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  1. Me neither, i`ve got that oris on rubber and i cant imagine spending as much on a watch again, still, its all about what an individual can afford.
  2. Not being a collector i dont have many to choose from, i just take one watch and alwas have irrespective of destination, although metal or rubber straps are more versatile if its hot and you`re going to get sweaty, a diver on rubber is a good choice as it covers most scenarios.
  3. Thats some lume on the Wolbrook.
  4. Doxa witha cushio n case would be ok to sleep in surely.
  5. Yep, i really ought to look more closely.
  6. Not sure what you mean here Wrench, maybe if i was more up to speed on Rolex i would!
  7. How would that happen, its just that its difficult to imagine how a golf swing could damage the winding spring of a watch, not disputing his claim but it is difficult to comprehend.
  8. At least you wouldn't have to hide it from your mum.
  9. As well as tattoo`s we now also have skin/body branding, but your DIY body art could save you lots and it will only be temporary too, omega seahorse for example, in fact the list of debossing watch cases will be endless.
  10. Thats why he goes to bed in G shock, damaged watches aren't much good to anyone.
  11. No, i did years ago though, often used to wake up with some watch indentations somewhere on my wrist.
  12. Not a golfer but if i was it would genuinely be the last thing on my mnd, to me if a watch (any watch) cant stand up to a round of golf its not a very good watch.
  13. Out of those two i think the Bremont, but only by a slim margin. Side by side in the flesh would obviously be better, as its all we have i`ll stick with that.
  14. Some watch brands (Omega for example) that are now sold in high end watch shops and going for thousands were sold in kays/grattans catalogues etc back in the day.
  15. My bias opninion, Oris Aquis, a lot of watch (and quality )for affordable outlay.
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