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  1. Had a break from watches, came back here a while ago, with the nights drawing in drifted back to the Bay. It was only a matter of time - pulled the trigger on this as a project the other night (case open error on the module and probably case/strap refurb). Looks like a Titanium too so a first for me. :cheers: Rich
  2. Sorry - I think that looks pap too! :-O
  3. Well prompted that man! It has slipped my mind - will be looking at that later! :cheers:
  4. Got a work trip coming up to Singapore before the end of the year. Recommendations for where best to go for watch shopping loveliness please? :cheers: Rich.
  5. The 'Rog' effect is getting to me again - I'm starting to feel the draw of yellow watches, probably a G-Shock but that's a fine speciment too.... :)
  6. To add further confusion - watches such as Seiko divers (SKXnnn etc) have these properties anyway. To be blunt it probably mainly comes down to whether you like the '5' logo on your watch. One note - check specifics of the model you are buying if you care about solid bracelet ends, solid link bracelets, lume type etc so you know what you are getting. Most people won't be too bothered (all are perfectly good) but a bit of research might help you choose a better overall product from seemingly similar watches for not a lot more cash. :cheers: Rich.
  7. Nice - don't ike Monsters normally but that looks rather tasty :)
  8. Felt the need to try some weaving. Couldn't get any paracord on a Sunday so had to make do with some tent rope to try out some initial stuff. Next stop Army surplus / eBay for some supplies! :) :cheers: Rich.
  9. Not too bad at all - better than a lot of the supposed 'rare' 'originals' on eBay! :)
  10. A friend is looking for a Bournemouth area (or reasonable driving distance) repairer to put a battery in a Tag (pressure test optional). Wants somewhere he can hand it in and collect and will do in a day or two and not send out for work elsewhere. Any suggestions please? :cheers: Rich.
  11. Haven't worked on a watch for a while but the skills come in handy. Fixed the good lady's iPhone tonight for the princely sum of six quid - four pounds for the dock connector board and two for a set of tools. Even get a couple more mini screwdrivers for the collection. Chuffed! :thumbsup: Rich.
  12. Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa - a great laugh :yes:
  13. A couple of shots of the girlfriend's new bike I finished just in time for our summer holidays (the first pic is in the mountains of Austria) :thumbsup:
  14. One of these days I will get round to having mine serviced and wearing it more!
  15. Went to the Ryte Time website to pass contact details to a friend today. Says 'contact details unavailable' - anyone know what the score is please? Thanks!
  16. Rear mount: Easy to load/unload Flexible on number of bikes - if they go over the carrier then they fit If kids bikes are too small then adapters (Thule or Saris Bones may be needed) - extra expense Relatively easy install but can't be left in place permanently Depending on model will not be secure when fitted to car If the number plate or lights are obscured at all you should get a light bar as you'll eventually get stopped by the Police. Factor £20 for a number plate, £20-£50 for a light bar and £40 for a relay wiring kit in the boot (don't be tempted to direct wire the light board in to a modern car as it will either blow fuses or drive the on board diagnostics mad and make it think all the bulbs are blown) Top mount: More of a pain to load / unload One carrier attachment per bike required Smallest of bikes should fit ok Good for permanent install / will lock on secure depending on model For larger cars car park max height restrictions may become an issue If you go abroad on ferries you may need to pay more depending on max heigth of car + bikes Based on my experiences: Stick with known brands for serviceability, quality and resale value (also the fact they offer single key locks for bars and bike carriers) Top mount permanent install better for regular use I use Thule and Saris equipment personally and would recommend them. Hope this helps, Rich. :cheers:
  17. Good stuff Zed - I need to study your post some more and look a few of them up! Thanks :)
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