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  1. Obviously because titanium is one of its traits its lightweight, but how light i wouldnt know, i too like to feel something on my wrist but i could overlook that easily with this one.
  2. Now i know these features work and allegedly have a purpose, but i often look at the Citizen rad arrows and think are these features actually used, no doubt some might say yes but i would imagine not many.
  3. As well as watches I knew Nautica had a clothes range too, but it seems they`re into a bit more ...home, accessories, etc.
  4. Prices vary wildly, goldsmiths has them at £3,900, but others have them well below £3000, the black lume is very distinct in bright sunlight!
  5. Out of the many nice Breitlings for some reason or other i like this one from of the Avenger range, the avenger blackbird, thing is some people say its way overpriced, now i know we can say that about loads of watches but one of the reasons was that its got a ETA 2824 movement, that might not mean much to me but it also dosnt have any distinguishing features apart from it being titanium, dosnt stop me liking it though, prices vary, is this one of the more obvious cases of paying for a name.
  6. Not saying they`re bad watches or anything but to me theres far too much going on, i think to myself what a pain they might be to set, same with some of the casio G-shocks, they look complicated but for some it will be a doddle, an hour hand, minute hand, second hand, and a date window are sufficient for me.
  7. Dont get the chance to get up too close and personal with higher end watches, but many a time when i go to the shops i stand staring at the watches through the window thinking `wow`, not any particular brand in particular but many really are great to look at, on the other side of the coin some are downright horrid!
  8. Possibly similar to the phone companies when they bring a new model out with maybe a tweak to the camera or some cosmetic change or other, nothing massively different but different nonetheless, and the sheep will lap it up.
  9. Antartic or the Amazon, I`d take my ORIS Aquis wherever i was going!
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