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  1. Not quite but i do know some ex-pats who live there, although it sometimes gets a bad press its a resort thats got everything, im done with Spain Greece etc, i started doing long haul years ago and after visiting various places decided this was the best place for holidays.
  2. For those of you who like to go abroad for their hoildays, and for those like the idea of travelling abroad anyway, which is the country you would most like to visit. For me its Japan, a mixture of the traditional and the ultra modern, everytime i see Tokyo for example on the telly it always looks buzzing, the few people i know who have been say its amazing and although it can be expensive dosnt neccessarily have to be if you do your homework, i`ll certainly go some day.
  3. Thailand, not getting as much for our pound now due to brexit uncertainty.
  4. I like that one and thats from someone who usually dosnt care for multi dialed watches, its usually cos they`re just chronograph sub dials which most people dont use anyway, these dials are day, date, and 24 hour , yes i like it.
  5. And when you go on holiday do you take the one watch or take more than one for the same reasons..one for during the day, one for going out at night etc etc. I suppose a slim leather strapped dress watch isnt ideal for the beach/round the pool, there are some that do both jobs though, they look as good when you`re dressed up as they do when you`re dossing about or going swimming.
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