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  1. Its an impressive looking bit of watch engineering, but i still dont particularly like this type of watch, sorry.
  2. Well if i've read rightly on here you do have quite a brood so yes i believe you.
  3. Its more commonly a boys name, but can also be contraceptive sheath worn over your todger to stop unwanted offspring.
  4. Oh dont worry about that mate, we just have the courage to admit the fact.
  5. Its a good advert at the right time of the year and in a sense the sentiment of the advert is basically true, they are a watch that people can afford, most people dont dive to god knows how many fathoms. dont fly to the moon, dont own yachts and haven't won Wimbledon. Good on Sekonda for carrying on making watches that most people can afford.
  6. I've never been able to like Doxa's mainly becasue of the shape of the case, but although these do have a slight pillow shape to them its not as pronounced and i quite like them.
  7. Before i properly read your post i was thinking whats coins and a johnny packet doing on the thread.
  8. If i had a tudor watch and wanted a different strap it would be a Tudor strap only, overpriced maybe bit i'd want original.
  9. If i had the money to buy such watches, i dont know if i'd have the patience to wait.
  10. The more i look at these the more i like the dirty dozen copy too, looks good on the tan leather strap, unfussy and understated but still has classic looks.
  11. 'Smiths' are a well respected British brand that are very well liked, but not alwasy easy to get hold of.
  12. Yes i`ve noticed Oris watches in general have jumped up in price too, i regularly browse watch shop shop windows and its one thing i've noted, still affordable watches but the gap is widening.
  13. Its very nice, but too expensive for me.
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