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  1. Not a lot of people know that, which Michael Cain never actually said.
  2. One of those as well......or on occasion i`ve worn it in my birthday suit!
  3. Not particularly keen on any, but for me the Laurent Ferrier looks the sanest of the lot!
  4. Although i do research on a watch i like for me personally its all about looks and if i can afford it i`ll buy it, i would imagine that `initially` thats the same for most people, i get that reliability, maintenence costs, reputation etc are all important to a degree. To me though rightly or wrongly everything else comes a very poor 2nd.
  5. Same train of thought here, i see collections on here and think such a shame some wont see the light of day for weeks and months!
  6. I think just be carefull with it, first few weeks im forever checking for good timekeeping, scratches etc, when the fist light scratch/blemish appears its like lifting a weight off my shoulders. Price dosnt really concern me, not becasue im loaded, im not, basically i`ve thought about it for along time and done thorough research on it!
  7. Wow thats first i`ve heard of it,
  8. Keep it, get the case back spruced up and give the watch a general clean, but dont change any parts (thinking the crown here).
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