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  1. Al the other models referenced are divers, so I expect for these purposes, yes. However, I think I may have one in my spares box. Drop me a PM if you're interested and I'll dig it out.
  2. ooohhhh, that's caught my attention! more details on this lovely watch please while i go and count my pennies / sell grannies ashes / mug people to get enough to buy one! Thank you! Only arrived this morning, bought following a WTB on TZ, its a Longines Cal. 330, which is a re-branded Valjoux cal. 72 from Nov. 1968 43mm wide (excl crown), 45mm Lug-Lug and has a lug width of 22mm.
  3. Assuming that you have already drawn a blank with our host, Roy, try CousinsUK they may well have generic clasps that could be used and will certainly have generic crystals of the right size. Alternatively, keep an eye out on ebay and post a WTB on here for an appropriate parts watch.
  4. I understand that the seals on certain of these Far-Eastern watches are not always lubricated from the factory. I would be inclined, once its fully dry, to try some silicone grease on all the seals and try again. If it didn't work, I wouldn't be inclined to try much more, I'd just keep it for dry duties. You can get a decent Seiko diver for not much more than many of these Parnis retail for.
  5. Got one of these with a problem. Runs fine face up or winder up but stops overnight when face or winder down. On a mechanical this would point to a balance staff problem (I think I've read!!), but what about on a Quartz? I thought it might be dirty contacts but cleaned those to no avail. Any pointers as to what to look at next? Thanks
  6. Have you given it a tap, side on, on the palm of your hand? I have had Seagull 6497's that needed a hand to get started like this and never missed a beat once up and running.
  7. Only a library pic as I've not long had mine back from being fixed, but couldn't resist the opportunity
  8. Not sure that I totally follow the question - when you say 'won't lock in' is it that the crown will simply slip in and out of the movement and you can't make it stay in? The screw that is almost in line with the winding stem immediately adjacent to where the stem enters the movement will most likely be the stem retaining screw, assuming you didn't know that already. If you haven't already tried, try tightening that when the stem is in the movement try that, if it is already tight, loosen it but only by a turn or so, insert the stem and retighten. If the above doesn't work it t may be that the works that the stem goes into need resetting. If you don't get any better advice from anybody else, I'll have a look at a manual movement I have and see if I can think of anything else. Hope that helps
  9. Honestly? Yes? I have one of the Chronotac GMT homages, because I fell in love with a vintage Rollie GMT and can't justify the cost as yet. The Chronotac is a great watch and it is my current daily wearer but doesn't give me the fuzzy feeling I know the real deal would. PS I put my Chronotac on a jubilee and that gives it a little extra over the standard oyster it comes with. Tried Natos on it and they didn't work for me - expect that will be different for you though...
  10. Personally I wouldn't risk the toffees! Its certainly possible to save money by buying second hand and plenty of used Rollies pop up on the sales board here (and at 'the other place') from trusted members. I bought mine following a wanted ad on one of the fora. I expect there would be plenty of choice from on-line dealers also. One question, are you sure your wife would appreciate a fine automatic timepiece? I know my wife wouldn't, she likes an easy to pick up quartz. On the other hand she does like fine jewellery, which doesn't save me money but does hold its value a little better than my watches...
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  12. If its always between two indices by the same distancess, then it should be possible to reset the hand on an index and it should be good from there. However, my understanding is that a quartz's 'tick' is relatively violent so you could find that the second hand shifts slightly over time, unaligning itself. I've had CWC quartzs that have stayed lined up nicely. No doubt other 29 owners will be along to confirm whether their's hit the markers soon
  13. the date calculator can be a little unreliable, you can google a manual way of dating it. The first few numbers relate to month and year. Otherwise, replacement movement?
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