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  1. Above comments are true, my Oris wasn't as expensive as your Breitling but expensive for me, the first day or two it was way out of spec but afterwards it settled down and if worn regularly enough is a good timekeeper running at 2-3 secs a day +/- be patient and give it time.
  2. Well considering its one for the ladies i would hope so.
  3. I`ve vaguely heard about that, care to elaborate?
  4. Only broken ones,in the past mine haven't been expensive so its been ok to throw them in the bin, i remember when i was a kid i once had a digital watch which i took apart cos i was intrigued to see how it worked, i was none the wiser afterwards so that went in the bin too.
  5. Quite like them myself, haven't got one and no need for one but i wouldnt hesitate to wear it if i had one, a nice outdoor kinda watch, some of the rubber strap models look really good.
  6. My philosophy on many things, if i want it but cant really afford it then i`ll save, if im really desperate for it i`ll draw some money out, if its not financially viable i`ll do without.
  7. Well it is a time machine of sorts....but no, ridicule is about right!
  8. Looks pure and simple, a high end movement could be sold at a a bargain price, but if i didnt like the look of the watch i wouldn't be interested in the slightest.
  9. Im a bit the other way with this, there are plenty of `normal` watches that have distinct style characteristics that make them stand out, even from a distance, im not criticising the watches the OP mentions like Seven Friday, REC, and DWISS, but they are niche, there may be a market for avante garde/none mainstream watches like this but people like regular design for a reason.
  10. Thats certainly different for sure, telling the time should be a simple procedure!
  11. Nobodies mentioned it yet but....do you only work four hours a day (unless the current covid issues have determined otherwise).
  12. Im almost sure there was a thread about these watches a bit ago, basically about them being a great alternative to G-shock's.
  13. Thats the beauty of Quartz, if you`re a stickler for accuracy then for "peanuts" only you can have it, often all in a nice looking package too!
  14. Thought about buying one of these once but didnt end up pulling the trigger, got something else instead but if i was in the market for a quartz it would be high on the list without a doubt, quite versatile too, goes casual or smart.
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