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  1. You're right, it is more relevant to the strap section. It's a section that I'm always checking. ;) Thanks
  2. I gather this would be more appropriate one the relevant section for straps, but i figured there is more people watching this page and thus I would a better response I am due to pick up a new Breitling superocean II and have speced it with an Ocean Rubber Strap, which I think I am going to be pleased with. However, while having a browse of breitlingsource.tom (ahem) I noticed a few people mention that they have had some issues with this particular strap. At least a couple of people had mentioned that the micro adjuster has a mind of its own and tends to makes its self bigger at will. Does any of the good folk on here have experience with this strap? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated :thumbsup:
  3. Have you heard of swiss watches direct they are knocking them out for £1810 on the ocean racer strap. Very tempted
  4. What did you pay for the SO2, if you dont mund me asking
  5. I have had my date just for 6 years now and I still have the same smile on my face every morning as I did when I first bought it. That's worth every penny in my book. I am due to pick up a new breitling superocean in couple if days, I'm hoping that will give me the same pleasure as my rolex
  6. I have an old pair of roller blades that I would swap for it?
  7. Just got back from goldsmiths, popped in to enquire about a new Superocean. Asked the guy how much a service would be for the rolley and was told that for a date just it would be £290 and it would come back like new. However I could be without my watch for 4 months. Anyway better then £600 odd
  8. To be perfectly honest the watch performs fine, the only thing I have noticed (when changing the time while abroad) is the when I unscrew and pull out the winder the time was not changing, virtually gave up, but them after some time I managed to move the hands. I just think that after 6 years a service wouldn’t hurt, having said that £600 is a lot of moolar
  9. Very helpful, thanks I think I like the sound of it going back to Rolex, will enquire about the price
  10. I have had my date just for 6 years now and am wondering if it is due a service. I sent it off to get looked at within the first year as it was gaining stupid amounts of time, but I don’t know if that would count as a service or not. Also should it go back to Rolex to be serviced? Or like a car can you take to a decent reputable non main dealer. How Much am I looking at
  11. Surprised no one has asked yet, but how much do you sell these bad boys for?
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