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  1. Nice catch Will, love that font, somebody put a lot of thought into that.
  2. Ah! Just had a reread of everything and I made the earlier assumption we were talking about a pocket watch. On the second reading I can't find anything that suggests a pocket watch in which case disregard my last, I'm probably talking Horlicks.
  3. Tomjoy. Are you sure it doesn't say 6B/50 or 6E/50? I'm guessing above the 'AM' you might just see the rubbed remains of the King's Crown as well. If I'm right so far the /42 means 1942 which was when it was issued to someone in the RAF. If I remember correctly 6B would have been issued to aircrew, 6E to the rest. It is there on the internet somewhere but blowed if I know where my notes are.
  4. I like that Will. Was there any military connection or was it just the style of that day?
  5. Hi Adam, Here's a starter for you, somebody far more knowledgable will be along shortly I am sure. http://elginwatches.org/cgi-bin/elgin_sn?sn=1812837&action=search John Edit, oops, my mistake, disregard my last and try this instead. http://elginwatches.org/cgi-bin/elgin_sn?sn=18138370&action=search
  6. The hour hand suggests a half-hunter yet from the photo it appears to be a full hunter. Something not quite right there me thinks. On the second photograph you can clearly see the 'tab' to get to the workings, you might be luck and your thumbnail will pop it open.
  7. Great write up and photo Sir Alan, thanks for taking the time to post it. A 7548 is one of my daily wears, it's nice to know a little more about it.
  8. Nowt wrong with drifting threads! Can't match anywhere near that story Will, my musical tastes are a little off-centre. The last live performance I was at was to see Melanie, she need help climbing the stage stairs but she could have thrown the PA away and nobody would have noticed. Back on thread, let us know what you think of the crown when it arrives, it would be a shame to lose all that wear for authenticity.
  9. Just had a look at the Top 100 for 1964, there's something there that must describe you Will, but what? http://www.uk-charts.top-source.info/top-100-1964.shtml
  10. Nice eBay catch Will. The crown certainly looks as though it's got 50 years of wear on it and I love that micro-regulator. I'm still looking for a 751 integral strap, one day it'll find me.
  11. Thanks Omega, I've a Smiths a little younger than that in Bakelite but the font looks a good bit different (out of the country at the moment and can't check). Once again nice to have on the wall and you've just got the weekly ritual of winding it up.
  12. Thumbs up to mates dad, clocks like that deserve to be running. There's a name under the glare of the flash or ceiling light, what is it please?
  13. Chester 9 carat gold for 1929 (I think) and the maker was George Arnold Stoll based in Edgbaston Birmingham. Strange he would go to Chester for assaying and not his home city.
  14. Hallo Brahma and welcome, The Carriage Clock 'Bible' as far as I am aware is Carriage Clocks - Their History and Development by Charles Allix, Published by Antiques Collectors Club - SBN 902028 25 1. Your local library should be able to get you a copy, mine did. Get hold of that and it should give you a feel for what is right and wot's not. Equally as AVO says Google Carriage Clocks but use the Image tab, I've just had a look see and 100s are shown. As for your hands it is quite possible they have a collar on their reverse side that is a friction fit on the staff and hence fit below / behind the clock face.
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