in to the Breguet shop and was taking to the shop assistant and explained I was just looking and it was out of my budget. Well she was pleased with this and started getting loads of watches out for me to shop, opening the tourbillons so I could look properly. It was fantastic, even though I wasn't buying they just were as passionate about watches. I also visited the Torneau Watch Shop with watches from Patek Philippe to a G-Shock. Where the staff weren't happy about me, I obviously looked beneath them. However they had a fine collection, but didn't really want me to look and especially touch anything. The other place where I actually bought something was a Swatch shop on Times Square. Now this is my first Swatch and I think it looks absolutely fantastic, it is a see through Irony Body & Soul automatic metal cased and bracelet swatch. It might not be to everyone's taste, but I think it just looks fantastic.
  5. elster


    Bradley's are a really good jewellers. I didn't know they were getting Oris in, a good friend works there.
  6. elster


    Goldsmiths & Fraser Hart was the forgotten one. Also you have Ernest Jones on Coney Street. Then also Harpers on Stonegate, possibly someone else on Stonegate too.
  7. I've been asked by someone to see what watch this is and how much it is worth. It has never ever had the film removed off the screen. Any ideas?
  8. I know this isn't a watch, but just wondering if anyone knows much about these. As I am looking to get a reasonably priced on £1k ish. I want to try and find a moonphase one, I have seen a few on ebay but unsure of the quality and what I should be looking for.
  9. It is OK I found it. Turns out it is a Omega Museum Cosmic Moonphase Which is a very 18K Pink Gold watch. Looks damn sexy, think it is her Godmothers OH, so he must be a WIS too.
  10. Just been sent a picture by the OH to ask what watch this is, apparently my response of Omega moonphase wasn't enough. So does anyone know?
  11. Nice one, i'll look them up, I think 10 spaces in a watch box should be plenty for now :P Cheers. Ha Ha. :rofl2: That's funny...I said that too. I am on watch about 20 now.
  12. Go on then, I'll reply here as well ;) I just have one £25 for this manual wind. Actually one of my favourites, not had it long. I do like the 2 Poljots 2 and 4 on your 1st pic. I like the sekonda that you seem to have on every strap going, it looks good. Lovely collection.
  13. Lol! Are you on about mine or the Citizen? If you're on about mine, yes it is nice, and it was free! I can't seem to find anything about it though and it's really frustrating me! Most definitely not the gold chintzy citizen that looks like it went straight from engineering department and bypassed the design department.
  14. I know nothing about the watch, but what I can tell is I like it. :D
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