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  1. Some right rogue's on here, the mods vetting should be more thorough.
  2. Tbh its something i`ve never thought about, irrespective of indices being applied, painted etc quite simply if a watch looks good it looks good!
  3. Yema, i like them anyway and that one looks really nice.
  4. All good looking pieces, but Montblanc for me.
  5. Haven`t had one since i was a young lad, but if i saw a watch i liked the look of and it was a manual wind it wouldnt stop me from buying it.
  6. Blimey, i`ve never ever seen anything in a shop window for anyway near that price, seen watches running into the tens of thousands but nowhere near almost a third of a million.
  7. I once went to the pub and forgot to put my watch on, i couldnt settle all night, it felt like i wasnt properly dressed!
  8. Chance to contemplate spending nearly £4000 on a watch would be a fine thing!
  9. Im like you in the sense i like to see first hand what im buying, especially something like a watch, £600 is a fair wedge and a good saving though so if you do go ahead just make sure you look into everything thoroughly.
  10. The second picture in your post and the last picture look like two different watches, i had to look again to make sure.
  11. Go for it, you`ll be glad you did, quality and good looking but affordable!
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