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  1. I dont read every single thread you post in this section Always watching, but your enthusiasm passion and research still gets likes from me!
  2. Just getting a woman interested would be a start, boring hobbies can come later.
  3. In a similar vein a person can like and keep a watch merely because it has an unusual tale behind it, maybe its been around the world with you, maybe its had an hard life and been beaten battered, dropped from great heights, etc and has the scars to prove it, but still keeps ticking merrily away. I suppose this isnt in the vein the OP meant but its still relevant to a degree...basically the best looking watch isnt necessarily the one you like to wear for a myraid of reasons.
  4. The more i look at Yema watches the more i like them, whats good about them is they appear to be a step up but affordable, if i was in the market for a new watch i`d seriously consider!
  5. Tut tut No excuse.....no excuse at all, shame on you!
  6. Yes, has a 50/60`s sci-fi retro feel to it. Its not a bad watch, but its not something i`d particularly go for.
  7. A date window is as far as i like to go, admittedly some complications do look ok but generally im not overkeen, take this citizen, i know its at the extreme end but (to me) it has no redeeming values at all, moonphase watches can look really classy but even some of them can look like a dogs dinner.
  8. Which forum is that, im not a Leeds fan so not familiar with the Leeds forums, i`ve heard of WACCOE but thats about it.
  9. Although i do like a date window i like the simplicity of these. What does the circled L stand for on the dial?
  10. Nice quality looking piece, im not usually a fan of multi dials but its a nice looker, what does `graduated for 15 pulsations mean`.
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