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  1. Thanks Mike "Lock knives (knives with blades that can be locked when unfolded) are not folding knives, and are illegal to carry in public." Does that mean Swiss Army knives that need you to press the mechanism to close them are illegal to carry then?
  2. Seeing a Leatherman for sale on the boards reminded me that I would quite like to pick up a decent muti tool to keep either in the glovebox of the car or mounted on the seat frame next to my MagLite. I've generally got a boot full of tools anyway but they look handy regardless. Do I need to watch I don't fall foul of UK weapon / knife law and open to being accused by the Police of keeping a weapon to hand etc? I'm sure there are plenty of real world regs I can Google but be interested in hearing from you guys as doubtless someone will know! :) Many thanks, Rich.
  3. No experience personally, however, check out local car window tinting places - all this stuff seems to go hand in hand (same kit to install I think). An online forum like Pistonheads or such might be worth a look for information too. :)
  4. Classic bike! I will make a point of NOT wearing a watch whilst I lay under my 4x4 and paint the chassis with Hammerite today! :D
  5. How about getting either a custom strap made by either Toshi or Orb? I used to have a Chrono TT1 and before I eventually sold it I considered a leather strap to get me to wear it more. I think I spoke to both Rich (Toshi) and Paul (Orb) and they indicated they could make me one no problem. :cheers: Rich.
  6. Good on your for reading up BEFOREHAND rather than showing up with a clunker and asking if you did ok! :) Plan to spend ages more reading up and spend some time watching eBay and let items go until you get a proper feel for things. Lke you say it could be a big investment and you want to get it right. Oh and welcome btw! :cheers: Rich.
  7. Slightly annoyed with myself just now - always fancied a 6139 Pogue, (as some of you may recall) stumbled onto a fairly nice one a few months ago, wore it for a few weeks when I got it, haven't worn it since! Either materialism is leaving me in general (partly true - I've been doing the life laundry bit most of this year) or the chase for a grail is better than having it!!! Harumph! :( :cheers: Rich.
  8. Yes very cheap - think they are about 4 quid including postage!
  9. Some girls want diamonds, some sports cars - my good lady informs me that tacky eBay Hong Kong tiger watches are the order of the day.... :) :cheers: Rich.
  10. Great to see more progress as ever Paul - more power to you mate! :thumbsup:
  11. Not bad at all - they're £80-85 on Amazon so could be a good catch. Did you go for one?
  12. Check out the DW-56RT* models. http://watchshock.com/archive/Casio/G-Shock/DW-5xxx/ http://www.casio.com/products/archive/Watches/G-Shock/DW56RTB-7/ http://ftp.casio.co.jp/pub/world_manual/wat/en/qw2991.pdf :cheers: Rich.
  13. Just sounds like a new buyer getting drawn into buying other items. No alarm bells for me.
  14. Nah you'd hear the hacking sounds of her being sick in the pot plant in the next room if that was the case. :wallbash: If they aren't keen on tablets try crushing them up with pestle and mortar, adding a little warm water and then squirting it into their mouth. We feed one of ours joint supplements that way no problem every day / wouldn't fancy our chances of administering a tablet! Probably helps that they are chicken flavoured though.... :lol:
  15. If he's into making stuff then how about sourcing some plans on the web and getting him a stack of balsa, beech, nylon covering etc to build the lot from scratch?
  16. what store did you get them from? i will head to my nearest one in Springburn tomorrow.................. Blantyre store.
  17. FYI - back this week. £6.99 :cheers: Rich.
  18. Beware the codeine - choose life........ :lol:
  19. Welcome back - hope things going better for you all now :)
  20. Get onto Casio UK and see how much a module would be. I find their prices surprsingly reasonable - much better than certain web shops that are obviously a load of stuff then marking it up MASSIVELY for re-sale. :cheers: Rich.
  21. hmm... A New Hope or the Phantom Menace? :bag:
  22. Check out yobokies (via Google) - he does cracking solid link Oyster, Lumpy (Anvil) and President (Hammer) bracelets. His Oyster bracelets come in various forms, one of which has solid machined end pieces. I've got a Hammer bracelet and it's tremendous. :cheers: Rich.
  23. Hurrah! :vinsent: :hunter: and :beer: :beer: :beer:
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