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  1. Looks nice on, wouldnt bother too much about poor lume, my oris has poor lume, its ok for a bit when its just had a dose of sunlight but it quickly fades, but i can put up with that cos i like the watch, im very unlikely to need it anyway.....yep you`ve a nice looking watch mate.
  2. That dosnt look a mess, it looks quite good!
  3. Last week i noticed a friend of mine had a new seiko 5 on, i asked to have a closer look at it, it looked nice enough but it weighed next to nothing and was battery operated, i asked him how much etc and he said 10 quid off ebay, maybe he knew what he was getting and maybe he didnt, but i just left him to it anyway!
  4. sabailand

    Song Titles Game

    Call me....Go West.
  5. A no from me too, it just dosnt look right on a refined looking watch like that!
  6. Good for rough and tumble but equally as good in formal attire,great versatile watches are oris, i`ve got the same (newer version) on rubber!
  7. Never seen one of those before, its certainly unusual.
  8. How do you mean,he/she is wearing an helmet.
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