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  1. Been watching stuff i haven`t watched for years, the sweeney, the professionals, charlies angels, when i was a lad and watched Charlies angels i used to fancy Jill (Farrah fawcett) now after watching a few episodes again my tastes have changed and i like Sabrina, maybe not so much nowadays though, shes 72.
  2. I like the black one, and i didnt even know swatch made automatics.
  3. Wear it and wear it with pride, if i bought a watch costing a few thou i wouldnt have it in a box out of sight, whats the point, watches are meant to be worn. I accept the fact some areas might be dodgy,and if i was the victim of a mugging (not neccessarily for a watch) i dare say my thinking would change,but until that day comes (god forbid) my lifestyle wont change....only covid-19 has temporarily done that.
  4. Yes that shows it in a truer light, in the previous pic with the shadows it looks like the numbers are actually levitating, i had to look..... and look again, hence my `quote`.
  5. Those chinese prayjng mantis will eat anything!
  6. Although the markers/numbers on some watches are slightly raised, the ones on this one seem more pronounced, they seem to cast a deep shadow, dosnt take anything away mind, just an observation of a nice looking watch.
  7. One auto, got another for emergencies (citizen eco-drive) but haven`t bothered changing it yet.
  8. sabailand

    DIY haircuts.

    Now you ask ...... at a push yes!
  9. sabailand

    DIY haircuts.

    That top left looks scary, the rest dont look too good either........i mean a shell-suit top, come on!
  10. Well she didnt look it!
  11. Thought someone might have put up a picture of their new ultra complicated G-shock.
  12. Nothing.....again.
  13. ......i hope thats not going in the stew!
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