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  1. If someone could give me an indication of what they think these should change hands for in a private sale would be most appreciative - currently plotting future purchases and need to decide whether to put these into the mix?? :comando: First up - Tag Kirium Quartz (stock photo) - approx 10 years old, box and papers, all links, desk swirls only, new battery last year. (had I had any true appreciation of real watches back then I would have bought an auto chrono and not a quartz - ho hum , live and learn) :cray:
  2. Thanks - I'll start a thread with the details then.
  3. I think I'm getting a clearer picture of where I want to go with my watches. As part of this I'm thinking of selling a couple of the watches I've ended up with over the years that don't necessarily fit in with my current tastes / aspirations. Is there a correct place on the boards to ask for approximate valuation suggestions? Is it more a case of posting in FSOT and asking for offers? (don't really want to go down that route) Thanks as ever for assistance!
  4. I like the look of that 'lumpy' strap. Unless you can eyeball them to compare with watch at purchase is it just your luck whether the brushed finish etc looks reasonably similar to the watch case? Are there any brands to look out for on these or are they all generic? I see RLT do a few metal bracelets but I don't immediately see one similar to the one in the photo (assume that's a pricey Marathon one) - any suggestions where I should be looking? Thanks!
  5. Thanks - they look pretty good, have tagged that for a read later once the watch arrives. :thumbsup: Don't suppose you've bought a red strap from him have you? (for something else I am looking at) Be curious to know if the straps that look Orange on my screen are in fact bright red real life or not.
  6. Thanks - Maratac Elite looks good. Where's good to get them in the UK?
  7. Can't knock the Casios - Pro-Treks are worth a look if you want something chunky http://www.casio.co.uk/products/watches/casio%20sport/pro%20trek/ Santa bought me one of these a few years ago (nowhere near as green as the photo would have you believe) - http://www.casio.co.uk/products/watches/casio%20sport/pro%20trek/PRG-40-3VUR/At_a_Glance/ Does all sorts of cool stuff (mainly good for playing with in the pub) but has been bomb proof so far. Equally any G-shock would probably have the stop watch functions you need - hunt around the specs if you want repeat interval timers. From memory
  8. Yes that blue one caught my eye too but thinking more diver style with clicky bezel for now.... What's the general feeling on Alpha watches then?
  9. Just perusing RLT on a break from the gardening - this NOS Sandoz could be just the kind of thing I think (pity this one is sold)... btw - thanks for suggestions so far: Tag - v.pretty but too much money, Tudor - nice but quite like the ladies Tag Pro she already has. Any other suggestions like the natty Sandoz below? http://www.rltwatches.co.uk/acatalog/Ladies_watches.html
  10. Can I have some recommendations for smaller dive watches for my girlfriend please? Going by the size of her (various) chunkier Baby-G watches I reckon 40mm or less body will be cool. Can be girlie coloured or not but needs to have some semblance of prettiness (probably some colour rather than black/silver monochrome). If it's a tritium glower then that's a bonus too since she likes the idea of them. Purely a fashion item so no actual requirements for diving features. Can be recommends for new or things to pick up s/hand / vintage. (Looking for cheaper everyday wearers rather than Â
  11. I've had my eye on assorted divers (Marathon, Orient, Zeno etc) for a while. Saw this on the sale board and couldn't resist a sneaky purchase - http://www.thewatchforum.co.uk/index.php?showtopic=55730 NATO fabric straps don't really do it for me / I don't want to keep it on the bracelet all the time. Looking for suggestions (and photos/links if you have them) for nice straps to put on this (can be deployment or buckle). Preferably something to coordinate with the watch but don't mind a bit of colour to perk things up a bit. (I know it would cost nearly as much as the watch but the Tos
  12. I rather like it actually! :bangin:
  13. Ignore my last post - looks like 50 post sales limit does apply to buyers too. :whistle: Not to worry - I've just bought this from Mantisgb http://www.thewatchforum.co.uk/index.php?showtopic=55730 since he had email addy on his post! Most exciting to kick off the on-line collecting, am off over to the straps forum to ask for some natty strap suggestions! :)
  14. Thanks for the welcome - I'll try and get some pics together of existing watches plus any new arrivals. Question - I don't seem to be able to reply / PM one of the sellers in the Sales board - I assumed the 50 post minimum was to add new topics. Does it also prevent me replying / PMing until I have 50+ entries on the board? :huh: (no don't worry, I'm not about to speed post up to 50 in a quiet corner!)
  15. Hi there, Found this forum after hankering for a Divers watch and doing some web research. Had I been less lazy and registered sooner instead of just lurking I would have been chasing a couple of nice items from the sales boards! Got admin approved today, will probably be bad for the wallet as it means I can start buying stuff off here - don't tell the wife though (not 'cos she'll flip, more likely she'll want one too - she likes a watch or three too.... ) I've currently plotting a big Orient or Seiko diver, Toshi straps have caught my eye too - so expect a few newbie questions about t
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