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  1. Evening chaps, thought I'd check in and say hello as I've not been around these parts for a while! Popping over to see my watch guy tomorrow. Hoping to begin the final push for my SPORK GMT project to be finished off. Fingers crossed, it'll be on my wrist in a month or two! Also, I don't know if this is any use to anyone but I found this website today that lists a load of Seiko part numbers for SPORK parts: Cheers
  2. Twas me that bought it I was running low...
  3. Evening all, I'd say one of these With a bit of change lest for a few straps.
  4. My SeaDwellers; Handy for all the saturation diving I do my BLNR; Handy for all the globe trotting I do My Red Grape; Handy for all the high powered business meetings. As you can imagine, I regularly indulge in all these activities in my role as a tyre fitter
  5. This to start but I'm in a watch changing mood today!
  6. Oops; didnt see this; ignore me, it's for the best...
  7. I know it's not a speedy but I reckon this could be a grail for you? http://www.hodinkee.com/articles/dave-scotts-watch-worn-on-moon-for-sale
  8. What ever next you ask? Some clever sod will probably shrink down a iPhone and mount it on a watch strap. oh hang on...
  9. Looks good for the money. Are the cushions a tight fit? The last cheap box I bought suffered from the pillows being too loose which causes the watches to flop around.
  10. My favourite watch is my SPORK. I've got all sorts of silly plans to modify it. One of the areas I've been looking at is the strap. I currently wear it on a notched Breitling rubber, using the existing Seiko deployant. It's a very comfy option and has been my number one choice for a couple of years. I also like the look of Isofranes. This was another popular choice, again a notched 24mm. Anyway, thanks to the wonder of 3D printing, I've mocked up what I will probably have custom made. The finish is pretty rough and some of the smaller details have been lost but I like the look enough to car
  11. I tend to wear mine on a Breitling rubber and existing deployant; or an ISOFRANE; both notched from 24mm
  12. What's inside it? Later, William Some research for you... http://www.bremont.com/chronometers/range/alt1-c Oh, I was told in the shop when I bought it, it was powered by tiny, horologicaly trained midget hamsters. How disappointing to be lied to
  13. Off to bed shortly but have been wearing this for the last few days; Must be the first time in months. Forgot what a great watch it is
  14. Sorry my friend, mine are going nowhere! Although, if you buy the watch I've got on SC at the minute, I'll chuck one in for free
  15. Protecting a watch whilst wearing it you say? I'm afraid JLC thought of that with the Reverso :)
  16. I import goods from China occasionally, (pneumatic hoses, porn and occasionally people), and whilst talking to somebody about getting my stuff CE certified, not the porn, he mentioned that the Chinese have a logo that's virtually the same as the CE mark. It stands for Chinese Export or something and you can buy rolls of stickers in the shops :lol:
  17. My God. A SPORK homage. We've made it :lol:
  18. Are you certain they didn't get sued? After all, it was on Top Gear. Later, William It probably heralds the last Breitling ever to be sold in Argentina...
  19. I remember it. It was the reason I joined in the first place, to ask about a metal bracelet for my Chronomatic 49 :)
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