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  1. Just looking to replace the batteries in some old watches and wondered if there was a difference in the various battery brands? I have heard of the batteries that some brands use can last for years and wondered if this was due to the battery used or the watch that it was put in. Any opinions or advice would be much appreciated...
  2. LOL, you've obviously never used a Mac then... edit: Also I've never heard anyone try to pronounce iMac incorrectly... Yes I have used Mac's, I used to sell computers, and Mac's were terrible sellers compared to PC's. As for pronouncing iMac, you've probably never heard anyone pronounce it wrongly because compared to PC's there's a very low user base of them, and there's not that much to get excited about. It's PC's that push the technology forward. I'm assuming that when you mention that you used to sell computers that this was before they started using dual core processors and before their mass marketing machine? If so, I would not begrudge such a negative opinion of Apple as their computers were truly awful and very over-priced, hence their flirtation with bankruptcy before Steve Jobs came along. Recent Macs though have far more substance and the fact that they are fashionable can actually have a negative impact for some people as they won't give them a chance for fear of being thought of as a sheep. I've been an Apple fan since I got my first iPod about 6-7 years ago (before the marketing) and love my MacBook but can't stand the iPhone and will prob not touch the iPad. Just because everyone goes mad for every Apple product released, it doesn't mean they will all be suitable for everyone. Also, Apple's big resurgence came at a time when Windows was trying to sell the particularly awful Vista...
  3. LOL, you've obviously never used a Mac then... edit: Also I've never heard anyone try to pronounce iMac incorrectly... Am glad you pointed that out as I wasn't sure enough to - I've just downloaded safari onto my PC as the browser and was certain that I added the Adobe Flash plug-in?!?
  4. May seem a silly question, but how are they pressure tested?
  5. Sancho, you make some very valid points about Mac being fashionable and having very effective marketing but as a computer system they do have some massive advantages over PC's. I know that there is far more software available for PC's and they provide far greater power for your money but Mac's also have their merits. I own both and as I am not a computer techy, find my Apple about a million times easier to use. The power issue is also somewhat misleading because my windows based PC has far greater power but takes an age to get going with all the anti-virus and updates etc - my Mac is up and going from a push of the start button in about 30 seconds. It all really depends on what the user wants from their computer. If money is not a consideration, I would choose Apple for its ease of use, lack of problems and speed of start up but then I mainly use my computer for surfing the internet, emailing, music/videos and the odd "office" based document. It's all about the user so to dismiss either is of no use...
  6. Hi Guys, I've got a load of "fashion" watches that I have accumulated over the years and they all need new batteries and maybe a bit of a spruce up (straps etc). Have just invested in some tools for replacing the battery as the cost of replacing all the batteries for watches that I may or may not wear again would get quite spenny but a few of them are waterproof to 30-50m and although I will prob not delve that far underwater, I would be interested to know how you can keep them so waterproof. Also, if I just change the battery and put the back back on, how waterproof will the watch be - just splashproof or will it be ok for the washing up? Many thanks in advance...
  7. sharrison01


    The 50 posts aren't too hard. I joined mainly for the sales section and thought that I'd (sneakily) just write 50 random posts without a care but I've found that posting makes you read the threads more closely and think more about the topics and you get to have some great chats with other members. I'm almost there now and have learnt more about watches in the last week of posting than in the last month of just viewing. Hope you enjoy your first 50 as much as I am... Welcome Aboard!
  8. Massively agree with the simplicity of use and low maintenance of Macs. Maybe as it's for a student it might be worth paying up and going for Mac as he will inevitably be file sharing etc as is common at uni dorms and they would also eliminate any concerns of viruses or annual costs of anti-virus software.
  9. With regards to the pointlessness of having a moonphase watch, I agree that watches in general are pretty unnecessary with everyone owning mobile phones but it is all about the looks. Chrono watches are the same with their many dials that will never be used. When I was recently looking at chronos, the missus said I can have one if I could tell her what all the dials were for and when I would use them - I don't have one yet...
  10. Congrats on the wedding! I've just got my wedding watch and my thinking was to keep it simple and classic as it will be something that you keep for life. I also opted for a watch that I will only wear on occasion so that it doesn't get too battered in my everyday... Oris make some lovely classic watches but the only real way is to get yourself to a stockist and try some on.
  11. In what ways are an iPad and netbook that different? I assumed that an iPad's main purpose is to be able to surf the internet on the go - it has a small hard drive for music, photos and videos and is compatible with the many (largely pointless) "apps" but other than that does no more than a netbook now that netbooks are tiny. I know that the iPad has a touch screen which makes no difference to performance and is both novelty and a luxury but at £699 for their top spec 3G model with only 64g hard drive, a netbook would prove far more useful.
  12. To add to my last post, and after reading "613"s post, I think that the price of Macs vs PCs has gone in opposite directions over the past few years. Before the iPod, Apple were on the brink of bankruptcy and thus their products were quite inexpensive. Their systems were unreliable and there was a limited choice of software compared to Windows based systems. However, the iPod revolutionised the company and Apple are now a lifestyle accessory brand that can really do no wrong. The upcoming iPad will more than likely be sold out weeks before it is released in the UK (end of the month) and their operating systems are excellent, meaning that you do not really get much for under £1000, desktop or laptop. The PC has come down in price during this time though as technology has got cheaper and this is reflected in the greater competition for Windows based systems - HP, Dell, Packard Bell, Acer etc etc are all competing for a share of the PC market and as a market this has got smaller because of Apple's resurgence. This now means that your average laptop or desktop running windows will be sub £500, not including the mass student discounts available in the summer. As an example, a fairly good spec PC based netbook (slower than a laptop with no DVD drive) will cost around £250 but the iPad that essentially does the same thing is starting at £429 and that is for a very low spec one. This helps to explain the high price of Apple compared to PCs and might help you decide in considering what your son will see as important, a higher spec PC that is practical or an Apple that looks really good...
  13. Hi there, I would try to find out more about the software as Apples demand quite a premium because of the current popularity of the company. I have a Mac that I bought in New York when the $/£ was 2/1 so it was great value and I absolutely love it but I recently needed a second laptop (one for work, one fore home) and got far better value for money in terms of performance from a Windows based system. I'm sure that there are those out there that will have stronger opinions on both, but for me, the PC provides more value for money and a better performance but the Mac looks much better and seems a lot quicker despite the less power which I believe is more to do with the operating system. John Lewis are great for most things so you prob won't go far wrong with them - I usually buy electrical and larger appliances from them as they price match and offer massive warranties for free on certain items (5 years on TVs!). Apple are a fantastic company as far as support and after sales service and would prob match John Lewis if asked. Might be worth a visit to John Lewis to get some impartial advice and then if Apple's the choice, a trip to the Apple Store for their after sales service... If cost is an issue, I would assume Apple to be around double the price.
  14. Many thanks for the extra info and I reiterate your apologies for breaking any rules as your post was for my benefit and not as a sales pitch. Thanks again...
  15. Thanks a lot for your informed response. To be honest, I was not aware that they are now part of the Swatch Group and just assumed that the current company had been around for over a century, as you pointed out. I am more interested in their electric watches as they seem to be the ones that stand out in their collection. Will check out Paul's section on Hamilton so thanks for pointing me in the right direction...
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