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  1. Its odd but i thought the series was never that funny, but films like the life of Brian had some superb moments, the scene with the alien spaceship that catches Brian as he falls of the tower and eventually crashes, Brian staggers out to be told `You lucky b####d` still makes me laugh.
  2. Im a bit late to this but yes....another here for google chrome.....just in case you were wavering!
  3. Strap looks a bit worse for wear but the watch itself is in great nick, its great when watches literally decades old are still happily ticking along, of course carefull ownership plays a big part but ultimately it means quality has shone through, if you do decide to put it in a box fair enough, but i`d give it an airing now and again, it deserves it.
  4. Well its true some people do like certain watches more than others, but this is a family forum.
  5. CWC here too, although to be perfectly honest im not particularly enamoured to either, the CWC just looks nicer!
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