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  1. Thats a bit different in the fact the crystal appears quite raised, unless its just the angle of the shot.
  2. I'd say every watch manufacturer has models that can fall into both categories, i wouldnt say despise though, i'd say 'dislike a lot.` Although i`d class them as a fashion brand Gucci make some horrible looking watches, but there are some that go the other extreme and are very wearable.
  3. My first watch that i can remember was a similar but smaller version of this, it was a kids watch afterall and it had a rally type leather strap.
  4. Done a good job there, are you going to try and spruce the case up too, how come the date/day window is only showing the date?
  5. Think we must have got our wires crossed, wasnt meaning the strap in the picture which looks fine, i was meaning NATO's in general.
  6. Quite like that, i`d have it on a good black mesh myself, not a scruffy NATO though.
  7. I was thinking the black/silver colour scheme might let you get away with wearing it booted and suited on occasion, that explorer may well be a 'do anything' watch but i would be very reluctant to go swimming in it or any rough and tumble, its just too nice, i've got the Aquis black dial and orange markers with rubber strap, which definitely marks it down as non dressy watch, still looks great though.
  8. I like em, but i like the Ocean star GMT with the blue strap better (on the website).
  9. Blimey you dont half make some purchases, on first impressions the leather strap looks best for me in the pics shown (not the leather NATO i dont like em).
  10. Your watch might take offence at that remark.
  11. Without seeing them up close and personal its difficult, but at a push and on the pics alone....Tudor.
  12. I like Oris a lot, plenty of quality for affordable outlay, got an Aquis myself and never regretted it, although to be perfectly honest im not too keen on the dial on these, for me it seems to cheapen the look of the watch somewhat, ultimately just like anything else you buy what you like and you obviously like this enough to snap it up straight away.
  13. Found 'The One' thats great but i bet you stray!
  14. Not being a collector makes things easy for me, a wipe every so often and thats it, occasionally i give it a bath in the bathroom wash basin with an old tooth brush.
  15. Just watched a video review of the watch and although it looks better in the vid it still hasn't swayed me, not at that price anyway.
  16. Thats definitely a nice watch, but would you go in water in it..ie leather strap, in fact you could say that about some others on this thread!
  17. I like that too, i`d wear it to death, it deserves to be.
  18. It was a good excuse for some to check out other kinds of sites
  19. Soon as i saw the opening post i knew it wouldnt be long, i was right.
  20. Same watch every day although i cant wear it at work for health and safety reasons, mind you i dont collect watches and if i did i reckon i`d have fmy avourites and others would get neglected.
  21. More for those on the side of the fence who say watches are jewellery first, devices for telling the time second.
  22. If its going to clash with wardrobe/character then definitely not if a production wants authenticity, its an interesting question, does Daniel craig usually wear an omega, although not quite the same but sports stars are paid to endorse certain watches etc and so will be given free models, wether they`d wear them by choice is another thing.
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