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  1. I had one for a few years. It seemed just as sturdy as any other watch I've owned... Reliable too...
  2. Pob


    I hope that price is in Korean Won....
  3. That's a beautiful watch... I usually steer clear of square watches because of crystal replacement issues, but I want of those... I was considering a Longines Golden arrow for my next purchase, but now I'm not so sure.....
  4. Before my grand cull of 2016, it was Tudor at five, followed by Omega at four, Smiths at three, zenith, Rolex, Services, Longines, Junghans at two... then individuals. Now it's Omega at three, Smiths and Rolex at two, then individuals. ☺ Now
  5. Pob

    Cheap Tat

    Don't forget that a watch for most people is just a device for telling the time. If you can get one the does the job well for a couple of quid, that's a good deal....
  6. It's the Oyster precision for me today....
  7. I've been mostly selling this year.... but I couldn't resist these.... 1970 Omega Geneve, 9ct, 1952 Rolex precision, 9ct, 1966 Omega Constellation, Stainless steel, ......All from ebay, from 2 different sellers...
  8. For that sort of money you could get a nice solid gold cushion shaped vintage watch on ebay. Cushion watches are out of fashion at the moment, so prices are low....
  9. They're as tough as old boots, reliable and chunky... I have two of them, and they've never let me down. You could get a Sturmanski chronograph for plenty less than £200 too.
  10. Cool if she reached orbit... I wouldn't want to be underneath when she came down again!
  11. Why not go Russian.... There's lots of Soviet era Vostok divers out there..
  12. When I die, I want to be made into watch straps.....
  13. I've always believed that gold is the natural material for a watch. Fortunately, I prefer vintage stuff, which makes it a little more affordable! This is the current proportions of my collection after the mass cull of '16. Firstly, solid gold, Gold plate, (The Heuer's a bit flaky, and the Waltham is pretty much down to the brass, but it is 102 years old!) ....And finally, steel, .....You can see what I prefer... BTW, If you want to see close ups of any in particular, let me know...
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