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  1. Hi Blue! Pretty FL. I like classic dress watches like yours a lot. There's a new (I mean old) FL posted on ebay. Check it out. You might like to add this one to your collection. Aaron http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=310258308291&ssPageName=ADME:B:SS:US:1123
  2. Hmmm... It sounds like a couple of nice UK vacations are in order. Maybe you can get Paul to give you a nice tour of his home town as part of the bargain. Or at least maybe he'll give you a peek at his watch collection! Aaron
  3. Hey Vaurien - Congratulations!! Very pretty watch! :hypocrite: When bought mine, I sent it to Paul (aka Silverhawk on this forum) for an overhaul and repairs. Mine needed a new stem and the glass needed repair too. I was very pleased with Paul's work, so I'd suggest contacting him. He's based in the UK. Aaron
  4. The Maximus also came in open face cases. I bought this for the movement, though, not the case. :rolleyes: Aaron
  5. Thanks for the info on the Star of David. That's a Jewish religious symbol, and it seems strange to me that it would be on a watch case. Aaron
  6. I wore my "new" Electro-Chron to work today, and it got more glances than my Vacheron Constantin that costs 10x as much. More cudos to Paul for making it sparkle. :thumbup: Aaron
  7. Nice watch Martinus. Do you know what Huguenin means? Aaron
  8. Waltham Riverside Maximus 23j Adjusted
  9. Thanks Shangas. :rolleyes: I'm planning on wearing it as soon as I can get it overhauled and I get a clip to keep it safe from falling out of my pocket. I took some additional pictures in strong directional lighting that show off the damaskeening of the movement. Aaron
  10. Hi Howie - My experience is almost identical to yours. The movements on some of these pocket watches are just gorgeous. The damaskeening, gold jewel settings, and the size that really lets you enjoy it without a maginfying glass. I never really considered wearing one until I couldn't resist the beauty of this watch. Shangas gave me some great hints on how to use a pocket watch with modern clothing. Thanks Shangas! Aaron
  11. Hi All. This just arrived, a nice Waltham Riverside Maximus 23j crown set, in a 14k hunter case in good condition. I wonder if there's any significance to the 6-pointed star on the inside of the case? Aaron
  12. Hi All. This watch just arrived from Japan. On the back is an inscription (in Japanese) commemorating the normalization of relations between Japan and China, dated 1973. As you can see, the dial is very unusual, but the case is in terrible condition and the crystal is missing. The movement is a 21j model that looks like it was originally designed for a ladies watch. Inside the case back it says 6700 4-674219-K. I'd like to replace the case and retain the inscribed back to use with the new case, but I don't really know how to go about finding a replacement case. Any ideas? Aaron
  13. I think I just figured out how to upload the photos. Aaron
  14. Hi All. I purchased this from the Bay but it needed some repairs, so on a recommendation from this board I shipped it overseas to Paul and crossed my fingers. Today it arrived back from the UK, and I have to say that I'm extraordinarily pleased. Paul did a FANTASTIC job. The watch looks immaculate - almost brand new, and all repairs were done without a glitch. I'm one happy customer and Paul will be getting more of my business in the future. :notworthy: Here are some photos. Aaron My link My link These are in flickr. Do I need to subscribe to photobucket to upload? The software said that I "can't use that image extension".
  15. Thanks. So it seems that these watches are only dangerous for the tinkerer, or for the watchmaker you hire to do your tinkering for you. Aaron
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