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  1. Feel free to send more beer money if you feel over bargainized! :lol: Seriously - glad to see it go to a good home, wear in health mate!
  2. Reminds me that my watch man has still got an old 7002 of mine - must get in touch with him! (Nice watches in this thread btw! :D )
  3. +1 to that. Cracking stuff! :victory:
  4. Love the use of the cut-off juice bottles - genius mate! :yes:
  5. An excellent spread - especially like the Omega with the yellow on the dial! :thumbsup:
  6. My only 70's watch - I don't wear it much but I do really like it. I've got a new (not as nice) crystal waiting to be fitted (current is cracked at the edges) but I somehow can't bring myself to change this one... :wallbash:
  7. Just think of the leverage for further purchases - "since you have that lovely Omega I'll need to get...." :big_boss: then again might be followed by "that'll do nicely thanks love..... <blagged>" :eek:
  8. Thanks for not posting the results - I'm cheap so I've got the DVR set to hoover it up off the BBC later..... :D
  9. Self righteous hand wringing if you ask me. He should feel good about stinging some old Nazi £50k for an old watch and either keep the cash or give it to a charity if his conscience demands it. Charities get cash donations / bequests etc all the time so the statement that the charity would need to know in detail where it comes from is frankly crap. (Rant over) :cheers: Rich.
  10. If you have any air miles you can use them to get the cost down. I can't remember the details as my missus has been looking into it but we're planning to use ours for a trip next summer. I think(!) you can get £100 - £200 off depending on how many miles you chop in but don't quote me on that! :cheers: Rich.
  11. Handbrake is the daddy as long as all the options don't scare / confuse you. For one touch easy stuff (if you have a Mac) RipIt is the business - takes a DVD and rips to either playable hard disk image or can compress the disc main feature to an Apple / Xbox / PSP etc friendly file. http://macapper.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/11/ripit.png
  12. Lovely collection! :thumbsup: :notworthy:
  13. If we tell you it's worth a tenner do you reckon he'll just let you keep it? :smoke: Seriously though - nice little watch, hopefully someone who actually has half a clue will be along soon to provide the answers! (either that or start another indignant / tedious flame session about asking for valuations :sleep1:- and for the record I have no personal issue with established members like yourself fielding opinions) :cheers: Rich.
  14. Have you tried contacting them direct? I exchanged emails with them when looking for a G-Shock (didn't ultimately buy as source in UK). Also - worth contacting Stella @ PMWF shop and also Yobokies - even if they don't list them they can get their hands on a lot of stuff. :cheers: Rich.
  15. I think blanket responses saying this is a bad idea are a little insulting to the OP as they assume he doesn't know what his missus would like! Could be she would be delighted to receive a gift where someone has gone to the effort to pick them out something for her. If she's someone that likes surprises then all the better for you to pick something rather than ask her first. If she's a follower of fashion or wants something that her mates will recognise when she shows them then go glitzy high street. If she likes to be a bit different and having things that not everyone does then go
  16. Early start for us - day trip on train to London to view a possible new car. Solar atomic G-Shock for me: Missus has her much loved Super Seville on today which I still need to get round to sending off for a service... Have a great weekend all! :thumbsup: :cheers: Rich.
  17. Take your pick from these as my most commonly used ones....
  18. I like that, what's on the day wheel? It's a roman numeral day wheel - counts I - VI with red block for Sunday. It's got English as the alternative too.
  19. Yes new model Kindle readers are same screen as previous generation Kindle 3. My father in law recently got one - it's a good bit quicker navigating through menus than the Kindle 3. Other than the footprint save from no keyboard I didn't notice any other major changes.
  20. Bought tapatalk on the way home and had a quick go - much better than web interface! :thumbsup:
  21. To date this is the only one I'm totally happy with and would consider 'done'. I've got a couple more in the works I really must get round to finishing..... :cheers: Rich.
  22. For buying on the Kindle device itself you are tied to Amazon. You are free to source books from other places and either email them to your Kindle (will sync over wifi or 3G) or copy them over using a USB lead. If alternative books are not in Kindle format you can convert them using the excellent free software Calibre. The Kindle does support pdfs but rather clumsily - you are better to get text based documents (word .doc, .lit, .epub etc) and convert them to Kindle (.mobi). Personally I'd recommend you go with the Kindle and spend a little time with Calibre - once you've cracked that yo
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