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  1. It's been a while since I last posted. I'm currently in a phase of trying microbrand watches and this Nodus Trieste is my latest addition. I'm really impressed by it and thought it needed a mention. It looks different enough than your typical sub homage with its rather unique handset. The dial is a really deep black and the applied indices give it a smart and slightly dressy look. The bezel has a lovely sound to it and the the the triangle centres exactly on 12 ( take note Seiko!) It is a really manageable 41mm which is perfect for me. I have it on a rubber strap as with the bracelet on, it j
  2. I've bought a strap from Pavel and I can recommend him. Great high quality strap and great guy to deal with too.
  3. I think it looks great! The bezel is a great mod. I started of with Seiko divers as well a long time ago...say goodbye to any spare cash you have from now on!
  4. A dark brown hirsch medici? That works well on a Speedy.
  5. I'm the proud owner of No 15. My favorite at the moment. No pics yet.
  6. Long time since I put this on:
  7. Looks lovely. Been waiting for more pics to pop up. Thanks. I initially thought of buying a yellow dial but after seeing your photos, I think it'll be the black.
  8. Looking really excellent. Happy to wait! :thumbup:
  9. Hi Roy, Will you have anymore pictures of the yellow dialed '70? Andy
  10. andytyc

    Best Photo

    I was in Tenerife with the family last week. Lovely weather and a real rugged beauty to the place.
  11. I really like Draygo's effort. Classy, simple and elegant. Gets my vote. Frank's work is very nice too.
  12. andytyc


    State of the Military Collection. :) Military watches have been one of my sub-collections right from the start of my collecting habit. It's been a slow process, maybe 2 watches a year. I've sold a few that didn't quite meet the mark and have always insisted that they be 'Issued' pieces. I just love the legibility of their dials and the history behind them. They're not particularly expensive but it's really the thrill of the chase I suppose. Enjoy: Top row: L-R Smiths W10 1969, CWC W10 1974, CWC G10 'non-circle- logo 1980, Precista G10 1982, CWC G10 'circle' logo 1982 2nd
  13. Chrono- Omega speedmaster diver- Rolex submariner Military- IWC MKXV Japanese- Seiko 6309/6306 driver Dress- Stowa Marine Original
  14. I'm rather liking that. Looking forward to seeing the finished product next month.
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