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  1. Hi It's a watch much like millions of others, there a great piece and very reliable but can be serviced anywhere that looks after watches
  2. That's a nice piece unusual shape, whats the model?
  3. It's a nice piece, but don't write off customs yet, I had one come through a month after I'd had it delivered, don't want to put the dampners on it, just hold back, saying that mine was from SG
  4. Yep no problem, the spring bars may or may not fit but there's plenty of others on the bay for sale, good luck and don't forget to post the pics up when you get it fitted, don't forget the pins on this will probably be the screw type so with the right small driver you could adjust the strap yourself
  5. That's a nice watch, any Oyster style 22 strap would fit, just make sure you get one with the curved ends, the fat spring bars are just better quality and stronger, they are designed to stop that sort of strap slap you can get with ill fitting straps. This is what you want trust me, the seller has an excellent reputation in Seiko collector circles, yes their expensive but I have a couple and they are great.
  6. i know you said jubilee but is this your watch?
  7. Hi I have this beautiful Seiko SSC017P1, I'm in love with this watch, I got it exactly 12 months ago and apart from initially taking a while to get a charge its been fine. I always leave it on the window sill and it gets loads of light but i've heard from a couple of people that have had problems with watches that were put away in draws or collection cases and that was that, no amount of charging with the crown in or out, artificial light, sun light shaking etc got it working again! is it a case of the old capacitor problems of the past. I have a few Eco-drives that I don't were nowhere near as often, but sure as the day is long they are always working when I get them out of the drawer. Give some confidence that my baby wont pack up on me any time soon!
  8. Liamborgini, you found anything you fancy yet?
  9. Depending on where you are in the country, I have used the 'little yellow watch shop' in Clearkenwell in the city on London, old boy there is very good and a dying breed I'm afraid
  10. I had one sold it recently, nice watch but I get bored easy do out it went, maybe Ill get another one day though as I sort of miss it now lol
  11. Yep, Ive been asked if im scared of marking my watches, I always say, you can only enjoy them so much in a box, there always better on the wrist!
  12. i thought it didnt look too old, ive seen a couple of of others recently that looked similar, anyway its a great piece nice work!
  13. Id go with boris, could do with a warm up, but would probably benefit from a good service
  14. Lovely Piece, still the best Solar movement around full stop, in my eyes!
  15. Yep a milanese shark mesh, normally available for around £20 very nice quality straps, or maybe a Nato!
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