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  1. As others have said, if you like it, buy it! I don't like it, but I adore the green bezel of the Rolex Submariner above, and it would get noticed! For about the same money as the Carrera, you could get an Omega Seamaster Chrono Diver 300m..which is the watch I bought recently...and I love it. Good luck in whatever you decide to buy, and do let us know. ...also, I found its worth thinking about the watch for at least a month or so before buying it...trying it on, handling etc before you commit. These are not minor purchases, so it pays to be sure!
  2. OMG, what beautiful and special pieces. I'd love to see one of these in the wild...and ask it's wearer his story!
  3. I love a Ploprof, but I'm not sure about the shark-proof mesh strap.
  4. tried to buy a Gucci at a discount at Goldsmiths in House of Fraser Oxford Steet, he said 'we only do fixed prices, the best prices' :dummyspit: What am I doing wrong :focus: My strategy was to take up the sales person's time (and lots of it) before even talking about the price. You'd expect them to be more open to offering a deal after they've just spent nearly an hour with you, whilst you umm and arh, trying it on and taking it off, etc. I hope you walked out of HOF!
  5. I've only just realised you can insert images in-topic! ...but it says I'm not allowed to :-(
  6. Thanks Colin! I've emailed a photo in, but no idea if it will make it into the gallery!
  7. I preferred the safety net of the personal visit to an AD, and I'm pleased with the discount I negotiated. More crucially, should anything go wrong with it, the shop is only 20 minutes up the Motorway.
  8. Thanks! I am grinning now. It really is such a thing of beauty! Just got to convince myself I chose the right colour dial now.....I think I did! and it certainly wasn't decision I made quickly!!
  9. Evening all! I've just returned from Meadowhall, and I've only gone and done it! Thanks to a very helpful man called Paul, in Goldsmith's, I am now the proud owner of an Omega Seamaster 300m Chrono Diver! After spending the best part of 45 mins umming and arhing, and being torn between the blue dial and the black dial version, I finally settled on the black one! I'd tried them both on, in various parts of the shop, and we even went out into the mall, to see how they looked in more natural light! Once I'd decided, we sat back down, and I said to Paul "If I was to take this now, how much could you do it me for?". He went off to check, and came back with an initial offer of £2,000 (rrp £2,180). I gave a pained expression and said that was more than I was hoping to pay. He asked me how much I'd seen it for, so I told him I'd see it for £1,825 on the Internet (Swiss watches direct, but I didn't tell him where). I followed up with "that's about 15% or so". So off he went again....coming back with "I can't do 15%, but I can do it you for £1865" - which 14.something % ....so I had a deal with him at £1,865 which I am happy with, and I didn't want to then go and try the same trick in another store, but I suppose I might have been able to better it. Anyway, he then sized the bracelet, stamped the warranty card and took my credit card details. All in all, I'm extremely pleased with myself...getting £315 off without breaking sweat! and loving the watch!
  10. Thanks guys I've just been reading the Watchfinder horror stories, and I'm definitely going to give them a swerve now. Meadowhall is just a couple of hops up the M1 from me, so I might zoom over tomorrow (if I can skip off work early), and try my luck at Beaverbrooks. If they've got the watch in, and they're selling it at the RRP, then a 15% discount would be very close to the Watchfinder price anyway...so I can hopefully negotiate them down.
  11. I emailed Omega to see what they thought about their watches being sold over the internet... Here is the reply: "Omega does not authorize the sale of its product on any online website. The watches sold by online websites may be counterfeit, pre worn, refurbished, or of dubious origin. Omega does not honor the warranty of such a sale. Omega sells only through authorized Omega store locations. A watch purchased from an authorized Omega dealer never needs to be authenticated." This has made me want to buy from an AD now. I only hope I can negotiate a decent discount.
  12. I'm in Chesterfield, so quite central with good rail links for a day out!
  13. Good morning all. My first post, and I'm planning to buy my first ever Automatic.....the incredible Omega Seamaster 300m Chrono Diver. I've tried the watch on in a couple of high street stores, comparing the black with the blue, and I am now set on the blue. I love the watch, but don't love the price, so I turn to the internet where one can be found for £200 - £300 less than RRP. Has anyone had experience with the usual discounting internet suspects (www.swisswatchesdirect.co.uk & www.watchfinder.co.uk)? Good, bad or indifferent views would be extremely appreciated. I'm wary of parting with a large amount of hard-earned over the net, as I don't want to end up with a used or fake watch, and I just don't see how they can sell the watch so cheaply. Finally, has anyone had any success haggling the price of a premium watch down in a high street store / AD? and does one have a greater chance of negotiating a discount at smaller AD, as opposed to a chain of jewelers (goldsmiths, etc)? Thanks GG
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