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  1. A no from me too, it just dosnt look right on a refined looking watch like that!
  2. Good for rough and tumble but equally as good in formal attire,great versatile watches are oris, i`ve got the same (newer version) on rubber!
  3. Never seen one of those before, its certainly unusual.
  4. How do you mean,he/she is wearing an helmet.
  5. How long before they need an oil change.I do like them though, unfussy clean looking pieces!
  6. sabailand

    Song Titles Game

    Live And Let Die....Paul Mcartney `wings`.
  7. If i get a bad scratch on it.
  8. Nothing wrong with pulsar, they make good watches for the budget consious, been around for a while and even for non watch enthusiasts are an household name!
  9. sabailand

    Song Titles Game

    Never gonna give you up......Rick Astley.
  10. Thats fine, just dont start calling people `bro` and touching knuckles.
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