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  1. Yowser, this thread still going, been off the fags 3 years now and stopped gaping a year ago.
  2. The pattern is a copy of the carpet design in the Overlook Hotel in Stanley Kubrick's The Shining.
  3. Ok, what did you do to get barred from Canada?
  4. Seriously , listen out for it and when you do hear it you will be like wtf!
  5. ... why do newsreaders now say "woman and children" and not "WOMEN and children" ? Please forgive the dramatic caps above but whenever I hear a group of women being referred to as a group of woman it really grinds my gears, anyone know why this is becoming the norm?
  6. No problem for me unless crappy old Ruhla's have suddenly shot up in value. I say crappy but to be honest it ticks like a goodun.
  7. What's my opinion? its a ******** joke and I am done with toblerone. Why oh why do the normal people have to be punished for the shameless gorging of those who cannot stop stuffing their faces? I was listening to Jeremy vine today and they were talking about stopping selling chocolate/sweets/sugary foods in hospital shops and vending machines to make people healthier! Can anyone explain to me how this would ever work. Honestly, I give up.
  8. It says in their T's&C's that it costs one standard text to enter so not too bad really, but of course with the number of listeners that enter it probably pays the prize money several times over. Only reason I didn't enter is I have no texts/credit and am skint.
  9. Ok, the woman who just got through got the answer wrong, my answer above is still correct and the next person through will be at midday and the prize money has gone up by another £500 and now sits at £15,000.
  10. Giving this out as I can't text them so if you want the current answer here it is. The song is Cherish by Madonna. If you get through and win a few quid my way wouldn't go amiss. To enter you need to text NOTES followed by your name to 61054.
  11. Around 7-8 years ago when we lived in Northern Ireland I was out delivering barrels of heating oil for my old boss and one delivery was to a farm just across the road. I arrived and knocked the door and asked where they wanted the oil, in that shed there, so I started lugging the barrels into the shed. When I went through the doors with the first two barrels I saw a very dusty car sat on the other side in the dark and thought I recognised it, the second two barrels I carried in confirmed it. Sat in the dark, covered in dust and thoroughly unloved was a mk1 Williams Clio, it was the wheels that gave it away. I did ask if it was for sale but sadly it wasn't. It amazes me that someone would rather see something rot in a barn than see it loved by someone.
  12. It's a stunningly simple car outwardly but by god I would give my left nut for one. In 2014 road version sold for just over £156k, that's £156,000 for a 1984 road going group B rally car.
  13. Stick a picture up of what it should look like as I am crap with pictures on here.
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