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  1. Of course its not `the` reason why we buy a watch, but we sometimes choose a watch because it also has a nice strap, personally i think changing straps is fine if its a cheap watch, but if you`ve paid `good money` for it and then change the strap straight away maybe you shouldnt have really bought it.
  2. Similar here, many people are scared stiff of spiders but i dont mind them, much rather have them in my house rather than filthy flies, they kill flies and thats good enough for me, i hate them things (flies) and wont rest until its squashed or flown out again, i wont kill a spider, if its somewhere i wish it wasnt i`ll give it some gentle persuasion or move it without killing it.
  3. Similar here, when i get new watch im forever looking at it at different angles for scratches etc, as time goes on i get bit less obssessive about it, especially after its first scratch or knock.Once had a TAG and got a deep scratch on the bezel after only a few weeks, i was gutted and remember forlornly rubbing it as if it would magic away, i accepted and got used to the fact it would be scarred forever.
  4. Blingy watches, and those all gold coloured ones with a black face and a diamond at number twelve you used to see in catalogues.
  5. I wouldnt have been quite as cool about it as you.
  6. First of all i get the fact collectors `collect`,i dont know if you`re a collector or not but it does seem a shame that good watches (some costing a lot of money) dont get worn for months or longer, seems such a shame!
  7. Admittedly lazily looking at the thread, i failed to notice it didnt even have a bezel on it until i started reading.
  8. Gone forever, or are there instances where previous hauls have been retrieved, i really dont know, but if i had to guess i`d say in this instance the former.
  9. Never liked those Omegas with 007 on the dial, used to look at them and think great looking iconic watch spoiled by gimmickry!
  10. That looks nice from where im sat, it will look great on both straps too!
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