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  1. Its certainly not a bad looking watch, but as the above poster alludes to its rather uninspiring
  2. Yes i would imagine it might not be as big a problem for some than for others, for those like yourself who have the tools and actually enjoy the task its all part of the hobby, but for people like me who just like a nice watch thiings ideally have to be right first time (of course you can rteurn items but none of us like the faff). I suppose the list of little discrepancies can be endless.
  3. Some self winding movements like the Oris auto with the red rotor are fairly iconic, so a see through case back can add to a watches appeal, this obviously dosnt work for many others but its not all negative, i wouldnt choose a watch particularly because of a see through case back, but it certainly wouldnt put me off.
  4. I realise loads of people buy watches online, but i would never ever buy a watch online, so many times i`ve seen watches online or pictures in magazines etc, and when i`ve actually seen them in the flesh they can be quite underwhelming, there are exeptions, the Tudor blue face pelagos blew me away when i actually set eyes on it, the oris 65 bronze bezel with leather strap also bears a striking resemblance to online photos.
  5. Forgive my ignorance as i dont understansd all the intricasies of watch movements etc, but having just looked at this thread what was the issue.
  6. Some lovely looking pieces amongst that lot, less can definitely be more!
  7. I like that, prefer it to have a non rally style rubber strap though.
  8. It certainly stands out, if i had it and if the rubber strap was good quality i'd have it on that.
  9. An eco-drive that lives near the window, and another on my wrist, im not a collector.
  10. Yes you`re right, especially if ones going to be spend good money, not particularly watches but many a time i`ve bought something and then later had misgivings.
  11. Nice one, Iconic old skool SL 72`s.
  12. If you get the one in the pic would you try get it on anothe strap, not saying the strap per see is bad but those metal keepers look horrible.
  13. One quality piece, but what quality pice i wouldnt like to say, i`d be changing my mind every hour.
  14. Auto manual or quartz dosnt really make a difference for me personally, jpurely ust as an example i could quite happily spend £500 on any of the three, its the look of a watch that initially attracts me to it anyway, and tbh £500 should get you a decent watch irrespective of auto manual or quartz.
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