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  1. If it's broken, open it up and check if it's anything obvious. You can't make it worse, but you can improve it. Maybe it's something completely trivial...
  2. There is however one thing that's similar everywhere. Everyone mention Seiko calibers (mostly mechanical ones, automatic ones or hand winding) to be extremely durable with minimal or even no maintenance where Swiss counterparts are often mentioned as "fragile" and that they require regular maintenance to run well.
  3. Especially this part. Like 3/4 watch makers just design watch casing and stick their logo on it. And they all use identical ETA movements (or other "generic" movements designed by one company). I didn't exactly see any appeal on that. I mean for me it just feels different if you know that the entire watch was built by a single maker with all his knowledge and parts manufactured by them. This was kinda more important for me, even more than prestige or the brand itself. And i never quite liked the "Armani" and similar brands that feel like they only stick a logo on it, yet they have no clue how to make a watch. They don't have any watch making history even though they might have appealing designs. I mean, that's like owning a Ferrari that has a Mercedes engine inside. It just isn't the same. My point of view on this :)
  4. The reason i asked this here is because i was asking about automatic watches on some other forum and mentioned that i'm looking at Seiko's and how i admire fully mechanic watches, yet everyone there said that Japanese watches don't have any collector value. Now i'm not a collector, i bought the watch to wear it and wanted it to be 100% mechanic. But i was astounded by that claim. I'm wearing it 24/7, i only take it off when i take shower or swim. I love the full stainless steel and the black looking dial that turns into blue under certain angles and light conditions. And the ticking that's not a typical quartz tik-tok but a faster more continuous ticking. And the clear back and and... Anyway, it seems we have different standards. Here in Slovenia (where i'm from), we consider anything from Japan to be very high quality. Especially cars and electronic devices. It seems when it comes to watches, they tend to follow the purists that say that only Swiss watches are "the real deal". Maybe it would be a good idea to post this in a more general section to get proper feedback i guess. Will post my watch, but i have to photo it as i can't find any photo of it on the net...
  5. You're not reading things right and not understanding them as well. Judging me by post count doesn't win you intellingence points either considering i've been on this forum like half a year ago, reading. I just haven't posted anything. Posting it in the japanese section kinda made sense considering i was asking about japanese watches. Anyone who's into the watch stuff knows all manufacturers not just one. The "not build in japan" and "never touched by humans" goes for the manufacturing process (obviously) if you haven't noticed. I highly doubt that a 110 EUR Seiko involves a human to build it opposed to Seikos made in japan, hand assembled and hand calibrated. Each and every piece. And with prices beyond 3k EUR.
  6. Wherever you get, Japanese watches are not favored at all. They all favor generic (for me personally) ETA movements and Swiss watches. Or brands from different countries using ETA movements. Or just brand names that use ETA movements. Only thing that they have in common is the massive price. I find this a bit strange. Japan is also well known for quality, manufacturing precision and obsession for perfection. Seiko for example builds all movements them self. I've selected Seiko just because of that. It's just a Seiko 5 with 7s26 caliber, but that was all i could afford for automatic movement and i like the looks of it anyway. And at least for me, it has some special feeling to know it's coming from Japan. Ok, ok, i know these cheaper models aren't actually build in japan and humans probably never touch them but still. Plus from what i read around, Seiko mechanisms are incredibly durable, even the budget models and can last for decades with minimal or no maintenance. Any thoughts on this? Why are Swiss watches praised so much and Japanese aren't? There are many Seiko fans in general but whenever you mention Japanese watch, everyone go by uninterested...
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