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  1. First one, its iconic, it popular, its very well liked by loads of people.
  2. Luminox use tritium and have a wide range of watches, althiough they can be a bit niche and not everyone likes them.
  3. I certainly wouldnt wear a ladies watch, but a watch being small dosnt really matter, if it looks ok on the wrist i dont see the problem, as the saying goes if the face fits...........
  4. To say this thread has got surreal is a massive understatement.
  5. All that and still no winner, whats wrong with extra time and pens?
  6. Spinnaker make some nice looking watches, that isnt one of them.
  7. They're not a vital feature (although i do occasionally check) but i do like a date window, not the cyclops style though.
  8. The Farer is nice but not as nice as the Yema.
  9. Cartier tank, you obviously really like it so why not, stylish, classy, iconic, looks good suited and booted or jeans and polo, its both elegant and manly at the same time.
  10. Yema flygraf pilot M1 black dial and on black canvas looks very nice, i really like that one.
  11. Dont blame the wine, you'll tell us owt.
  12. Never been keen on gold/gold coloured watches, far too blingy although somone can have an understated look when donr right, they always remind me of watches in the catalogues years ago with all black dials and a diamond at number twelve. Re weather girls, Lucy verasamy for me, we have milf's gilf's and theres wilf's.
  13. Of the initial two choices the Omega, dont like the look of the pushers on the Breitling, a bit too 'sticky outy' although they're quite prominent on the Omega too albeit a bit more tidily done!
  14. Weeman........weeman, i hope thats not as literal as i sounds!
  15. The look on the faces of the shop staff if you took that in.
  16. The actual watch is nice Jet Jetski......but that strap.
  17. Its not vital and its something i rarely need or use, its just a nice feature ot have, if its going to feature on a watch the watch makers should at least make sure its worth having, some lume isnt worthy of the name while some is superb, seikos have great lume even the cheaper models, basically if you're going to do a job do it properly.
  18. Correct, and shows for all those with refinement and taste, there are always those without a shred of it.
  19. If one buys a watch becasue it holds its value the best, is that really the right reason to buy it.
  20. And quite possibly the cost will be remembered (and suffered) long after the joy has been forgotten.
  21. Always"watching, a true gentleman of the forum.
  22. No through a window will be fine, thanks for the option all the same.
  23. Look forward to seeing one....through a shop window at least.
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